I Healed Myself Doing ONE Thing Over And Over Again | DR. JOE DISPENZA

I Healed Myself Doing ONE Thing Over And Over Again | DR. JOE DISPENZA

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In 1986 Dr. Joe Dispenza bought hit by a car or truck when riding his bike and broke 6 vertebrae and experienced other sever spinal injuries. In its place of settling for a life in a wheelchair he started healing himself and soon after 12 weeks the was again to schooling on his bike once more.

(Remember to use headphones for ideal experience, there were being technical troubles at the recording of the audio)

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  1. I don't believe a word of this. If it's true, how come his doctors aren't making YouTube videos about it? Where are his medical records? Anyone seen them? First, he says he was told he would probably never walk again, then it becomes never. So which was it? Probably or never? There are a lot of gullible people out there, who will fall prey to this nonsense. Before you give this man a penny of your hard earned cash, demand to speak to the orthopaedic surgeons at the hospital where he was treated. Ask to see his X-rays and a copy of his medical records. Anyone can say anything. That doesn't make it true.

  2. I Know exactly how that feels. I myself feel like I lived many life times in one whole chapter…I was NDE at 22yrs. young (1978); I was in a similar accident (ski accident though), in 1989 where I had both legs split open lengthwise from the feet to the knees due to the multiple falls, thus multiple broken vertebrae (lower and upper spine), spinal chord injuries due to spilled spinal fluid…instead of receiving medical care right away I was placed by mistake in a mortuary room along with other corps for several hours, (my Spirit Guide never left my side). Moved away from there to receive some medical care only after someone realized that I was still alive and breathing…thank you…after a big surgery, I was casted into chalk from feet to neck and 90 days in hospital, after which I was finally moved to another medical facility in a wheel chair where I received two more weeks of intensive care before being sent back at home on a wheel chair with no hope that I would ever walk again, (at least according to the doctors who actually did a great job putting me back together after all). Roughly nine months later I had enough of that wheel chair and I began to train myself to standing up on my own again, re-learn how to walk again was more difficult than just standing up at that point, though one small step at the time even if this would have taken the rest of my time…I had to do it, Spirit left me no choice…I think we call it determination in our language…there was a lot connection with "all that is" as well all the way through and still up to this day so strong. Spirit kept repeating me everyday not to give up and to keep on trying and to keep on learning, taking it all in one day at the time…life is worth living and if was still alive there had to be a reason…My spinal fusion surgery only happened in 2003, where I had to go through much of the trauma all over again (12 and1/2 hours of surgery time) after which I was on a wheel chair again for some time and had to relearn to walk again, but I told myself that if I had done it once, I could have done it again. I am still have spinal chord injury but it is unnoticeable from outside, besides that though, since then I have fully recovered and walking my dogs everyday loving life and be grateful to live such an exciting time here on this planet.
    The spinal chord injury left me prone to infections and I spent all these years up to this day learning how to heal and how to stay healthy in alternative ways. As "Chironic" as it may sound, I am a "wounded healer" since then I have learnt tons of interesting things about alternative medicines and healing modalities and techniques like TCM, Ajurveda, Herbology, Astrology, Numerology, Theta Healing, Sound Healing, Pranic and Reiki Healing, Tarot and Oracles and so much more…
    Thank you Universe, thank you Great Spirit, thank you all for just be <3 Love, gratitude and blessings to all that is and it ever will be <3

  3. I had similar injury from a car accident. I actually died and came back. I never had surgery and I recovered with Acupuncture, Cannabis and Healers working on me. CHEERS to those that SELF HEAL without Big Pharma ways. WOO HOO!

  4. I love your work Dr. Dispenza! Becoming Supernatural changed my life. I recommend your meditations and teachings to all of my Chronic Pain clients. I love blending space-age pain relief technology with mindful meditation. I will be talking about my list of must-have books for chronic pain on my YouTube channel in a few weeks and your materials will be at the top of the list!