Eben Alexander on Near-Death Experiences and Rising Human Conscious Awareness

Eben Alexander on Near-Death Experiences and Rising Human Conscious Awareness

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Individuals who have been by Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), family customers who have witnessed profound gatherings through the passing of a liked a person, and those who have sensed the soul of the departed communicating with them are all encouraging to supply a miraculous reward to the earth. So are individuals who examine and review these experiences. An unprecedented present! The treasure trove of these blended experiences is assisting to elevate human conscious recognition to an unparalleled level, to mail us past a tipping position, toward a world awakening to the profound character of our shared human existence.

We stand at a crossroads. These amazing tales of individual experience, frequently right contradicting accepted “typical sense” and the earth-perspective made available by a secular civilization and some features of the scientific group, are achieving a important mass that can no extended be summarily dismissed by rationale, thoughtful people today at huge. There are hundreds of thousands who have had 1st hand experience with these phenomena, and have held it to by themselves, out of fear of getting labeled “mentally unstable”. In truth, I suspect that a significant proportion of folks alive these days know at some stage that there really is something to all of this!

The present we deliver is the birthright of just about every human currently being who has ever lived, or will are living, on earth. It is a reawakening to the profound nature of our conscious existence. That reawakening is intimately entangled with knowing the eternity of our souls and the intimate, direct and eternal connection every and just about every a single of us has with that creative key omnipotent loving Resource (God, by most definitions) at the main of the Universe. The reward is just one of fact, and will arrive from probing the depths of our personal conscious awareness, and from turning into 1 with the Divine. It is of understanding that we are 1 with each other, and with the eternal loving Creator of the universe. It is of sensation the bliss of that unconditional really like, all through our lives below on earth.

Resource: 2011 IANDS Meeting

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  1. I had a NDE without trauma, or "dying". I floated out of my body in 1976, age 19, woke up staring at the ceiling in my bedroom. Long story short, the Circle, aka TORUS came into my "eyes" "told" me "YOU ALWAYS HAVE BEEN YOU ALWAYS WILL BE", and i was "transported" into the "Ocean of Total LOVE Knowledge NO Time-Space Ultimate ONENESS" that NDE experiences preview, and then i was back in my room staring at The White Light which again was LOVE personified, no words can describe this, wondering how the brightest LIGHT i ever saw with my "eyes" wasn't burning them to cinders, but actually felt AWESOME beyond the Beyond, then RAYS of Light came into my "eyes" and blasted me into somewhere indescribable, and i was "downloaded" with Infinite Knowledge" like chemistry, math, etc saw the earth evolve from origin etc. (forgot all 99.9% of that instantly too, but i knew it happened).

    Before these two events when i was floating in my room, everything was vibrating in magnificent color, i could see 360 at once, and also understood that it was light flashing on-off as 01. The MIND being ME and GOD and ALL was 1 and the material world i knew as "life" was flashing on-off as 0 and that MIND vibrated as perfection and material was lagging behind trying to keep up and can't because there is inherent VOID in the GAP. And that is the "mirror" of unreality, posing as reality. Kind of like what materialists believe as true, or what the description of "the devil" would try to sell as the real deal, when it's actually a fraud.

    When i came back to "consciousness" after God blasted my brains out, as i just pitifully described, i saw my body laying on the bed below, realized it was Ken and Bette's daughter, the girl i had seen in the pictures, then realized it was me, freaked out, flew back in, slammed into this thing that felt like i was in a Roman prison cell with leprosy compared to what i had just been, sat up in bed opened my physical eyes, said to myself, "something just happened to me, i have to find out what it is", crashed back asleep, woke up the next day, got in my Volvo, drove to a used book store, found "You Forever" by Lobsang Rampa that described astral travel, realized that was close. Spent the next 45 years learning about OBE and NDE's and wondering how and why all that happened to me without "dying". I also became EXTREMELY Psychic and have had many thousands of confirmed visions, especially regarding what total strangers, like the voice on the phone of the AT&T person's deepest goals and dreams are for their lives, what they REALLY want to be doing, and have told them when i get that instant hit, and that has brought many people to tears of joy, and has given them the impetus to do just that, by confirming their "secret garden" to them, which i feel is my gift from God to do so, for having seen and become LOVE. It's all REAL.

  2. I really respect Eben Alexander and think he is genuine. But there's one thing I can't seem to grasp: In a lot of interviews he says that he couldn't remember anything of his life here on earth when he was in the other realm because of his brains condition. If the brain was partly functioning when he crossed over, would he have memories from this life then? Or do we forget everything about our earthly lives when we're done here?

  3. i wonder … is it ok to be here for the animals? I used to be scared of birds now i feed hundreds in my garden , i have chick babies that we hand reared that sit all over me and i love them to bits, i am so grateful to my chickens to take that fear away that i had.
    I think their eggs are helping my arthritis also 🙂

  4. I listened to this testimony for one hour and a half and am wondering is this brilliant doctor saying everyone goes to this beautiful spot no matter what kind of life they lived on earth. Love the Bible and the words that support one must have the faith of a child to believe in God and accept His Amazing gift of love through the death and resurrection of His son on our behalf.

  5. That part at 50:20 is brilliant eloquence -We are conscious in spite of our brain . . . Our brain does a few things to dull down our consciousness and that is what we get around with the Near Death Experience. I have never heard it so well put. Thank you.