Near Death Experience Account (Brief)

Near Death Experience Account (Brief)

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  1. Not everyone is going to have a 'Block Buster' NDE with supporting cast and locations. Seeing family & friends, wildflowers and fireworks. Sometimes the best NDE's are the low budget, independent NDE with a beautiful short, to the point messages of hope, courage and everlasting love… They're unique experiences, for unique individuals. Take the time and you might hear a unique message just for YOU!

  2. I Don't have more doubts.
    We are millenary spirits.
    Essa não é a primeira vez que estamos aqui.
    Já vivemos muitas vidas com muitas pessoas diferentes da nossa atual família.
    Voltamos em novos corpos carnais para continuar nossa jornada evolutiva na terra
    O aprendizado nunca termina.







  3. The mind does a very good job of mimicking what is going on with the body. For example, if you are asleep and dreaming that you are in a restroom urinating, it's your brain creating the dream because of you having to urinate. Then when you wake up you have to rush to the bathroom to urinate. I saw another testimony where a girl was in a coma and the physicians had to cool her body down to lower her metabolism. In her waking dream state she said she was in Alaska in the snow. She said it felt so real except the experience was all happening in her MIND! She didn't go anywhere! Her brain perceived the cold from the physicians putting her on ice and it came up with vivid images in a dream that she was in Alaska. Bottom line is this. Most of these NDE stories you hear ALL HAPPEN in the mind! There are some that are real and the way you know they are real is if they DON'T have anything to do with religion AND the person that is dead can actually see their dead body laying on the ground, hospital bed, or wherever. People that say they died and went to hell, heaven, or whatever are experiences ALL in their mind due to what they were taught growing up or their religious beliefs. The brain is fascinating and it will mimic whatever experience you are having in your body while asleep or half dead!

  4. I love NDEs but I wish there would be a new standard of telling the "story" whereby we don't have to listen to a recital of all the physical trauma that preceded the NDE. As an empath I find it very intense and kind of traumatizing — my own physical problems are enough, and it isn’t really helpful to have to sit through the first — sometimes half! — of the talk that is like reliving all the ghastly possible ways to die. I know these experiences are incredibly interesting and fascinating to the person themselves: "You won't what horrible "sh*t" happened to me."

    But we're all going to die in one way or another, which may be ghastly. That's not the point of watching NDEs which, apart from this aspect, is an incredibly healing and powerful experience. Much as I love NDEs, I sometimes feel as though I am experiencing 100s of horrible ways to die, which is actually NOT good for my psychic and emotional and physical health. We all know something happened that caused you to "die," and we are here to hear about what THAT and the NDE was like. 

    Actually, I have learned to fast-forward through this part, and I keep popping in 5 minutes later "and then we arrived at the hospital," fast-forward: "and then they discovered my kidneys had shut down" get out, pop back in 5 minutes later "and then the doctors said," … On and on, half the video! Then there is a moment where they "die," and the worthwhile, healing download or transmission begins.

    I don't mean any kind of censorship, but perhaps there could be a new meme or standard of coaching experiencers to give non-triggering talks with less brutal medical details?  Something like — "let's mostly hear about the NON-ordinary part." I don't watch violent movies or TV for the same reason. This may seem crazy if you're not an empath. Tricia Barker has made a similar comment and tries to steer her interviewees towards the valuable and supportive aspect of the story.

    This is not aimed specifically at this particular NDE, or this lovely woman with an inspiring overall message, but I sat down to get some inspiration over dinner from what was said to be an 8 minute NDE video, and 4 minutes of it was the "organ recital."