NDE: Doctors Talk about Near-Death Experiences

NDE: Doctors Talk about Near-Death Experiences

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NDE: This groundbreaking video features six highly qualified medical professionals, including Dr. Eben Alexander, best-selling author of “Proof of Heaven” and Dr. Bruce Greyson, an early pioneer in NDE research. In addition, near-death experiencers describe their amazing journeys into the afterlife and back. Originally created to train doctors, nurses, counselors, and chaplains, this video captivates general audiences, as well.
Subtitles available in Spanish.
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  1. In Health Care for over 30 years. I have seen hundreds of deaths. Unfortunately I have not seen anything that can prove we survive death. I hate to be a downer. I personally think we do, but I don't have the evidence here. I have looked around me when a patient died, hoping I would see something. I have wished them well as they died. I have had patients say things. I had one old man one time tell me he "….had seen the light." I have had co-workers and others tell me about NDEs but not a patient who actually almost died. I know this is not what you want to hear. I realize there may be others in HC that have had patients tell them things. They should speak up. Tell us what happened.

  2. My husband died recently. There was NO discussion of potential OBEs or NDEs for the caregivers and I find this lack of instruction harmful to the dying process and the loved one. I study thanatology and NDEs specifically. This was so disappointing, because my husband was given “there is nothing more” speech and standard “standard operating procedures”. I am schooled in this field and I still felt abandoned.