She Saw Aliens In Heaven During Her Near Death Experience – Katherine King 403

She Saw Aliens In Heaven During Her Near Death Experience – Katherine King 403

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Podcast guest 403 is Katherine King. Katherine experienced 2 near-death experiences. For the duration of one of her NDE experiences she observed her deceased uncle on the measures of heaven.

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  1. yes there are aliens in heaven,, i have not watched this video i just seen the title and had to comment ,, i been to heaven many times,,, i personally saw a blue archurian alien in heaven and of course Jesus and God ,,but they are not alien. But yes there is aliens,, the blue archurian alien i had spent time with was nice nothing to fear from that alien but i know there is also smalll gray aliens like they found at rosewelll but not sure if they are friendly or not. I beleive there is good and bad aliens and many species of them.

  2. We all belong to a soul group and you have aliens in them. And you will reunite. And every one can see you all the time. And you can think of thousands of things at once. Earth is just one planet you can go to. And your soul lives for ever so you can not die.

  3. Thank you Katherine, Jeff and Mara for yet another excellent episode. Katherine, I’d love to send you a quince seed charm that will keep earthbound spirits 3 1/2 to 4 feet away from you. I got them from Mary Ann Winkowski, the real ghost whisperer. She also does a $20 zoom meeting to check your house for earthbound spirits/ghosts and can tell you what to do to be rid of them. She got my apartment cleared and I’m so grateful to her. Like you she’s very gifted and the salt of the earth. Thanks so much for your very interesting and helpful sharing.

  4. Just a harmless question: Kindly, why would people learn about love in Heaven, when everything in Heaven is Love, including the Light itself that illuminates Heaven and which comes from God's throne ? We learn about Love on earth, while going through hardships etc. Maybe she meant to say something else. There's nothing else but love in Heaven, so we would not have to differentiate between love and hate in Heaven. God bless.

  5. Questions like: Do you pray before going to bed? Do you read the Psalms? I've seen mature people often who lived for 40-60 years on earth and still didnt get right with God. Im glad she mentioned "being right with God " aspect. The time is short…Rapture is happening soon. Focus on Jesus, because the Aliens cant forgive sins. Only Jesus can

  6. Wish I had control over what and when I see things this has happened to me all my life ( the seeing things before they happen or other places or times people/beings Also more), I have no answers but do look for people who can explain exactly what I see experience and have lived in my whole live so far. Blessings and prayers to All. May God's Blessings and Protection be over this whole world.

  7. Your a chosen vessel why the enemy told you put your light down because they don't want you to accept Jesus as saviour because then you will shine ultra bright they tried to stop you from being saved

  8. Am I the only person willing to stand up for Jesus? How can you be a "medium" then claim you're with God or in Heaven? It doesnt make sense, The Lord said mediums, psychics,, necromancers, witchcraft, etc were all an abomination and humans are NOT to be dabbling Into NONE OF IT. You cant have it both ways!

  9. Great advice about reaching out to your belief system re.–spirit guide/angel/ God for help, protection when needed. I have a problem believing that "in order to enter Heaven we have to believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins"…In all the NDE's I've heard, the individuals entered the afterlife, had a life review and was still loved beyond measure…

  10. What she talks about is not what other people say about Heaven. Most talk about God and an overwhelming sense of being unconditionally loved.

    This didn’t happen with this lady. Plus there is no darkness in Heaven. It’s all light. There are no dark skies with stars. She went to the astral plane.

    And I doubt if she’s a medium. She may believe she is one but no I’m not buying that either.

    Nothing against you Jeff, but this lady needs to self reflect. Aliens in heaven? Not buying it, Especially not the soul-less, emotionless grays who transfer their souls into cloned bodies that have been cloned from other clones for millennia. They don’t have souls. They resemble demons more than anything else. Demons are spirit but they may have figured out how to manufacture bodies so they could exist in the three dimensional plane.