Man Has Shared Near Death Experience With His Girlfriend And Her Son – Dr. Scott Taylor 347

Man Has Shared Near Death Experience With His Girlfriend And Her Son – Dr. Scott Taylor 347

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Podcast visitor 347 is Dr. Scott Taylor. Dr. Taylor experienced a shared near-death experience with his girlfriend and her son. All through his shared NDE experience the a few of them went to the light jointly. Dr. Scott Taylor is the President of the Expanded Recognition Institute. EAI allows people curious about near-death experiences take a look at what that experience usually means to them and to our tradition as a whole.
Dr. Taylor has served as President and Executive Director of The Monroe Institute and has been a coach for The Monroe Institute since 1985. He is an specialist in the use of binaural conquer engineering to reach and maintain expanded states of consciousness. Dr. Scott is author and voice of six greatest-selling CDs of guided meditations on near-death experiences in his Into the Light sequence. He is a spiritual trainer, speaker and researcher on near-death experiences and he has served two stints on the board of the International Association for Near-Death Experiments (IANDS) and now serves as co-emcee of their worldwide conventions.

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  1. You did a fantastic job of explaining and as a Greek orthodox we fully understand Joy and grief at the same time …you saw in in Zorbas dance
    Good looking man for his age too …the veil of a clean spirit who interpreted his experience beautifully i thought

  2. I have heard you recount this before Years ago. I had no idea then that I would experience something similar to this. Your sharing this prepared me to be open to it. My experience with my Dad is a great treasure. Thank from the bottom of my heart. ❤️ I

  3. GREAT STORY Thanks Jeff and Dr. Scott – But after viziting the Dr. Website about the NDE Mediation Courses, I remebered that got the CD many years ago but I forgot about it….Anyway what I don't like about this is, if ther eis something that trully works and want to help people why we choose always to make Business and big money out of everything, why so many CD's that you need to buy each of them, books etc. This American Business Style is everywhere and makes the product less credibile…..Why not having only a DVD/DIgital format and One Book and that's all you need to buy to get trained etc. I'm a listener of Coast to Coast AM too and there too every other Invite has many things to sell and so on….It makes you feel that eerything they say its a Fairy Tale and a TRULLY AMERICAN SHOW TO GET MORE MONEY….NO PUN INTENDED BUT – If was me to have these experiences or develop some techniques in the paranormal field, or being a medium etc. I would give for free to the people or charge like $2 somethin simbolic let's say….Same goes for the CHURCES ( they are serving God but we need to pay a fee when we go to the church how is that ? God or Jesus told them to charge us money and stuff ?? ) We can stay home and Pray I guess has the same effect. Everyone says yeah I had an NDE I was in Heaven with God or Jesus and the message is to love eachother yet we make everything Business….:/ like I love you like my brother but if you need this you must pay for it :)))) Welcome to EARTH – SORRY DIDN"T MEANT TO UPSET ANYONE BUT I"M JUST THINKING SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.. GOD BLESS EVERYONE AMEN

  4. Amazing experience you had and thank you for sharing. I was going to share an experience I had multiple times when I was only 4 and than I didn’t feel like typing it but after you shared what happened to your friends sister in her nde I found it kind of similar so changed my mind. Back story.Growing up I lived with my young mother who had me at 16, my Mommom and my babcia (great grandmother in Polish) I slept with my Mommom or babcia every night because I was scared to sleep alone. My mother decided to get a place with my father when I was three and we lived in the apartment until I turned four so I am 100% sure I was no older than four years old when I had these experiences. Like I said I had an intense fear of sleeping alone I think it was because I had some anxieties and had been exposed to things no child that age should have seen or heard. I was fine when someone slept with me but now at the new place I had my own room and slept alone with my light on. I would sit up in bed most of the night being scared and looking around the room until one night I figured out that if I layed on my belly flat and put the pillow over my head with my face mushed into the mattress and pushing down hard on the pillow with both hands that I would fall asleep faster. I remember everytime it would get hot and sweaty and I would breath harder and faster the same air under the pillow and the harder I pushed down on the pillow the faster I would fall asleep. I know this sounds crazy for a young child to do and I am kind of ashamed to admit it but I didn’t realize I was smothering myself at the time I just knew that one second I was awake and scared and the next I was knocked out and when I would wake up I never actually remembered falling. Asleep because it seemed to happen so quickly and because it worked I continued to do this every single night. At this very same time I would have what I thought was a reoccurring dream. It always played out the same exact way. I was at the bottom of a staircase and at the top was my babcia mama, she was my babcias mother who would be my great great grandmother. I never met her because she died many yrs before I was born but I did hear stories about her often and my family always use to tell me how much she would have loved me and spoiled me if she were alive so I always wanted to meet her. She was closest dead relative in my family at the time. Back to my “dream”, I was at the bottom of the long staircase and she was at the top it was very dark going up the staircase but there was a very bright white light right behind her at the top. I remember being confused because she was blind half her life until she died yet I knew she wasn’t blind in my dream and could see me clearly. I eagerly started to climb the steep steps one by one, which is somewhat difficult for a young child. I was so excited to finally meet her and embrace her because I often looked at her 8×10 picture that sat on my mommoms big floor t.v. She did not look happy to meet me though and it hurt my feelings. When i finally made it a little more than half way up the steps she would look at me stern and hold her hand out as if to say stop and I clearly heard her say “no go back” but she didn’t move her lips at all. When she would say this I immediately would be transported back to the bottom of the steps and have to start climbing up all over again from the beginning which was so frustrating for me because I wanted nothing more than to get to her and the bright light. This continued a bunch of times and she looked like she was getting angrier and angrier till eventually I gave up or woke up. I never told anyone about those dreams until I was older but I do remember saying to my Mommom and babcia and mom that “ babcia mama was mean and didn’t like me” and they would say “ don’t say that, she would have loved you and she wasn’t mean” but they didn’t understand why I would say such things.These dreams continued the entire time I lived at that house while I had to sleep alone until one night when my mom came to check on me and witnessed me holding the pillow over my head and she screamed in horror and told me to never do that again and it was at that point I realized I was doing something wrong. We moved back in with my family shortly after and I didn’t need to sleep alone any longer and I never had those dreams again and I never used the pillow to fall asleep either. It wasn’t till I was older and heard other people’s nde that I realized I may have been having one. It’s even more convincing because being so young I had no idea about the white light or communicating telepathically like you hear about yet that was my experience. It also explains why she was mad and didn’t want me coming to her. It’s not because she didn’t love me but it wasn’t my time and she wanted me to go bk

  5. I'd really like to talk with Dr Scott regarding some of my own profound experiences. I never died however. Not even close. Yet I understand everything he's saying.
    I certainly have no fear of death. Kinda looking forward to it actually, based entirely on my personal experiences beyond relativity, but I'd much rather share my perfectly logical and practical understanding of existence with the world. It's actually very simple. What is love? What is unconditional love? Now that qualifier just gives it away. By virtue of being unconditional, love must be absolutely allowing, and since that's the only thing that unconditional love can possibly do without either imposing or conforming to conditions is absolutely nothing. Which by default is to absolutely allow. And we do tend to define things according to what they do, right? So Allowance. Simply Yes. When you take out the contaminants such as emotion, attachment, infatuation, need etc, all the fear based stuff, then that's all love really is. Simply Yes.
    Yes or Allowance(which could easily be shorthand for love) is necessarily the first idea that ever was and is necessarily eternal, meaning it always was and always shall be.
    It's the first principle and only truly unbreakable rule. In my mind the true and original definition of the word Law. The most powerful word we have. Because it's the foundation or everything, and there is only one.

    It's easy to understand what (alleged) god allegedly meant by "let there be light" What he actually meant is let there be dis-allowance, since without opposition to the first principle and the consequent explosive decompression of the first principle(a big(or little) bang), there can be no existence. Until then there is only insistence. That's right. Absolute omnipotence is only possible in a field of absolute allowance, since only in that environment is it possible to be omnipresent, making it possible to be omniscient(to the moment) and thus making it possible to be omnipotent. Only caveat being, to exercise that omnipotence and actually change something in the very environment that allows for omnipotence means the environment can no longer remain perfectly integral and thus perfectly compressed. Suddenly there's information delay due to the negation or resistance of the choice and information can no longer be gathered in the moment. Further choices will not have the benefit of accurate information in the moment, since now the moment is divided due to latency. The increasing division and duration of each cycle continues to compound exponentially with loss of data integrity, and thus potential.

    The big bang essentially scattered the infinite potential inherent to the first principle into countless practically impotent parts. Life is just a mean within the re-integration of the whole, back to perfect compression with higher resolution, which lets face it, is never going to absolutely perfect until it's compressed all the way back to the solitary bit represented by the idea Yes. Allowance. or if you like, pure love.

  6. I've had many many OBE's in the tunnel. I've been in the tunnel many times. Usually always while I am in worship of our lord. For years, I did
    not know why I went in the tunnel when I would worship. The stronger the presence of God, the faster I go towards the light. I can go there anytime I want to, I just can not get to the light at the end, but I have seen angels and other things come out and in of the tunnel. When I am in the tunnel, It is very hard to want to come back to this consciousness. Once I figured out what was happening, I found it quite amazing. This podcast is amazing !

  7. ..and here we remain,with work to be done. All these stories help,to rest for a moment. I know I'm far from alone in feeling spiritual exhaustion,drained by grief and enduring moments of such anguish, confusion and hopelessness,we can barely move. If you're at a place of satisfaction and contentment in life, don't forget the ever-present other side of this life here,and that there are others who could benefit from any act of loving kindness. Anything can happen here,it can change in an instant,and we wouldn't still be here if there wasn't work to be done and lessons to learn.

  8. Very touched by Scott's experience, and although bittersweet it's gift opened a whole new world of opportunity, and what our real reality is. Thank you so much Jeff and Scott.

  9. Is there more more than the NDE world? I mean do people die there and go to other levels of existence? Who created the ones who are running things? Is that just another world who, like us wonder who created us and for what purpose?

  10. I’ve had a black light experience. I overdosed when I was a teenager and don’t remember a lot. I just remember blackness and a loud whooshing sound. Found out later, the sound was the helicopter I was life-flighted in. Never understood what the darkness was, until now?

  11. Right before he said “in fact, Nolan’s right about here” I was just about to ask if anyone noticed the shift in light over his shoulder and then he pointed it out!! Amazing. I thought it was mg eyes bc I just balled during the first part of the story!

  12. Thank you Jeff for another wonderful interview! Dr. Taylor was such a blessing to listen to and learn from! Very much resonated with everything he shared! I remember even when I visited my dad in his last days, I was filled with so much joy and peace as I experienced divine love!! But, everyone around me couldn’t understand, why I was filled with love and joy in those sad moments but I will never forget that feeling of peace!! It was glorious and it helped me know that he is going to be okay!

  13. Awesome story!!!!!!! Has anyone we t to his website and subscribed to one of his services ie bought tye CD or went to one of his retreats and actually experienced an NDE? $1000 is a lot of money but if I can actually go beyond the veil and come back then it's worth it. Thanks