Answering your Near Death Experience Questions with Lynnclaire Dennis | Lynnclaire Dennis NDE Part 3

Answering your Near Death Experience Questions with Lynnclaire Dennis | Lynnclaire Dennis NDE Part 3

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Answering your Near Death Experience Issues with Lynnclaire Dennis | Lynnclaire Dennis NDE Element 3

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This is a Q&A with Lynnclaire Dennis about her Near Death Experience, and Near Death Experiences in common. She presented to acquire viewer issues!


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  1. Thanks for another awesome episode, Mel and Lynnclaire! Very thoughtful questions and responses. I liked what you said about Hell being a state-of-mind as much as a terrible place. Basically, we just have to have faith (which God provides!) that God would never put anybody in a circumstance so hellish that faith is impossible (which is a very succinct proof for universalism!). My mind always jumps to the "what ifs" (i.e. what if this negative feeling never leaves me?) but this empowers us to do our part and to have faith and love, knowing that God is not going to test us beyond what we're capable. BTW, I loved what you said about the person being happy with manure because they knew that a horse had to be there somewhere! hahaha so basically the existence of evil proves the existence of love! Wonderful!

  2. How can I learn to forgive the church that killed my friend ? He killed himself because he was unable to not be Gay …. He suffered for years so many years …

    I'm so angry it's been almost 17 years and I still cry of the things I've learned so far is God wants us to be kind loving and forgiveness to show forgiveness but it's hard to I hope I won't have to come back and do it all over because I can't forgive . The church hurt me as well living daily in fear …

  3. I agree with what she says: but what can a person do with people who project hell on you because they want you to be subseviant to them? They are creating hell for me and won't change unless I agree with them do what they want.

  4. I don’t think the guest answered the question about hell being a real place where someone could end up eternally. I believe the Tibetan Book of the Dead states that upon the death of the physical body most souls have a pleasant experience in the afterlife and then after about three days earth time the soul goes to a heaven or hell dimension that it merits. The NDE experiencers that report that hell doesn’t exist aren’t reliable because they didn’t stay dead. Also, some NDEers state that they went to a hellish dimension.

  5. I disagree with her views on prayer. Sure in the most broadest general sense, it can be an intention of how you live. But it is also your requests onto God. To pray without ceasing doesn’t mean to do that 24/7. It’s talking about the intensity of your prayer in order for breakthrough. You have to be extremely present and get your mind and heart into coherence while making your requests and needs heard. I can understand why someone would and could conceptualize it as “manipulation of the universe”, but I don’t believe that’s the most accurate way of viewing it. I guess it goes back to intention. But even Jesus talks about praying to God with thanksgiving and keep knocking until he answers, and when making requests to not doubt in your heart, etc. Some of us live with intense real internal suffering, and this is probably the only real way for true breakthrough. You have to get hungry and go to the light/source/God/Creator.

  6. When Trump considered attacking Iran, I saw myself at a point of concentrating all my spiritual self to tell him not to go to war. I saw the potential for war and worked against it. I did the same when Bill Clinton picked Al Gore to be VP, I realized that was the winning combination to help heal the planet (His admin: ending northern Ireland conflict, clean air act, apologies to many for all our transgressions, etc …) and gave my all that he would win. I truly believe that if you are called to change an event or at least have a potential to do so then DO IT! The problem with judgement to hell is where do you draw the line of which individual does that one more act that puts them over the edge. If you really look at it, it doesn't make sense since everyone one has good and bad in them. at what .00000 percent of evil in you does it trigger you going to hell? That kinda does away with the concept of Hell doesn't it? also in my experience (I am 64) I never saw a place of hell in the spirit world, it doesn't exist! Why? Because the rules of engagement for the spirit world are not the same as here! It functions way differently as each spirit knows exactly where they are in relations to everyone else and we haven't even talked about the spirits oversoul that already knows or life review were all errors are shown to light. Atonement for life of bad deeds yes, hell NO! NDE's that experience hell are experiencing the echo of their own mind stinky thinking (bad conditioning and brainwashing) and that's all.