Near-Death Experiencer Comes Out of the Closet After 15 Years

Near-Death Experiencer Comes Out of the Closet After 15 Years

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Monthly bill Letson, a retired fireplace captain and forester of 35 many years, had a near-death experience in 1994. It took him 15 several years to occur out of the closet and share his NDE accounts. In this inspiring online video, invoice shares some of the classes uncovered regarding our accurate mother nature. ↓More info↓

This video is an except from a more substantial video from the IANDS’s 2020 Online Convention.

IANDS is a membership nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation with a mission to progress an knowledge of near-death and similar experiences by means of research, education, and support. We imagine a foreseeable future in which all people today embrace near-death and similar experiences as a resource of meaning and inspiration for a greater world. We believe that a near-death experience can completely transform an individual’s everyday living, influence the sciences, and embolden modern society. The International Association for Near-Death Experiments, (IANDS) engages in considerably a lot more than research currently. IANDS has associates from about the planet. We invite you to look at getting a member of IANDS. To discover extra about near-death experiences, check out

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What is a NDE or Near-Death Experience?
A near-death experience (NDE) is typically a profound, life modifying, intensely emotional experience that commonly takes place throughout a clinical disaster and has widespread traits and aftereffects. It is not a aspiration, hallucination, or mental ailment (Greyson, 1983). There are no predictive variables to determine who will have an NDE. They happen to individuals of all ages, religions, socio-financial teams, cultures, academic backgrounds, and perception techniques. They arise less than a wide range of situation such as accidents, near-drownings, sicknesses, combat, surgical strategies, and childbirth. Following an NDE, experiencers (NDErs) normally display screen some prevalent aftereffects. Research has proven a set of prevalent NDE characteristics and very long-term aftereffects. Common theories utilized to clarify near-death experiences have been demonstrated inadequate by NDE researchers and other people.

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  1. I Love Bill Letson's story and his experience…. like him I wanna say to many, Im glad you made it, you're late to the party, but you made it none the less…. If we had but LISTENED to the American Indian's as much as we did in the very beginning,when we really NEEDED them,to survive, we'd've known all this stuff very early on. #2) Some of Us Knew and know about the spirit world. the different realms and related, early on or some where in our youth's. we dont have to have trauma's equaling NDE's to 'get it", nither one of these, is wrong only different. I'm left handed/right brained.hearted centered since I purdy much got here to this planet,as well as being spiritually open since I was a litle guy. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE, trust me there are many of Us… around. I could write a book,…there is much to heal,much to know,much to grow so to speak.

  2. Read Rumi's poems about God, after life, joining light, beauty in other world.
    "When I Die"
    you’ll only see me

    descending into a grave

    now watch me rise

    how can there be an end

    when the sun sets or

    the moon goes down

    it looks like the end

    it seems like a sunset

    but in reality it is a dawn

    when the grave locks you up

    that is when your soul is freed

    have you ever seen

    a seed fallen to earth

    not rise with a new life

    why should you doubt the rise

    of a seed named human

  3. I am constantly surprised that iands and or other's don't use more visual aids to present their stories.

    I even heard on iands member, in a video saying they are wondering how to get more youth interested in the topic. Seems to me that animations is a real big no-brainer.

    It not only is more entertaining, but if you got college art and graphics students involved with production it could grow systemically. It is the opposite of a saturated subject matter for any art.

  4. Ground hog day … he steals a bag of money and … if your kind to people they'll take advantage of you … many people will take everything from you without a 2nd thought, rather don't be kind, and … if you find yourself having to deal with a narcissist or con artist take every opportunity to crush them and enjoy every moment. …. really don't be kind, I've seen kind people die alone and penniless, don't be kind.

  5. people are looking for the closest thing to objective truth. NDE's seem like local but profound personal experiences to skeptics and even some spiritual people. nothing much to offer the world in insight. Zzenn has a sobering alternative insight such as the mind creating a template of reality and its really interesting. the veridical stuff is still kind of an enigma though

  6. Isn’t it strange and remarkable how we have totally forgotten – altogether – who we are!?
    In her book Sacred Contracts, it’s explained how we very carefully designed a Contract while we were yet in heaven .
    There were Counsellors who helped us to decide what we need and want to learn while we are here on Earth. Our entire self is completely understood. Many of the “sufferings” and “obstacles” that we are facing in this lifetime are exactly what we intelligently Chose to do while we were drawing up the Contract that we are fulfilling @ this time!
    Concurrently, we are also experiencing many of the blessings that we had already chosen while in heaven.

    The author, Caroline Myss, describes how she was troubled with near blindness throughout her life. But then, after it was revealed that she had chosen blindness – the stopped being angry with God about it! I wonder how many other burdens we have because we deliberately chose them while creating our latest Contract!

  7. I have reservations about NDE's. Everything should be evidenced and based on facts. I have heard a few people talk about seeing themselves on an operating table going through some sort of medical procedure but it's not evidenced. What I mean is all NDE's are just word and mouth, or put into a book. Where is the scientific evidence. If NDE'S are so profound and life changing then why is it only shown in books and YouTube? Why is it not been taken to the mainstream media? Why aren't these experiencers shouting from the rooftops that this is real. They speak to a selective audience and film it to put onto YouTube which then is linked up to many other types of videos like 'I so big foot in my garden' , or 'there is an alien living in my basement' !! This sort of underminds the credibility of the NDE's when you can watch total rubbish like the 'president of the United States has talked with aliens and also flow an alien ship' next to someone who floated outside of their bodies during a medical procedure. I think you get my jist. To be believed you need a credible platform to put it on or some very strong evidence. I want to believe, I really do.

  8. I think NDE's are probably just the tricks we play on ourselves when we come close to death in order to cope with the fears and anxieties we experience when death is knocking on our door. We hope that we will somehow survive in an alternative reality and see our deceased loved ones again who we miss very much. Of course I would hope it's all true but unfortunately I have some doubts about some of the information that is reaching my ears. I have no doubt people are experiencing something but I think it could all just be GRAND ILLUSIONS of the subconscious mind.

  9. "We are all going to make it into the non physical, it's a very safe trip."

    Well I suppose that depends on how you would define safe.
    For example, there is a near death experience story here on Youtube
    called: Shawn Weed's Hell Testimony Full
    If you listen carefully to his story you can detect a moment or two in
    it where the "very safe trip" aspect of it was not something that he was

  10. I would like to hear more about how we break the cycle of rebirth. I had a spiritual experience as a child regarding some of my past lives and how karma has affected me in this life. The other side is so unimaginably loving and blissful. I think I am only due to come back one more time. Unless of course, I mess this one up too. I want so badly to go home.