The Most Compelling Evidence Of Life After Death

The Most Compelling Evidence Of Life After Death

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THE MOST Persuasive Evidence OF Existence AFTER DEATH

In my 13-in addition yrs as an Afterlife Investigator, there are specific topics and experiences that supply the most compelling (convincing) proof of everyday living after death, including past-lifetime regressions, near-death experiences, spirit artistry and mediumship. I expose what this proof is and how you can both experience it oneself or find out far more about it. ~ Bob Olson,

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Afterlife TV’s Bob Olson is an afterlife investigator in look for for evidence of everyday living after death.


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  1. I don't believe in past lives nor reincarnation, however I know death isn't the end for our spirit But I will say this, when I was a child I kept dreaming about being in what I now know as an adult to be Egypt. It repeated itself for a couple if years. I have had an NDE, so I will take it all up with my personal God. I do love your channel a lot though! You are fantastic at being gentlemanly with all your guest and your audience!

  2. Ok, I see a possible contradiction; if our loved ones are in the spirit world and:are waiting for us to help us cross over after death, then, are they going to wait around for us to die without reincarnating themselves? I mean, if I'm a teenager when a family member dies, then they'll wait around in the spirit world until I die of old age? If reincarnation is real, then, wouldn't my family member reincarnate before I die?

  3. I’ve had 3 dream visitations. 2002, 2008 and this past august. Sunday/Monday August 6/7, 2017. Most unbelievable experience. I will never forget. So vivid and so real. SO SO REAL. most amazing experience ever. Twice visit from my father and the one in august was my aunt a day before she passed away. She was in the hospital hooked up to machines. She came and told me she was going to be okay and everything was going to be okay. It was amazing. I wish they would come more.

  4. I believe all this. Here in Brazil the incarnation and the existence of the spirits are widely accepted. The only thing I can not understand is how the state is not interested in what would be the greatest scientific discovery of all time, with so much evidence. If the bureaucrats who govern our lives knew with certainty the plan of God, they would not hurt the people so much. Why they dont care to know this?

  5. Hi Bob. Looking for the links that you mention in the video. An article that includes the photo & drawing of your ancestor. And your regression. (there may be others but I'm only about 30% finished with the video). I see links but not those. Can you help?

  6. I always see my Father way off in the distance in dreams as a vague figure. However my grandfather and a friend came to me in a dream and they showed their smiling faces and were very happy to see me. I cry sometimes when I think of these 2 dreams. I don't doubt it was them and they came to see me from wherever we go after death.

  7. "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now." (John 16:12). Spiritism has nothing conflicting with Christianism. It only explains it better, because now, after 2,000 years, society is more prepared to understand it.

  8. My son died over a year ago he was 26 I had him when I was 17 and never told a soul that I was pregnant until my parents found out 7 months later I did everything I could to protect him just to give him life and now he's gone to a ridiculous texting traffic accident and the grieving doesn't stop in your video gives me so much hope I find you to be very credible thank you so much!

  9. I had one of those dream visitations less then a year ago. I was having guilty feelings about not treating my grandmother right and also worries about her soul since I was in fundamental Christianity at the time. It was as if grandma inserted herself into my dream. I don’t remember what was the actual dream about but I just remember the few seconds with grandma. She said that she is ok and all is forgiven and not to worry about her any more. Then I woke up. It wasn’t what she said that was important but that knowing feeling in the morning that I’ve been communicating with the other side. I’ve had dreams about her since then and those were just ordinary dreams, nothing like that one dream.

  10. I had a dream that I was visiting my mum and dad in Heaven and it was so real, could even smell my mum's perfume and how her body felt when I hugged her, it was so intense and my dad's laugh. I woke up crying because I wanted to go back to them, but I knew it was a gift and a tender mercy from our Heavenly Father and remember it like it happened yesterday.

  11. Im so sorry for you and all here who are having difficulties with loss. Mental illness is so horrible and it was a huge factor in losing my daughter at almost 20 years young. I miss her every day and I cry most days. My Mother came to me in a dream before my child passed on two weeks later. Michelle, My Beautiful daughter has come to me in dreams where I can feel her skin when I kiss her cheek. I have had things thrown from shelves that were impossible to occur without assistance, (Spiritual presence) I have had other signs, phone messages and birds acting out of the normal for sure. My child let me know by pushing a solar light to the floor not once but twice. In a dream prior, I had told her that she had passed away and a brilliant beautiful light came and took her before me. I do believe it was a divine meeting, NOT JUST A DREAM. In this dream she was physical but illuminated in light and did not know that she had died. In the latest dream she was an energy of colors and I could see it was her but she didn't speak. She looked at me angelically and lovingly. I knew she crossed over because her form of being was now ENERGY or SPIRIT. I love when she comes to me but, I hope she is at peace and is happy. I so pray that my suffering isn't holding her back and away from her peace and happiness. God Bless You !!!

  12. I tragically lost my adored 20yr old son, Kyle on a Sunday morning, January 21, 2018…I’ve been plagued with sorrow and I was forced to find a way to communicate with my son, I have every kind of evidence that a skeptic needs to verify, that your loved ones are with you always…ALWAYS. The bridge through the veil is Love♥️

  13. People have come to me when they pass. Only for a moment, like a warm breeze coming in through an open window on a summer's night. I don't see them I just sense their essence/soul passing through. I say their name out loud very matter of factly, like when you run into an old friend you haven't seen in many years. Then I find out later that they had passed at that time. Also, the dream visitations. That's intense too and always so beautiful similar to how NDE'ers describe the beautiful natural settings they find themselves in. Green lush grass, flowers, trees, meadows, streams mountains etc. Sigh…. It's just like a dream, but this time you know it's real. You just know, this isn't just a dream. Its a visit with your loved one. After one of those I usually have a good gut wrenching cry. Not due to sadness but joy. It's one of the most beautiful gifts you can ever get in this universe. To have a visit with a loved one you have lost, and to know they truly are still with you.

  14. The night before my mother passed my sister and I were visiting her. She kept watching someone or something we couldn't see. When we asked her she said " They want me to go with them but I'm not going right now" and she said it matter of factly, lol. She passed the next morning when we weren't there. I've seen, heard and felt spirits when I moved into the home I still live in but not anyone that I knew. 4 of my 5 children saw them too.

  15. I died in a motorbike accident 17 for 30 mins and the thought through my mind was me falling out a pure white cloud about to fall into a dark cloud and was hooked by the neck back towards the pure cloud I woke up to hospital lights a crushed leg and a dent in my check bone was very lucky but now I don’t let anything or anyone take happiness away from me live life to the fullest you never know when you walk the realms of the afterlife singing songs in Saturn’s ring

  16. I had an out of body experience and saw a castle made of light, I went into it and there were young people/souls in there going to classes. It was very real. Everything was made of light. Brick walls were of light, everything even a clawfoot bathtub in an enormous bathroom. I turned the water spicket and light sprayed out in colours i had never seen. It was amazing

  17. I've never had a near death experience. But I remember having out of body experiences several times in my life. The only thing I can think of is these experiences were because of trama as a child. Would love go have someone help me understand why and what these mean.

  18. Bob, I think there's a difference between dreams about deceased relatives and friends and post-mortem communications, especially initiated from the other side. I had both, and the second kind – post-mortem com. – look in many ways like a segment of NDE. At least in my experience.

    Curiously enough, I know when someone of my past entourage of significance die: – They usually come in my dream and express their feeling about me…
    Thanks & Regards,


  19. I drew a pix of a man's face with my right hand during the early a.m. on 2nd Sept. '79. I was in ICU with my writing hand, left, in a cast from fingertips to underarm. A dear friend of mine was abducted Sept 1st a few hrs after my hand was disconnected in a collision. When she was finally found, she identified my drawing as being the criminal who abused her. The paranormal IS normal.

  20. Thank you Bob this video is so fantastic I'm jus lately studying about the Afterlife after the passing of my soulmate I jus had to know where did he go and about spirit. I often get signs and visitations from him.some are very obvious.and this last visitation left me really blown away. Im getting into this deeper just to keep in touch with each other as our way of stating we are still connected. It's a comfort of knowing that he is still with me. Thanks for sharing your experiences and knowledge of the existence of the Afterlife. So glad I happened to come across this information Great video. You are helping many of us.

  21. I was dead for 40 minutes without a pulse or heartbeat, I opened my eyes to pitch blackness and couldn't see my hand in front of my face. In the distance I seen a bright light coming towards me until finally I was engulfed in the beautiful radiant light. It was brighter than the sun but didn't hurt my eyes to look into it. Then I felt a feeling of peace, love and forgiveness that instantly made me begin to whelp. I then opened my eyes in the er and was being told how lucky I was to make it back. I'll never forget it as long as I live. The next life is more real than the present one is. Can't wait to go get to Heaven when the good Lord decides to take me home for good

  22. I’m a sceptic (ish) bus I’ve been stressed out recently. Last night I dreamt of my grandfather. My grandfather was was walking up some city stairs in a healthy way and turned around and waved to me. He had a kinda orange glow around him. I woke up and I cried. I hope it’s him looking over me at this time

  23. When my mum died in 1993 I was heartbroken. A few months after she died I had gone to bed and while laying in the dark I heard a crackling noise like when you used to tune in a old radio. So I got out of bed thinking it was someone outside playing about with car radio but, there was know one outside. So got back in bed and it happened again and then I heard my mum say there is some thing wrong with your aunty Ivy. At this point I could not comprehend what was happening. I then heard my mum say to someone she cant hear me and a man said yes she can keep talking. My mum then repeated what she had said before at that I jumped out of bed and run into the living room where my husband was. Well he thought I was crazy . The next morning I got a call to say my aunty Ivy was seriously I'll in hospital. She died 4 days later.

  24. Many thanks for the work you do to dispel the fear we all have of what is in store for us when our bodies die. My Mother was a great believer in the afterlife. On several occasions she took me to see a medium give messages from their departed relatives to members of an audience. Knowing there is a reason and a purpose for my life, helps me keep perspective and objectivity especially in difficult times like the present. I would like to try some of the things you mentioned in the your presentation. Understanding what I am here to learn, might help me to be a better person.

  25. I had a near death experience when I was very sick. I was lift lift into a blue light and found myself: I was love and light without fear. God talked to me about the meaning with my life. My suffering was importent and an important experience that I wanted to have.
    Life showed me that I was a nun that wrote scriptures about the demanding god in my previous life. Now I wanted to help people and show practical love, do things better.

  26. I went to a psychic medium when I was visiting England. I had met her briefly at a spiritualist church and asked for a reading. I went to her home she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea. I accepted and as I was drinking it, Denise , the medium said a young girl was trying to come through. She told me her name, and the circumstances of her death (suicide) She apologized for taking her life. There were so many affirmations , including mention of her dad, and her friends. Hello from Heaven (Guggenheim) was very helpful. I have also received a lot of help from Victor Zammit's website. His wife Wendy hosts an international zoom meeting every Sunday. There are amazing speakers, including Jurgen Ziewe .

  27. Thank you, Bob Olson, for your investigation for Evidence of Life After Death. My mother passed away two years ago, I had the same question that you had when your father passed on. I appreciate your work and contributions to Life After Death awareness.

  28. Thank you for your work, Bob. I lost my dear dad last week and have been having trouble coming to terms with it. Can you share the details of the mediums you got in touch with? It will mean the world to me if I could talk with my dad.

  29. I sat with my 30 year old son on his last day, and listened to him talking to someone, actually it was a pretty heated conversation, because he wasn’t ready to go. It took me a while, but I finally figured out this conversation was with his grandfather, who passed when my son was 5……that same night my mother heard my father as plain as day say, “tell punk I’ve got him.”

  30. I have been studying death for many many years…I have lost almost all of my family…Quantum physics backs up all this information! Thank you for what you are doing, you are giving peace to many, many people!
    God bless you always!