Medium Creates Extraordinary New Tool for Healing Grief

Medium Creates Extraordinary New Tool for Healing Grief

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Afterlife Television set:
Medium Generates Incredible New Software for Healing Grief

NEW AFTERLIFE Television set EPISODE: Featuring an interview with intuitive and medium Jennifer Farmer, who visits the studio and discusses mediumship, meditation, grief and butterflies.

“In today’s episode, we’ll be discussing a question we’ve gotten from so a lot of of you about the previous number of months: ‘Where has Bob been?’ I’ll demonstrate exactly where by I have been, the thrilling new endeavor I have commenced, and the element I believe my spirit guides played in all this.

“Also in this exhibit, I job interview psychic and medium Jennifer Farmer. It’s an intimate conversation in between us since Jennifer and I have recognised 1 a further for more than 8 a long time, and due to the fact I interviewed her appropriate in my studio. Jennifer shares with us how she comforted her possess grief soon after her father’s passing, why that complicated loss aided her to superior function as a medium, and how two tragic shootings motivated her to generate a software for others to convenience and mend their grief.

“Jennifer gave me an amazing looking at 8 many years ago, and we’ve been doing the job jointly at any time since. In this clearly show, she candidly reveals why the Florida and Texas taking pictures tragedies inspired her to develop a tool to help individuals come across peace in suffering. This resulted in the distinctive software for the bereaved that she developed for this purpose, which I individually utilised with fascinating final results.

“We also chat about instinct, indications from spirit, and developing a new relationship with our deceased loved ones. Jennifer even shares the spiritual signals that led her to quit her harmless company job to provide complete time as an intuitive and medium.

“Thanks for listening to the clearly show and, if you appreciate it, please share it with your buddies. I love hearing what you believe far too, so be sure to share with me what you like about it through YouTube, e mail, Fb or Twitter. Get pleasure from the episode!” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Tv

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  1. Interesting Bob. I'm re-listening to your introduction and the part of being playful and inspired hit close to home. Several months ago, there was something bugging me to start getting creative. It started with a basic need to record video of some stuff off my computer. I took care of that pretty quickly. But a part of me wanted to do more. I ultimately plunked down some money for a Yeti Blue microphone and a Macintosh program called Screenflow. I initially used it for work related stuff. It wasn't "fun" but it was a chance to do something different.

    Then the mic and the software lay dormant for a while. i had done a few different things but wasn't terribly inspired. Then in the past few weeks, I revisited my microphone to do some "sportscasting" for a basketball league I play in. It was just to mess around and do something different.

    However, there suddenly was an inspiration to do a "basketball referee" podcast. I even followed a YouTube video to get some cover art going and spent time with the ScreenFlow program doing some training material and then laid the voice over the material.

    Interestingly enough, it seems the referee podcast idea is one that "feels fun" to me. I get to share my experiences doing something I like and hopefully others can learn as well. So I completely see how you may have been inspired. We tend to stay within our comfort zones. If we branch out and keep plugging away, you will expand your horizons. Thanks for the lesson.

  2. Lovely to hear about your special time writing bob. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading the book. I am just about to begin a new Guided Visualisation Meditation group of my own, here in cold old England. My poster adverts have butterflies all over them and I have just written a meditation about a rainbow. Powerful spiritual symbols. Thanks for this today, interesting

  3. Hi Bob! Well, it's obvious to me that my guides/higher self pointed me back to your website today for a reason. How magical that you channeled that book! I can't wait to read it and see the movie! I totally agree that when I'm playful rather than logical I am much more creative, productive and produce beautiful art. I'm thrilled that your videos are back!

  4. good to have you back. I have trouble sleeping without listening to your shows. I found you a couple years after finding my 28 yr old son dead. I was having a lot of different contact with him…..which was great ,but I didn't find very many people I could share it with. Thank you for being there. I really enjoy and benefit from your work. Rip John Strassburg and mom Jane

  5. Your so right Jenniferhas a great voice, as do you. The people who carried out these attacks were very clear about why they carried out these attacks and who they were allied with. Boston tells the tale since 9-11.

  6. Love those books you mentioned! Congrats for patching in and writing that story. I found breaking the writing rules allowed me to write the story I always wanted to read. My third book I was a panster and not a planner so the book unfolded so easily. All I had to do was sit and press fingers to the keypad. Well, I am a research hound about forbidden history so I had to take time to research too, which I love. Writing to convey a message is so fulfilling. And yes I agree with the spirit guides helping to write. There were times I would go back and read my words and wonder who the hell got into my file and wrote that???

  7. Wondered where you have been and what you have been doing. Good to hear your voice and see you are back doing what you are so good at doing … connecting us all to one another and to spirit.

  8. How is it TV when there is no Visual ? i would love to feel the energy of the physical view of the speakers, thank you so much for "Magic Mala" I loved the messages lessons and as usual for me it came just at the right time of indecision, fear that everything i intuitively know was not true, a beautiful affirming confirmation for me thank you so very much grateful katia