Lessons from Near Death Experiences

Lessons from Near Death Experiences

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4 lady go over what they uncovered from their NDE (near death experiences), particularly as it relates to enjoy and consciousness. The panelists contain Harlolyn Ingram, Ph.D., Virgina Jablonski, Terry Larkin, B.S., and Koni Scavella Ph.D. with moderator Debbie James M.S.N. (Resource: 2019 IANDS Convention).

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  1. I wonder what the connection is with the soul and autism. I’m on the spectrum and some of these stories resonate with me in terms of my sensory perception. Maybe my condition brings with it gifts I can usage to help others. I’ve always had a strong sense of empathy for others and my family would joke and say my greatest weakness was seeing the good in everyone. Loved these videos as I’ve always felt there is something after death my whole life and studying quantum mechanics reinforced this knowing as well. Peace and love guys. ❤️

  2. 32:58 (Koni S.) “…the 4 self-sabotaging behaviors […] and that’s what knocks us out of the experience [of ‘joy and bliss all the time’]."

    While it’s true that those four behaviors are indeed “self-sabotaging” and all too common, I would say they’re symptomatic of the real underlying affliction, rather than causal. If it were possible to reverse engineer “joy and bliss all the time” using behavioral strategies such as Koni’s SOAR (or any of countless other similar self-help approaches), there wouldn’t be anyone left who wasn’t in that state. This is why it takes something as dramatic or traumatic as a mystical experience via near-death or drugs or meditation to induce such a shift into joy and bliss.

    To be clear, I don’t begrudge anyone promoting methods for improving quality-of-life. I just think it’s unrealistic to expect such methods to transform anyone’s baseline experience of life as profoundly as she describes here.

  3. What must I do to be saved?

    Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved.

    That means to put all of your confidence (trust) in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation.

    Jesus paid for all the sins of all the world at the cross (past, present, and future). That payment is put to your account when you have believed on Christ alone for salvation.

  4. What a shame! These women are incredible and so are their stories. Sadly, yet again this IANDS group limits these folks to ten minutes each…and ONE microphone. Really? I encourage you to empathize

  5. Virginia dosen't know the truth if she thinks we heal ourself..! My goodness she's got a long way to go, and she even told Jesus he was Wrong..! The 2nd lady had a mystic tell her where she was, these people are all searching in the wrong place, empty words,

  6. Great panel of women who know the truth of consciousness and life after death.
    This "Time and Space" is but a thread of existence of many levels of existence.
    You don't believe in this ? You will. It's your choice, your free will to choose. YOU have the power of Free Will to choose Love and Light…or Darkness and Hate.

    YOU are Loved in the Light and YOU are given incredible power to choose your destiny and NOBODY can take that away! NOBODY/NOTHING! YOU are of Love and Light and have the Power of Love and Light that many don't want you to know about.
    We of the "Love and Light" have the Power of Love and Light and nobody/nothing will have power over Love and Light! "I am" Love and Light!
    Just had to get that off my chest. Love & Light people!