Near-Death Experience in an Avalanche | An Interview with Monika Dreier-Leuthold

Near-Death Experience in an Avalanche | An Interview with Monika Dreier-Leuthold

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Throughout an Alpine Ski Tour in the area of Oberalp (Switzerland), Monika Dreier-Leuthold was strike by an avalanche and was carried together with it. The time she expended immobalised underneath the mass of snow – whilst at the exact same time getting equipped to observe the attempts of her rescue from a bird’s eye check out – experienced a extensive-long lasting influence on her everyday living.

In her interview, she speaks about her experiences and her return to day-to-day life.

00:58 Would you notify us how it came to this accident that you ended up buried by an avalanche?
21:29 How did your rescue came about?
24:11 Have been you capable to have an understanding of your experience with the avalanche effectively? Were you ready to speak with others about it?
25:50 Did this experience alter your dread and did it have a extended-long lasting effect on you?
26:48 How did your comeback to standard lifestyle acquire place after this incident?
28:27 How would you evaluate your desire about risky and adventurous travels in retrospect?
29:21 Which job does religion perform in your existence? Has your marriage to faith altered because of to your experiences?
30:22 What is the information of your new movie?
31:30 How current is this experience even now for you soon after happening ten yrs in the past? How considerably of an effects does it continue to have on your life?
32:08 When you say that you changed internally owing to this experience, but other individuals perceived you as any individual who hadn’t changed… Did you sense conflicted due to the fact of that?
32:25 What would you like to share with people today who have a wonderful anxiety of death owing to your experiences?

Director: Mehmet Yesilgöz
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-about: Kate Howlett-Jones, Peter Cox
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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  1. Can it be that every nde person tells his or her story based on other Ned's. So many nde's have written books and every new claimer wants part and opportunity to be on camera and reach for fortune and fame. I had an nde when I was 6 years old. I only saw a very bright light, no one met meet, no one spoke to me, and no one said whether I would like to stay or go back for it wasn't my time. However: I do believe in one Supreme God created of all things and Jesus Christ our savior and our readers only Son.. Amen. Prayers and does work it is a fact. God Bless our Loard God Bless everyone!

  2. The physical body is like a car..and you the physical body..the spirit. It can only go where you take it. Think on that. Remember..not a souls are as I say.. it goes where you take it. We would not be here if we were a perfect souls. Like a gun does not the physical only a tool. As I said..not all souls are good..but coming every soul the opportunity to learn and grow. Some souls may take eons to reach a stage it stops coming until then..we keep coming back. In the end though..God leaves no one behind..not even people like Adolf Hitler and the like. We are here to learn. Sometimes good souls in a physical body are put in our life's path..sometimes bad people are put in our path. They are all lessons to be learned. It's up to us what lessons we take away from each experience. Do we we we forgive ? We come back each time with the lessons we learned last time around..and the times before that..and so it goes.

  3. I have commented quite a few times on this story. Some replying to my views.
    I don't come from a direction of faith..but what I know. Some things I am still meditating on.
    What I do know from personal experience is..The human soul is real..though I think more in the way of human consciousness. .and not in the way of a spirit body..the spirit body is a creation of the one we call God. Our consciousness is a part of a beach is made up of individual grains of sand..together..they make a beach..all life are individual grains of sand..individual consiousness. We do not loose or individuality. Anyway..when my wife Bea, died in hospital on January of this year..I had no idea she had passed. I went to bed at my normal time of 10 pm. As I lay my head down and turned off my bedside light..I felt a definite pressure on my wife's side of the that same moment, my pillow was tugged. I sat up..turned on the light. and saw nothing. I even looked under my pillow just in case a snake had somehow got under it. Nothing. I lay my head down again and turned off the that pillow was tugged again..I again repeated my actions..sat up..light on..nothing. Next I knew I was waking was morning. It was only that next morning, I discovered she had crossed over the night before. Bea, died at experience was at 10 pm. for those who have lost beloved pets..they also survive..I have experienced those kinds of visits also. I had no pets at that time. I have experienced many things like this all most of my I have no need for faith. I was not the only one to experience her presence that night. So did our close family friend..a Bulgarian woman. It scared her and she will not talk about it..I respect that.
    I am a vegetarian..I will not eat anything with a heartbeat or soul. Thinking back on a childhood act..I now realise..even then I knew animals were special. I borrowed a friend's air-rifle and shot a starling that was sat on a chimney pot. I felt awful. I felt like something in me had been taken from me. Now I know what ? I had interrupted another souls journey. This leads me to large or small is a soul ? This is why I think in the way of..we are consciousness. Consciousness has no registrable mass. The soul people see..including the souls of animals and humans..are a creation of our consciousness. It is only a shape and image of the body it exits. When you see the soul of a loved one, it is created only for identification by loved ones left behind. As for a ghost..not real at all..just a recording of some past event the ghost had experienced. Much like a recording, say of a voice on a tape. The not there. The soul has gone on long ago. It is an imprint left behind. I hope I have made sense.

  4. It's interesting to me that there are crosses in the background, and she mentions "religion" and "personal connection" but never mentions God or Jesus Christ. I find the same in almost all of these videos, and I wonder if they are told not to mention Jesus? I understand that for many, "Jesus" was just not named, and that this is not at all about religion, but for many NDE's I've read, God did appear as Christ. Wonderful interviews, thank you for them all.

  5. You don’t die, you go home. We all have to come to this brutal school for soul development. Everyone who crosses over and is sent back dont want to comeback. I believe kids and people who go home early are advanced souls with nothing more to learn here.

  6. I have heard some claime to be God fearing. This is silly talk. I don't fear my God..and my God, is your God. The same God. He..I don't really like the he..God has no sex..why would God have a sex ? Anyways, God knows we are going to screw up before we are even born. God, doesn't judge us..we do that to ourselves..or what makes me laugh are those who take it upon themselves to judge if they are perfect human beings. As if they have never done wrong, said a hurtful thing to someone or had sinful thoughts. There has never been a perfect person in this physical reality..and never will be. It's called being human. We are here to learn to love..and forgive. I like to say..I have no enemies..because I forgive them. Though I know what I know..I still make mistakes. I still fall occasionally, but I get up, dust myself off and try and try again. I know my comments of, religion is a fake, will offend some. But what am I to do ? Am I to say what I don't not to offend..or am I to be tru to myself and say what I believe ? Am I to stay silent or say what I believe..and maybe let people think about what I say..and look deeper into it for themselves ? Then make up their own minds. Simply to be offended..gets then nowhere. I suggest they give me a reason to doubt my reasoning. I can tell you what they will say. They will say..Well, it says in the bible…? A book written by men claiming the words are the word of God. I say..prove it to me. Should I just take the words as fact..just because I am told to ? God gave me a brain. Did he do this just so I can let someone else tell me what the truth is..and not find out for myself ? Do I stop thinking..using reason ? I don't think so.

  7. I don't know if I have posted this personal story so I will here. So my of many.
    I am a Brit, living in Bulgaria. I have friends I call my Bulgarian family..we are that close. Anyway. After a long painful illness, my beloved wife Bea, was taken into hospital, this was early idea of the actual time. I had to call my friend Toni, to call an ambulance, as where we live in a small Bulgarian village with no street names or door numbers, Toni, had to come as well, to make sure the ambulance got to us.
    The ambulance arrived as did Toni. Bea was put into the ambulance, Toni and myself also accompanied my wife..Toni translating anytime the nurse said something to me. Bea, was not conscious. On arriving at the hospital, my wife was rushed inside and into a cubical. A very shot time later, a female doctor came out and said there was no point in us staying as there was nothing we could do. Toni, drove me home, then went home himself. Because my wife was now in hospital, I was optimistic that she was in good hands and would soon be home. Comforted by the thought that she would seen be home and that she was in good hands..I went to bed at my usual time of 10 pm. Just as I lay my head on the pillow and switched off my bedside light, I felt a definite pressure on my wife's side of the bed..a moment later, my pillow was tugged. I sat up, turned on the light and looked at the around..nothing. I lay down again and switched off the light again, and again my pillow was tugged. Again I sat up, turned on the light and again, nothing. I even looked under my pillow. Next thing I knew, I woke up, it was morning. Toni, arrived at my house early the next morning. I knew right away why he was there..My first words were..she's dead. Bea, had died at 9 pm, the same night we had taken her to hospital. My experience was at 10 pm. All this happened this year..January 9th, 2021. Stanimira, Toni's wife, also family and close to my daughter..had her own experience the same night Bea, died, but won't talk about scares her. I am still going through the grief I miss her company. My wife died of cancer. Bea, was letting me know. I also believe, that when she left her body she was confused waking up in hospital and came to familiar surroundings. To me…and to try and get my attention..but not knowing she had passed..I had no idea.

  8. If you want to know where we come from..a story about consciousness, spirit, archeology, science..etc..look up Gregg Braden, on YouTube. Watch his many vids and lectures. He will tell you things many scientists..archeologists..MSM etc..won't tell you. He backs it all up with proof. Undeniable proof. Things some don't want you to know. Archeologists and historians try to say we our advanced state have only been around for 5.000 years. There is now proof that we have been around for much longer. He also talk about the soul, etc.

  9. If hell is real..then we are all headed there, because none of us at death, will be perfect not acceptable to God or heaven. Does that make any sense at all ?
    To enter heaven..a spirit has to be perfect..are you all, we all, PERFECT ? Do you love everyone and all things ? No..then how can we perfect enough to enter heaven ?

  10. When I give to a beggar…which I do often..I am not helping others also give to the beggar..I am helping myself ? If the giving is from the heart..not the mind..and I am not seeking reward for what I have done..then I am helping myself..spiritually. if you think..I will give because God is does not work. It has to be from the heart.

  11. I get my teachings from many sorces. Mystical, Indian guru, Tebetan monks, modern day spiritual teachers like Gregg Braden..Two gg's, Earhart Tolle, and others. They tell a different story than Cristian teachers do…about the spirit..God etc. I also listen to Rabbi Manis Friedman's teachings, though I am not Jewish. Most important are my own experiences through my 71 years of life.

  12. Thank you for sharing.. I know there are a lot of people hurting…Please know however, the continuation of life is real
    indeed…nothing to fear and comforting to know, we will… experience the Light and Love of Jesus too.

  13. In 1973, I was pronounced DEAD ON ARRIVAL at a medical center… My heart did NOT beat fore more than Half An Hour…. During that time I, "LIFE The Real Self", NOT the human entity, entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained there ever since… The WHITE LIGHT is ONE of TWO Ends, the other being BLACK, but they are One and the SAME…. The BLACK contains "The ALL" while The WHITE END, is AWARENESS or LIFE !

  14. She said she lay down in the snow … I dont believe her. I notice in this series that almost everyone talks about reconciliation. Almost as if that is what is expected to be said. That is not something I have heard in other cases over 30 years . This series seems scripted .

  15. This is an extraordinary NDE on so many levels. I'm grateful for her time and for her impressions of something that was so horrible to endure. Thanatos channel with English subtitles/narration has been a gift in my life. Thank you all for these remarkable videos.