Jesus Downloaded Her Life During Her Near Death Experience

Jesus Downloaded Her Life During Her Near Death Experience

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Podcast guest 301 is Angie Fenimore. Angie experienced a near death experience where she encountered God. She also encountered Jesus throughout her NDE experience.

Angie’s Website

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  1. Wow glad Jesus is patient and explained to her not to be selfish at the time. So I guess narcissist are allowed to wreak havoc across the earth to awaken us to the truths of evil that I can’t even begin to explain to people who have never been around them. After my narcofather and ex narcissist and being around other vultures I finally learned and had my spiritual awakening. Now just trying to move on and live best life that I can without worrying

  2. Angies book was really good I read it many years ago. I thought it was interesting that Jesus took her to Gesthemone or did he meet her there? (Gestemone means place of suffering and agony and his apostles fell asleep during their job, they weren’t fulfilling their purpose, which was to watch for him as he prayed- interesting…thank you for another great speaker.

  3. It would be Iinteresting to Bring on the show for NDE someone from different religion ( Islam/ etc) No matter which religion the Light is the Light. We give it the name probably, based on our upbringing

  4. This lady is probably one of the most "believable" NDEs (there are others) for me. When Jeff asks her if she changed after; she didn't say she was psychic, she didn't say she could heal people. I am not saying that people don't experience those things as who am I to say. I just was able to really digest and stay with what she was saying.

  5. Jeff, can you guide people you interview to some degree? Like, what age were they when it happened? What was their view on God and if He exists. This particular person doesn't explain how she died.
    Maybe it's just me, but its helpful to get more information.

  6. What is always strange to me i saw back in the 70s we were overpopulated and and destroying the planet So I did not have children This lady new that and went on to have 5 kids It just shows the disconnect Man kind will go on until stopped What a horror show