Psychic Medium & Artist Draws Portraits Of The Spirits She Sees. Spirit Artist Rita Berkowitz.

Psychic Medium & Artist Draws Portraits Of The Spirits She Sees. Spirit Artist Rita Berkowitz.

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Psychic Medium & Artist Attracts Portraits Of The Spirits She Sees. Spirit Artist Rita Berkowitz.

“In this video clip conversation with spirit artist Rita Berkowitz, we speak about Rita’s means to connect with spirits and attract their portraits as she sees them. Rita is a medium who is also an artist, so she’s ready to give tangible evidence of lifestyle after death by drawing her client’s deceased loved ones devoid of ever obtaining noticed them. Rita points out how she does this, how it advantages her consumers, and she shares fascinating stories about her 25-plus many years drawing individuals in spirit.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv

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Rita Straus Berkowitz has impressed significant audiences throughout the earth by drawing portraits of loved ones from the greater facet of life. She is the writer of Empowering Your Lifetime with Angels and co-creator of The Full Idiot’s Guide to Speaking with Spirits.

Rita has equally examined and taught at the Arthur Findley University in Essex England, as well as lectured and shown in faculties, new age facilities and Spiritualist church buildings in the United States and Canada. She is an completed artist who has proven her paintings and drawings through New England and New York. And she’s an Ordained Minister in the Spiritualist Church and previous pastor of the Initial Spiritualist Church of Quincy, Massachusetts. She is also a Accredited Medium and has accomplished a Learn of Science in Psychological Counseling. Rita delivers personal sittings, courses and has experienced a lot of professional mediums.

Rita Berkowitz’s website is: You can see Rita’s spirit drawings on her internet site beside photographs of the men and women ahead of they passed. And you can examine Bob Olson’s post about Rita, together with spirit drawings Rita did for him (beside photos) at article.htm


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  1. Bob, knowing that "Energy Prints" are most likely a phenomenal fact, this is not case when true Mediums receive information from spirits, correct? Because Mediums are not seeing past images, instead they're having a personal interaction with the spirits as if they were alive in human form.

  2. That's correct, Jason. When a medium has a conversation with someone in spirit–the medium asks questions & subsequently gets answers from the spirit–that would not be an Energy Imprint. However, inexperienced or untrained mediums don't always know the difference between information they're getting psychically from an energy imprint & information they're getting from spirit. Sad but true. But you got it. That would be the difference. Energy imprints are mere memories that don't interact.

  3. Thanks Bob. It's a blessing to watch your interviews, man. I once was very skeptical, went from atheist to Christian (Protestant, Calvinist, Catholic), but now I'm pure spiritual. Also, I've spoken with a medium recently and what she told me was accurate, and sounded like my Father communicating in spirit, rather than an imprint. P.S. Ever have someone on your show talking about the cross-cultural NDE accounts of different religions?

  4. Thank you Bob. Another great interview that’s so informative and fun. I love how you approach each interview, person and subject with so much positivity and grace and dignity. I’ve learned so much from you and all of your research over so many years!!!