Man Experiences A Walk-In Years After His NDE – Steve Noack – Near Death Experience 440

Man Experiences A Walk-In Years After His NDE – Steve Noack – Near Death Experience 440

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Podcast visitor 440 is Steve Noack. Steve was previously my guest and we talked about his 2 NDE experiences. Currently he returns to convey to much more about what took place in the course of his near-death experience.

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  1. Maybe this is something, maybe it's not, but at 15:05 he says he thought he was going crazy going to the 7th floor. The 7th floor… I had a dream 2 nights ago I stepped into an elevator and I was going to the 7th floor. BTW I am terribly claustrophobic, I really don't like elevators… Anyway as the doors slid shut I was standing in total darkness, pitch black and I could feel the sensation of the elevator rising. I started experiencing the fear I get in an elevator and then I woke up. I still don't know how to interpret this dream but interesting he says the 7th floor in this video….

  2. I've often wondered if I am a walk-in. When I was 17, I was driving too fast over a hill and was seconds away from smashing into the back of a tractor-trailor. I shut my eyes to ready for what I thought was certain death, but the impact never came. I opened my eyes and I was beyond the truck, still rolling down the hill. It was if I was transported through the truck. After that day, I was different somehow. I still have all of my memories from when I was a child, but my personality is different. I feel like maybe I became a blended soul or in one timeline "I" died, and the new soul took up my life in a different timeline. It explains why my mother is completely neurotic about me driving. It's like she's constantly worried that I'm going to die in a car accident, or her soul 'remembers' when I did die in a different timeline.

  3. The interviewee was describing what I think of as a kundalini awakening while he was driving. When he was receiving affirmations he realized his value from an observer standpoint. Then, as he witnessed scenes from his past these were karmic attachments being snipped.

    Doing shadow work removes karmic ties and yes, we can do this in our incarnation without the process of life review. This creates growth in consciousness without the need for countless incarnations and soul contracts.

  4. Steve, I am Baptist but open mind about UFO/Aliens and searching how to "fit" this into my faith. . .So are these aliens/UFO/sprits not good(Satan) or good(Jesus). . .think any church would say not good. . .this is the ultimate question, at least for me. . .thanks. . .

  5. I feel I am a Walk-In. In 2006 at age 46 I had a major stroke because of depression over the pets of Hurricane Katrina. I had a heart attack and then a major stroke and NDE. Upon awakening in the hospital I knew no one. Everything was new to me. I had double vision. Memory was gone. So many things changed such as favorite color, foods, etc. Had to learn to talk, walk everything all over again. Took over one year in rehab. Many things HAVE changed. It is like I am just reporting on the life of the other person. I do not remember the life of the other person….it is hard to explain.

  6. I have had 3 near death experiences. I cannot relate to anything that this man is saying. I did not have anybody enter my body even though 2 of them my body was pretty ravaged. My first was at 7 yrs. Old, my 2nd was at 17 yrs old and my 3 rd was at about 47 yrs old. I will not divulge what happened to me except on the 3rd one an angel on a horse showed up when I was on my way and told me that I had to go back because I was leaving too much pain behind. I told him okay (but was not happy) and then I was back. I was given some amazing and true abilities that many others have but you’ll never know be cause we don’t cash in on them. Tricksters cash in all the time with drama and humanity loves drama. Please don’t fear death…..right now we live on earth, but it is not our true home. Our soul leaves this shell and goes home to whatever family has gone before us. I will say no more for fear of causing fear. God is love! Never stop believing that….

  7. amazing !!! listened to both shows. I plan on contacting Trinity healing reiki I live in central New York State Connecticut is not that far away from me and I'm sure without a doubt that it would be 1,000% worth the travel. just as always thank you so very much for this platform. I've had some of my own experiences over the past 47 years all the way from a small child I've had things that I just couldn't understand because I didn't have anybody to explain it to me or to help me make sense of it. finding this platform and all of the different guests that you have had come to share their experiences has helped me in more ways than I can explain.

  8. I really,really,REALLY would love an interview with Jeff Mara.preferably by Mel(Love Covered Life) or the gentleman who produces Shaman Oaks,or both. Jeff has to have a very,very unusual perspective after interviewing all these people,but he seems to hold his own experience and belief so close to the vest,I know I'm not the only one who feels like we barely know him. Such an excellent interviewer. C'mon Jeff,open up with us a little.