Nurse Sees 7 Spirits During Her Near Death Experience – Mary Ann 471

Nurse Sees 7 Spirits During Her Near Death Experience – Mary Ann 471

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Podcast guest 471 is Mary Ann. Through Mary Ann’s near-death experience she noticed 7 spirits. Also all through her nde experience she listened to a huge booming voice.

Mary Ann’s Paintings

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A Large Booming Voice Spoke To Her

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  1. Mary Ann's interview was interesting, but the camera was constantly moving around. I found it very distracting. Jeff, couldn't you mention to her that her camera was moving so much? I was wondering what was moving the camera so much, instead of focusing on her story. She's a nice lady and her artwork was very interesting.

  2. When I was very young, I saw a hooded figure at the foot of my brother's bed. On the sides of the bed were skeletons. I thought of the hooded figure as "father time" – my only reference at the time. Any thoughts?

  3. That's amazing and she did a very good job on them or somebody who I guess never painted before I not sure, and Jeff I absolutely love your hair cut it looks so much nicer than when you had it longish but you're a great guy watch your videos all the time but it doesn't matter if you have long hair short hair whatever black glasses white glasses u are love. Be safe and have a good day evening or morning.

  4. Thank you for another wonderful interview Jeff and Mara. Thank you Mary Ann for sharing this profound experience from your heart. The paintings are beautiful. I was a hospice nurse as well and tried to help my patients using stories and books from NDEers. A couple of my patients had experienced past NDEs and shared them with me. I have no doubt, you were immensely helpful and reassuring to your patients Mary Ann. <3

  5. Wow she's the first NDEr to mention precognitive dreams that go that far into the future and the sensitive hearing. I have both of those. I had a precognitive dream about the town I'm living in now. It was many years in advance. And I have super sensitive hearing. Drives me nuts sometimes but it also comes in handy.

  6. I truly believe endogenous DMT is the chemical gateway between dimensions connecting this one with all the others. So we all have a portal in our brains via the endogenous chemical DMT. That would explain the similarities between recreational DMT usage and natural NDE's. IMO of course.

  7. Jeff, You're the best interviewer I have ever heard. You don't insist on being in the limelight. You let the person speak without breaking their train of thought. Also you ask very ,very smart questions. I can tell you are truly listening and not just always thinking about the next question you're going to ask. Keep it up! You're the best I've heard ever!