Jesus told me 'one thing' about my 47 years of pain.

Jesus told me 'one thing' about my 47 years of pain.

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Tim Lasebnik has a story to notify that could not be advised for 47 years. The wounds had been so painful that even pondering about it was as well really hard until eventually he achieved Jesus just one night at a camp.

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  1. “I want to be your Father.” How touchingly tender He is with each damaged child!
    How carefully – even shyly – does He approach those who have been brutalized by their natural Father. How sensitive to their fears. Many who have been repeatedly violently handled are broken by the trauma and they are terrified to be even touched by anyone.
    The supreme ruler and ultimate Authority of all things is exceedingly thoughtfully and genuinely patient and creative in His methods to Personally extend Himself to one of His most damaged children. What will He not do to finally reach even this one no matter what’s required

  2. I, even I, have seen Heaven , the Kingdom of God, before. This is our testimony.

    Lo, a vision came to me in the night when my dream was sweet unto me.

    And the Lord said “before I fashioned you in the womb I knew you. U are fearfully and wonderfully made. No weapon formed shall prosper against you. And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.. ”

    And said I, “ah, my Lord, I cannot speak. I am but a babe.”

    And he said unto me “ say NoT that you are a babe, but speak these things unto them that I will show unto thee.”

    And the heavens were rolled away as if they were a scroll. And I was cast into outer darkness. And I could hear evil voices from all directions. “Jesus is a lie.” They whispered.

    Suddenly , I was lifted up. And taken to a new place, where they glorified the host of heaven, “Hallelujah , glory to the almighty King in Heaven for He is Righteous and Everlasting! And He has prepared an inheritance for his people, he is faithful and true,” they sang. .

    And I saw all things that were, that are, and that will be. And in the silence without speech…I saw a multitude , hundreds of thousands gathered before the most high giving praise. And as I heard, I understood. All of their voices were as the sound of trumpets, yet as I heard, I understood all that they declared unto me. And it was as the sound of many waters and rolling thunders, as they sang a song that no man could learn.

    And I saw a New sky. And a New terrain. All things were made new. As if they were brand new. There was no sign of any decay or death. And everything glowed brightly as if it were giving off light. And in this place I saw green fields as far as the eye could see. But there was no sun in the Sky. Or no Sea that I could see. For the Lamb of God is the light and life to all things.

    He that lives by the sword dies by the sword. He that takes into captivity goes into captivity. Here is the wisdom and the patience of the saints

  3. I've lived a life of bad decisions and great health. I did all the wrong stuff for all of my life. Now I'm old and my health is failing quickly. The thing is I think I am ready to go. I don't like being sick but I don't think I want to remain here. I am quite content with if The Lord wants me to stay HE can choose life for me. I am ever so rdy to LIVE in what I know is more real than what we live in today. Nevertheless, Thy Will be done Lord. Amen

  4. I thought I know you, I don't. I don't know why you love me this much. Please forgive me. I don't deserve you, but you say I deserve you. Why? When I look back at my life, you are always there, when I feel you are not. I don't know why you took my dad. You know everything Lord. Remember me Lord, I am tired of waiting.