Near Death Experience: The In Between

Near Death Experience: The In Between

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Jim Bruton’s everyday living has been 1 of acknowledging childhood dreams. A enjoy for animal television plans resulted in an Emmy for work with National Geographic even though dwelling in Africa generating wildlife movies. Jim was an NBC Information war correspondent, is an aviator and created reproduction vintage aircraft, with the past 1 crashing and providing to him a quite unconventional Near-Death-Experience.

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  1. I know Rev Coolidge! He preached at our church many times, like 30 years ago, in clearlake California. He did a summer school program and I lead the music. He was awesome. He was an artist and drew chalk drawings while he preached. Wonderful human! Wow, small world.

  2. This is interesting. This is the second time I’ve heard this man’s experience. I was kind of disappointed the first time because it didn’t have a lot of the common elements of many NDE’s. I couldn’t help but wonder if the nausea was an effect from operations he was undergoing while in the coma that were echoing in his experience— and I guess that made me think it was less likely to be an actual NDE. However, after hearing it again, I can appreciate the lessons he spoke about regardless of what his surroundings were during the experience. I can also see how that experience is/was relevant to him as an individual. Perhaps the nausea was the synchronistic element necessary to drive the lesson home-it was the impact that was needed for positive growth. This experience resonates a lot more, since I’m detached from expecting a cliché type of outcome this time around. I’m sure that also has to do with the variety of experiences shared on this channel. Anyway, thank you for sharing this awesome experience!

  3. Will not ALL of humanity have an NDE at some point in their lives?
    Does ALL of humanity have to have a Near Death Experience to help people realize the way we been living, is all off? 45 years since the word NDE was coined. (Thank you Dr. Moody) Less than 20 years it's been in the news, (internet) Now into the millions of NDE's and it's only getting bigger and stronger every day…and it's NOT going away. Really good experience. Unique to the individual. Thanks Julie McVey.

  4. I love all the experiences that have encounters with Jesus and relatives and beautiful gardens and have a lot in common. But I was really fascinated with this one, as different as it was. Amazing. Thanks you for sharing it.

  5. Sure God knows everything you want and need but that doesn't mean you stop talking to Him, sakes alive no. God loves hearing from us, He is our Father, a human father would be greatly hurt if his child never talked to him because that child knew his father knew what he needed and would take care of it, no that is taking for granted. God does have feelings, He can be hurt or grieved. I talk to Him even when I'm not asking for something, I thank Him for everything He blesses me with on a daily basis, I give gratitude. Fellowship with God is what it's called and the Bible mentions it quite a few times.. God bless you, He would love to hear from you