Peter Panagore – The Great Global Awakening

Peter Panagore – The Great Global Awakening

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Reverend Peter Panagore, M.Div (Yale) has had two near-death experiences, the first while ice climbing in 1980 and the second in 2015 due to a heart attack. He recounts these in his book Heaven Is Beautiful: How Dying Taught Me That Death Is Just the Beginning, an Audible Best Seller available globally in nine editions. His best-selling second book, Two Minutes for God: Quick Fixes for the Spirit, is a collection of original inspirational devotional stories, many of which he told for 15 years on a daily TV show reaching 30 million viewers annually in Maine and New Hampshire. Previously, he served as a United Church of Christ minister and pastor in Maine and Connecticut. He published 150 sermons and many prayers in Homiletics, a leading clergy journal. He now runs a global spiritual counseling service for “closet mystics” and travels nationally as a public and inspirational speaker and teacher. He has been practicing Zazen/Centering Prayer and Kundalini/Kriya Yoga for forty years.

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to advance globalunderstanding of NDEs and related experiences through research, education, and support. We envision a future in which all people embrace near-death and related experiences as a source of meaning and inspiration for a better world. We believe NDEs can transform an individual’s life, influence the sciences, and embolden society. Today, IANDS engages in far more than research and has members from around the world. We invite you to consider becoming a member of IANDS. To learn more about near-death experiences, visit

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What is an NDE?
A near-death experience (NDE) is typically a profound, life changing, intensely emotional experience that usually occurs during a clinical crisis and has common characteristics and aftereffects. It is not a dream, hallucination, or mental illness (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to identify who will have an NDE. They happen to people of all ages, religions, socio-economic groups, cultures, educational backgrounds, and belief systems. They occur under a variety of circumstances such as accidents, near-drownings, illnesses, combat, surgical procedures, and childbirth. Following an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) often display some common aftereffects. Research has established a set of common NDE characteristics and long-term aftereffects. Theories used to explain near-death experiences in purely physical terms have been proven inadequate by NDE researchers and others.

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  1. I think many people got the NDEs wrong. Those who think it is just all love and pony, and to not lift a finger to help their fellow human being by taking an action, and just keep meditating, etc. I have some news for you! Love also means sacrifice!

    The bad guys have infiltrated everywhere. This is the NEW AGE religion that was talked about in the 70s and 80s that the gov wanted to bring in to neutralize people and make them docile! They wanted people to think everything is "as it should be" so you just need to have faith and bend down! Exactly what is happening in the past 2 years and getting more and more intense in different ways (you know what I am talking about if you have been following independent news). I can see that the bad guys have been successful with their planning!

    Make sure you watch Paul Wallis's channel. As a senior churchman he served as an Archdeacon in the Anglican Church in Australia and in in-service training for pastors. Be open minded as he knows more than you do for sure.

  2. Hi Peter, I’m glad to see you ones more my NDE brother, About 3or 4 moths ago I watched one of your lectures, I can remember exactly where, in this lecture you talked about the way you meditate when it comes to pain and I have something to tell you about that
    I suffer from Cluster headaches for about 6 or 7 years, if anyone knows what this condition is they will understand the brutality of this condition and how can completely destroy your nerve system and even the will of being alive at this particular moment, for a good reason is called suicidal headache I won’t ever try to describe this multiple unforgivable pain only on one side of the head, and if anyone knows a person that suffers from this horrible pain please be kind to them, it truly is the worse pain known to science
    So I must tell you that I did try your pain control method twice, and it was extremely difficult because this pain is no joke man!, but it worked, it worked so well that I haven’t had an attack sense then, I truly appreciate your help in this man!, you have absolutely no idea the changes in my life, going from sleeping one or two hours every night for weeks to being able to sleep all night, is just amazing my friend, I truly appreciate you sharing this with as, i thank you much man!I wish you well my NDE brother and many blessings, you’re AAAAAAmazing!

  3. Please awaken to the Geo engineering then and do not blame ordinary people for climate change , also the ONLY THING HERE CAPABLE OF CHANGING THE CLIMATE PERMANENTLY IS THE SUN!! That's a FACT! The US Army is on record for saying they want to OWN THE WEATHER (not Climate) BY 2025 !! Well OPEN YOUR EYES AND LOOK UP !

  4. I don't find resistance to speaking about my spiritual beliefs. I am very out about it, not in your face, but certainly not shy. I don't talk about much else, when others talk about the news (which I avoid like the flu) I talk about the spiritual perspective of their topic. If your are experiencing any flak, and are living in fear, move, the fear it trying to tell you to move to a better place where these things are talked about openly.