Dying and Returning to Life | Peter Riese's Near Death Experience

Dying and Returning to Life | Peter Riese's Near Death Experience

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“I died on 15 Oct, 2012. It was 12:05pm to be correct.” And then, Peter Riese (Austria) had a near-death experience and returned to existence.

00:00:45 How did it occur to your near-death experience?
00:04:45 What did you experience all through the time you have been dead?
00:07:18 Did you have any other emotions for the duration of your experience?
00:09:15 When you analyzed your experiences afterwards, what are your conclusions?
00:12:13 In how far have these experiences changed your existence?
00:17:06 So to sum up, the end result of your experience was “I want to alter my lifestyle.“
00:24:38 What is your relationship to death now?
00:27:58 What are the most important messages that you want to entrust to us thanks to your experiences?

Director: Wolfgang Scherz
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-more than: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Editorial contribution: Heike Funke
Editor, Interviewer: Werner Huemer

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  1. These experiences where people claim to have gone to Heaven, Hell, or Heaven and or Heaven and Hell is NOT based on fact.
    Because humans are not spirit beings they cannot reside in a place called Heaven or Hell.
    There are two kinds of bodies Celestial(spirit/Angels) and Terrestrial (flesh and blood/natural body/humans 1st Corinthians 15:44) bodies 1st Corinthians 15:40.
    Humans who are saved do not go to Heaven after death neither do the unsaved go to Hell and are being tormented there after death.
    It is not until the first resurrection that the saved have their bodies changed so they are as the Angels who are Spiritual/ Celestial beings Matthew 22:30
    They start out having a natural body and after being raised have a spiritual body 1st Corinthians 15:44 and are immortal/incorruptible 1st Corinthians 15:52-54.
    The unsaved will be raised in the second resurrection and will be judged and undergo a second death according to Revelation 21:8.
    Hell is NOT eternal as Hell is to be done away with according to Revelation 20:14.
    According to Ecclesiastes 9:5 the dead know not anything.
    .Verses from Hebrew-Greek Study Bible Red Letter edition Publisher-AMG PUBLISHERS
    Jesus is NOT the real name of the Savior and NEVER was
    PBS.org What is Jesus' Real Name Season 1 Episode 33
    Yeshua is the short form of Hebrew name Yehoshua

  2. He’s correct, the adrenaline does accumulate when fear is triggered….but you don’t have to run to get rid of it. This has been scientifically verified. If you can’t run, which Lets face it most of don’t, you can breathe deeply, because it’s oxygen that burns the hormone off. And calming yourself down. But you must breathe deeply in, slowly out giving the body time to do the chemical work. Breathe and focus on calming the body, not the mind… trying to calm the mind generally makes us think more unpleasant thoughts, but if you focus instead on feeling your body…relaxing it bit by bit..starting with your toes and moving all the way up to your head you tense the body part, then focus on feeling it relax….then move on and tense and feel the next etc , until you reach your head. Then imagine all the negative energy just flowing out into space from the top of your head. His behavior is a bit extreme. But I also believe if you believe something you will make a miracle happen to support your beliefs. The key thing is that his running helps him release stress which Ophelia could do through meditation. 70 cigs a day is a lot of stress smoking…we smoke often to relax yeah? So distract himself he runs like mad like he smoked…it works for him because he has to focus a lot on his body and not dropping dead. His faith he is right helps because it has been proven plenty that the truth is only what we believe and miraculously that is how the world works. And bough he experiences terrible pain and has a blocked artery he runs because he is certain it is saving his life. He is no doubt running from some psychological issue he is blocking. Extreme behavior is generally a sign of ptsd.
    You don’t have to run to live…you have to reduce stress. This includes from entertainment. Being angry just watching sports can damage you. So if you want a gentle transformation you can get the same benefit by doing yoga or tai chi and would stress the heart less and still have a huge exchange of oxygen. And you’re distracting your mind by focusing on your body, which is the main benefit of sports…not thinking about the crazy world and thinking about you is incredibly life transforming.

  3. His account of quitting smoking reminded me of how I quit after other painful attempts. I just stood on the porch with a couple of smokers. looked in my cigarette pack and saw I had two cigarettes. I told the other smokers, "Maybe these are my last two cigarettes." And I was done. Still went through withdrawals, but this time it stuck. That was thirty-five years ago.

  4. I love this channel but this story was dusappointing. Let the doctors and medical professionals explain or write books about health conditions, from my medical professionals stand point,I can say that his explanations of many if the health topics he touched in, are totally outlandish, almost comic. He should stick to just talking about his NDE if he had one at all.

  5. If you were to spend 5 minutes in Hell, every second would seem like an eternity. One of the worst things you could ever hear in Hell is the screams of your own children that followed you there. But…you don't have to go there! Listen to this message by Reg Kelly:
    “5 MINUTES and 13 SECONDS in HELL!!”…is what I’ll be preaching Sunday at approximately 11:00 am central time. Everyone is welcome…but not everyone is going to like or enjoy the TRUTH of what you will hear. A preacher who fails to warn about Hell…is the Devil’s Joker! Where will YOU be in eternity? What have you REALLY done with JESUS CHRIST? Is “your Jesus“ some little tag on religious figure, to your life and love of this world? Are you a friend of this world? If so…you are an ENEMY of God! To die religious, deceived, lost, in sin, without Christ,…to bust Hell wide open, to realize you are in Hell..is the most awful, terrifying, horrific place and condition…eternal torment,…in Jesus name…think about where you will spend eternity….and then FLEE from the WRATH of God , to JESUS CHRIST the Savior, Redeemer, King, and LORD of lords! Please, listen Sunday!-rgk


  6. It is the first time that I hear an NDE experience and those who have lived it have not drawn any spiritual teaching, they have talked about their entire medical record. Boring as hell in fact ..

  7. So its seems like people arw dreaming….some see relatives, some become god, some people speak to god, some people speak to a being pf light some people say they lost sense of their individuality. So to me its just a dying brain

  8. Understand the DIFFERENCE, between the human species, and "LIFE The Real Self", which is Non-Dimensional and in NO WAY represents, nor even remotely looks anything like any species including the human species…
    The human species is NOT LIFE, it is just the STORY, "LIFE The Real Self" is Observing !