I Was 'Dead' For 10 Minutes – What I Saw Changed Everything | NDE

I Was 'Dead' For 10 Minutes – What I Saw Changed Everything | NDE

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Dr. Lani Leary has around twenty-five a long time of experience as a psychotherapist working with chronically unwell, dying, and bereaved consumers. Dr. Leary also garners wisdom from her personal profound near-death experience—and has sat with above 500 persons as they died.

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  1. I've died many times. I leave my body when I sleep and wake up crying. There's no work here. My entire family is dead. I suffer every day with poor health. I live in a homeless shelter that abuses everyone and there's no help! I've had everything taken from me except my car. But hey, no one is kind enough to help me with that. So I can't go to crucial Doctor appointments. There's no work. If someone cares and helps me, then I'll believe. I use to be a homeowner, you name it. The second I lost everything, no one cares. I just get numbers to call that don't care. It is time for me. I have zero connection to this world. And I was brutally attacked and my service dog stolen. WHEN I HAD MONEY I DONATED TO CHARITIES, VOLUNTEERED, YOU NAME IT. BUT HEY, I'M SURE A SERVICE DOG AND GETTING MY CAR FIXED ARE POSSIBLE. THERE'S CHARITIES. SOMEHOW, NO ONE CARES. I'VE FALLEN AND HIT MY HEAD 8X IN TWO WEEKS BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE A SERVICE DOG! AND CAN'T SEE DOCTORS BECAUSE I NEED MY CAR FIXED! MY LIFE IS OF ZERO VALUE TO ANYONE

  2. Been there. Crushed to death under wheel of 46 Sedan with 5 hefty guys inside. Remember the pain building to a peak, a violent red light, bursting into a warm red ocean, accompained by the thought "Like a mother, death comes to me" (to save me from my pain). Slid down the blue light tunnel into the radiant stillness of the void. No "me" witnessing this, I was one with the void, there was no I only light. Then there was I marveling at the light. Then I became a disembodied spirit hovering on the ceiling of the emergency operating room, saw doctors & nurses highly distressed working hard to get me back in my body. Of all people, I thought, doctors and nurses should know Death is OK, I wanted to stop them, but relized teh only way to stop them would be to get back into my body. Then I kicked someone at the foot of the table from where I lay, in my body, on the table, and went unconscious, then spent two days on tubes. Two weeks later I was back home, dazed, confused, not wanting to be here. Spent much of my life trying to understand that experience. Tibetan Book of the Dead does a good job of describing the Death Experience, Evans Wentz translation, which I first encountered as the Psychedelic Experience by Leary, Alpert, Metzner. Practice Zen with Suzuki Roshi in SF. One day he walked up to me and out of the blue said, "You've been dead before." Then, clarifying, he said, "Once before, in this lifetime, you were dead".

  3. I personally believe that life is like a Virtual Reality that you participate in, you have your own experience in it, thanks to your mother and father who gave you the body to grow and play this game we call life. Though I am stupid, since I am mentally ill, I have never appreciated anything I was given as an opportunity to improve, as an opportunity to love. I took life for granted – sitting and complaining like an old bum. Had a rough childhood. My parents were not giving me the best of examples. I had to suck it up, even though I was always hurt by my father and mother. Father resorted to physical and mental abuse, mother – physical and emotional abuse. I was bombarded from both sides and had no relief even when I was sick and had seizures non stop. Hospitals were my peaceful home. Doctors were astonished of the environment I was growing up in. I was told by a doctor that I am going to move until I hit the wall, then change direction. I will be unable to study and do daily things, due to brain damage. As I was growing up, I had a lot of difficulties emotionally, because of the abuse. Had some friends temporarily, but they all moved on with their lives as I finished school and began working. Currently I have no real friends. And all that gaslighting, criticism, shouting has severely affected my ability to move on from that. It’s like it’s still here and never has been gone. I had developed schizophrenia due to this. My mother remarried 2 more times. She’s desperate not to be alone. Truth be told I was taught to be Roman Catholic, and not a Christian. As I am 30 now, I gave up on religious beliefs. No miracles are happening. It feels empty. I am not God, but It’s only me alone who can do things and change them. I am the pilot of my own destiny. Only I can interact and change the outcome, only I can change myself, no one else can do it for me. Until I break that wall that has been built, I will continue to collapse until I get through. I am reading books, to help myself. I speak with people, I learn things. Due to medication, I space out at work and driving a car. But nobody is gonna help me earn money, I have to do it myself. My family’s way over their heads in loans and constantly bitching about money, so I give more than half of what I earn. I don’t care about my future, because it’s nonexistent. I wish there would be a miracle, but there isn’t. Miracles are based on Luck. I don’t believe in miracles, I believe in hard work. I apologize for such a long comment, I cannot fit things very good. I am trying to appreciate the beauty of life now, even if I haven’t had a Near death experience. I only know that there is a frequency that a human body is tuned to which is this physical plane, and the spiritual plane is on a much higher frequency. The problem is that we become stupid and without logic during NDE, and are sent back to the physical plane to the physical body. I think this is one of the drawbacks of being in that lovely presence. You have to develop logical thinking, if you don’t, you will be like a baby that just wants to play. I know people reported feeling warm and loved, but you must be cautious. According to doctors this can be a hallucination of sorts. Some scientists proved that consciousness moves on somewhere else when the body dies, but nobody had found out where. So we are stuck at the crossroads here. Psychic Mediums tell that they can contact the dead, maybe they can, but I don’t buy that nonsense. I am very simple. I don’t believe that someone can contact someone who is dead, thats just not possible. The Bible said there is a veil between the living world and the spiritual world. That the physical world cannot hear anything that’s spiritual, and the spiritual world cannot hear anything from physical. So, again lots of questions. Don’t take it from me, but I am just trying to be sane enough. I mean no disrespect or offense and thank you for reading this comment.