She Had A Conversation With God During Her Near Death Experience

She Had A Conversation With God During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest 267 is Psychic Medium Ellen Redd. Ellen is has experienced Various Near death experiences and Out of body experiences. For the duration of a person of her NDE experience she experienced a conversation with God. Ellen does starseed readings, twin flame advice, medium channeling, shamanic healing and additional.

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  1. While many of the things presented in her conversation come from a very pure place, I strongly sense a lot of distortion here. I hope everyone will stay centered and use their own discernment while watching.

  2. I’ve experienced so much of what she is saying. We all live in the alternative earth (we used to be in the Sagittarius arm). I’ve experienced the beings that feed on fear (very scary things). This may sound out there for so many people but I’m yet to hear anything that doesn’t not make some sense. Yes starseeds there are many here at the moment. Really interesting

  3. Wow what an amazing interview! I wanted to say that I've heard Gigi Young (she has a You tube channel) speak extensively about our Lemurian experience. And the title Whoever Loves Most Wins, is what I've come up with for my own story, so that was very affirming. Much love♥

  4. I have a question, you say that we chose to be here and we are here for a purpose and we are lucky that we got chosen to be here, but what about those then that have taken the vaccine if their purpose is to fight the evil going on if they are not tuned into God and listening to the evil, where do they fit in. Thank you.

  5. Sorry but Ellen's account is confusing to me. I thought we do not get charged on the other side. I also thought that we are given a choice whether we want to be reincarnated and come back on earth, or stay on the other side and work on assisting souls there. So how can we be "sent back here until we get it right"? That leads me to believe that there is zero choice given to us. To each their own account, but I respectfully disagree with her viewpoints.

  6. Great interview, and the guest is often compelling. Lots of information, and probably worth re-watching with lots of interesting points made.

    However, I felt a little suspicious at the notion that if a psychic can't access my mom or dad or brother, in the next realm, it's because I'M blocked. Really? Well, that certainly takes any responsibility off of the person who is supposed to be clairvoyant, and doing the reading.