It’s Time To Get Ready | Chief Oren Lyons (Faithkeeper Of The Wolf Clan)

It’s Time To Get Ready | Chief Oren Lyons (Faithkeeper Of The Wolf Clan)

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Chief Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper of the Wolf Clan speaks about the ignored warnings & how we are living in the times of a 200-year-old prophecy.
It will get worse before it gets better – get ready.
This was recorded in 2007 and is timelier than ever.

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  1. Well you know I really wouldn't want to live like the native American did before we came here. Now everybody think about what you'd have to give up. No more computers, no more cell phones, heck anything mechanical all would be gone. Even the horses would be gone. Horses didn't come to America until the Spaniards came here. We would all split up into tribes and attack each other for what ever reason. Take slaves. Men would go back to the hunt, but you women would be doing everything else. Plus the native Americans weren't as green as you might think. Before they arrived here this land had woolly mammoths, Giant Elk and Giant Sloths. They eat em and they are no more. It all sounds good until you are on foot and chasing herds to stay alive. Then a rival tribe attacks you and takes you prisoner and makes you a slave. So all you greenies out there think about what you wish for.

  2. We believe you and respect you and will listen to you, as we should have listened long ago. Thank you. I am astonished that you are still willing to help us, instead of letting us all be destroyed like we deserve to be.

  3. It's true.The "Hairy Man" is all over the world now,and so say some of the prophecies that the "great change" will follow.Hopefully all this will have come to pass and humans will be back living life in a different kind of luxury,a luxury which is offered to all of life and not just humans.

  4. Your a inspiration you know far more than any government.. There will never be fairness in this world all the while we have mega rich people running our countries, none of them are listening, where do they think they will go with their money once they have destroyed this world…

  5. The beloved brother said "I've never seen a Catholic priest make it rain, but we can" or words to that effect. Well, I've seen a Catholic priest turn bread and wine into the Body and Blood of God made flesh, a feat no Native brother can do unless he were himself a Catholic priest.

    We all have a function and a mission. We can't laugh at what others cannot do and still expect to change hearts.

  6. I'm the Pahana of Prophecy, the LOST WHITE BROTHER. Part Neanderthal, Part Human the Natives are my KIND, HUMANDERTHALS by proof of my DNA TEST. Born a Heterosexual Polygamist Male, as Neanderthal Males were born Polygamist Males, Human Males are born Monogamists with only 1 Soulmate unlike Neanderthals. That Chiefs Bonnet should have been placed upon my head, never should have been given to the leader of a religion such as the JESUITS that Genocided and Abused the Native Americans since landing on the Shores if North and South America, just like Cortez and his crew if Jesuits, that Pope deserves a tomahawk in his cranium instead of a Chiefs Bonnet on his head. I am what I am, and I'll never pray to God and God is NOT my daddy, nor did God create everything, just a bunch of crap rewritten by the JESUITS with their Jesuit Bible referring to the Evil God YHWH on another planet which the Hebrews prayed too from the Jewish/Hebrew books the Torah and Talmud from which the Quran was also written, with their Allah just another dialect language for YHWH that Abraham Prayed too. Evil, and ritual Cannibalism or sacrificing life to any God or Anything, or Anyone breaks DIVINE LAWS and is FORBIDDEN. Females are NOT cattle to be treated as SLAVES or Raised and Trained to be Such, also FORBIDDEN.


    For the Natives, I have 5 Spirit Animal Guides, for those that understand the Spiritual Side of Reality. Course, my knowledge is EsotERIC, my studies, eclectic covering many of the cultures of Earth across the 9 Botanical Continents.

    I could NEVER be a Man, a Man is a Mature Human Male. I'm a Humanderthal by my DNA Test, which is part Human and part Neanderthal, which I could Never be a Man. Just call myself a Big Kid.

    Any that study and know. Jesus was called "Son of Man" born from Incest between Zachariya and Mary the story in the Quran through reasonable doubt, and Zachariya was also John the Baptist Daddy and he also was sawed in half. Jesus has a dad, a man, Mary was No Virgin. Also, 666 is the Number of MAN known by those who study prophecy, Mark of the beast, the Anti-Christ, which Jesus was called the Son of Man.

    Also, Gods have Names, those who pray to God, what God is that? I was born part GOD, my SOUL.
    I pray to all in creation that took part in the creation of all.

  7. I love this video. The Catholics have only made blood not rain. My great grandma and pa spoke all the time ( Blackfoot) of how “the times “ will be in my lifetime. I k ow how to survive. The ones who don’t most likely were takers anyway. Good Riddance. God Bless

  8. There is no changing minds that have thier ideas set in stone,the people of this world with all the swaying will not turn them to any good thoughts,they have destroyed the lands polluted the waters and waged war over words in old dusty books,I wish that they could change but that is not what is written in thier books,the time has come for the end and the end is what we shall witness there will never be peace and harmony in the world untill a higher power makes it that way !!!!

  9. Off grid, in the middle of nowhere. Becoming sustainable with Mother Earth. I met ONE Native neighbor. I wish I had more. You’re average white folk needs more of that wisdom and bad, and stat.Have faith in the Wiley ways of the Universe, and the wisdom of our elders. We are all one. Much love to all.