She Was STOPPED and SENT BACK During Near Death Experience

She Was STOPPED and SENT BACK During Near Death Experience

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Podcast 263 is Pleasure. Joy had her initially near death experience 15. For the duration of her NDE experience she was stopped and sent back again. Joy is a Pressure and Trauma specialist, ex Company executive and Inadvertent Shaman. She’s died 6 periods, and every time been returned with distinct Perspectives and Uncommon Capabilities to enable others. She is Living Evidence that you only get to die when it can be your time.
Doctors have supplied up on her on 6 unrelated situations. She had to understand to recover herself. She’s certified in much more than a dozen Holistic Healing Modalities. Dwelling Proof that incurable indicates Curable Only from Within just.

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  1. Wow, what a lot of comments. Thank you for the kind ones. For some reason my answers keep disappearing 🙁 I spent HOURS responding to y'all 🙁
    I need to make some things clear. When Jeff approached me to talk about my NDEs I said my intention would be to share what experiencing multiple NDEs taught me. I believe THIS is the most important thing after learning that Death is just a state change and nothing to fear. Jeff said he would step back and let me share whatever I wanted. This interview is the result.
    So, for those of you looking exclusively for NDE info, this is NOT the interview for you.

    For those of you irritated when you think I've gone off track. I have ADHD and multiple TBIs, I'm doing my best, sometimes my best is better than others.
    my frontal lobes scan like those of an autistic child.
    That autism is also why I am the way I am, 'theatrics' and all.
    … What if I only look larger than life because most people are so watered down?

    I am an edutainer, I believe people learn best when they are engaged and laughing.
    If it makes you uncomfortable, follow the advice of one wise commenter and 'look past it to gather the gems' – or move on, it really makes no difference to me.

    Death taught me how to LIVE! Unapologetically, authentically, courageously, as exactly who I am in each moment.

    For those wondering if I'm making this all up, I don't blame you, my life is stranger than fiction, that's why I don't often talk about it in detail.
    But Sharing what I've learned on my long journeys back to health in my cartoonlike life is the only thing that makes it all make sense.
    It's my legacy. So here I am.

    For those wondering if I'm trying to extort money or have a hidden agenda
    I don't have the frontal lobe capacity for an actual agenda let alone a hidden one.
    I don't ask you to believe anything I say. Your beliefs don't effect me one way or another

    I do invite you to try the tools I share, and when you realise how well them work, pay them forward.

    At the end of the interview, I shared the challenges I'm having with my jaw and with making the tools available, and said if anyone felt inclined to help me or donate so I can get the treatments I need, that would be so welcomed. I want to stay and keep sharing my tools.

    Again, nothing hidden, just sharing what's going on with me, if you don't want to help, that's ok, but Jesus said "Ask you'll receive" and I've learned to follow His advice.

    I agreed to do this interview because in March this year I told God "Fix me or take me, I can't do Your work without a jaw"
    I was vividly reminded that I have NOT kept my promise to share all the tools and skills I have literally died to acquire.
    And so I am on a mission to ensure that everyone who needs to live more joyfully and less stressfully regardless of circumstances, be able to do so.

    This generation needs all the help and advantages it can get. So I became Tiktoksfaerygodmother

    I started sharing my teaching stories to a broader audience.
    I know I'm disorganized, I don't have that part of my brain hooked up. I'm good at other things. That's why I said Help me help you.

    I hope this clears things up

  2. Never cease to amaze and be an inspiration to model. I see you eating sometimes in pain because I am sure other times, if not most, you keep it to yourself when you are able to so not to concern does around you. This impossible situation would have crushed most people, but you instead will not just graduate from this but get bonus power points to create more healing magic in your travels. People must often wonder how you are able to shine so beautifully and brightly bo matter what this is why. You don't allow energy leaks in your thoughts or words to consume you into a darkness, but use these opportunities to use your words to create mircles into being. You simply do what is yours to do no matter how uncomfortable or scary. Asking for donations must be scary and uncomfortable, but it is your part to be powerfully vulnerable, transparent and walk your talk once more. It's a gift to be able to help you since you give freely from your joyful heart constantly. You do so much behind the scenes with such a loving heart for many people and your healings reach far beyond what people realize not just for themselves but for the following generations to come.

    I should now I have worked with Joy closely for the last 17 months being her apprentice and it has changed my life on so many levels my family does not recognize me. I think Joy gets her power from keeping her word to God and every one or thing she comes in contact with knows if she says it it's so period. That's how the people that are the real deal operate they infuse their wish into reality through their power of their word. So no JOY! is the most honest person I know if anything she way down plays her life so what she does tell is more believable for her varied listeners.

  3. Joy, you remind me of me in my most free moments….by the way, I had to stop chewing for a spell as my jaw locked up from years of nightly clenching (thanks, braces). I have been using a device developed by an MIT engineer called "Sleep Guard" which beeps anytime one clenches. It seems to have helped, though it is several hundred US dollars, and I have no idea what is actually up with your jaw. If this tip helps you or someone then fantastic. Thanks to you both, definitely a riveting style of expression!

  4. I'm very curious about the strange singing… I watched it twice because I felt buzzing/vibration in my face while she was doing it. And I recalled a time during one of my long term illnesses that I began singing like this, I thought out of boredom from being in bed all of the time, but I wonder if there's really something to it

  5. Oof she is A LOT to take in for many reasons. Initially I thought she was too much but then I realized she is just extra seasoned and sometimes people can stomach extra seasoning and others cannot. I had to take it in little by little because at the end of the day, I didn’t want to negate me from an interesting experience.