I Died And Everything Made Sense On The Other Side | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Everything Made Sense On The Other Side | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Have you ever had a near death experience (NDE), encountered an angel, or frequented the other aspect ? If so be sure to ship your story of the afterlife to us via email, we would adore to hear it.

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  1. Yes! I remember having sat on my couch, faded in and out of consciousness, and I found myself knelt down. There was a wind blowing, golden narrow path in a realm that was so serene, nothing could describe the feeling. But ahead of the path was a light. And then there was another dream. Jesus closed the door and I was in darkness for a second. Then I turned around and was in an area. People were around and they were praising him. That same light I saw had a white garment on and was in the form of a person. He was walking around enjoying what he was seeing from the people and in the distance he saw me. I was shy and timid at first being in the room in the presence of him. Not knowing what to expect. And so, he looked at me with such gentleness and comfort, and love. He gently let out his right hand signaling me like he was saying, “fear not. For it is I. Do not be afraid, neither dismayed. Come hither child.” My heart just sank because Ive been struggling so much that I just ran to him, hugged him and cried. It was like he understood and knew of all that I endured. It was the most beautiful moment I ever experienced. And I felt all of the pain, all the anxiety, heaviness in my heart, all of that just washed away. That breakthrough after everything I went through in suicide, turmoil, torture, betrayal, deceit, heartbreak, persecution, depression, c-ptsd, he washed it all away.

  2. Your story speaks to me God bless you…My suicide attempts in 2018 I can say was best thing I ever did..it woke me up when God sent me back today I no longer suffer from major depressive disorder and ptsd are gone God took my affictions I no longer suffer from them..before he sent me back I asked him all I want is the truth I'm tired of the lies and since then im learning things we been lied to for so long about now i know the truth and im finall have peace in my life for the first time …may God bless anyone going through this…

  3. My life sucks and always has, im looking forward to death, i cant wait to go to heaven or what ever the next stages is….
    I absolutely know that this life is just a stepping stone to the next stage in life…..

  4. How can we tell if we are just having a very vivid dream/hallucination etc verses a near death experience? Even Paul said he did not know. 2 Corinthians 12:2. Inside or outside of the body i do not know. Even to this day something that happened to me around 30 years ago I still ponder this…….

  5. This makes sense because my dad have a near-death experience too and he said, he was floating around outside of his body and suddenly he saw a white bright light that lingers on and then he woke up, he grabbed his hand and it was the most real experience he ever felt and it gives him peace, turning himself into a different person.

    And this is why I believe there's life after death.

  6. Your video help me for today I pulled a muscle in might leg the pain is on a 10 level whith pain medication but I think the good lord wants me her im very depressed that my father is gone and my 2 dogs i had for 17 years each but Your video gave me hope ther is a better place whith Jesus out ther

  7. I've never had a near death experience but how he is describing God is the feeling I get when I connect and pray. Very loving powerful force of nature with no gender. God just is, an unexplained phenomenon that is powerful and loving.

  8. WARNING: to bible believers: if these stories don't acknowledge Jesus Christ as the front and center, the only way to the 3rd Heaven where Jesus people go, then you must know now that Satan pretends to be angel of light (google). if in these stories Jesus is ignored, THEN IT IS SATANIC to mislead and deceive you. to avoid hell we must deliberately ACCEPT Jesus who is THE only way, the truth and eternal life. John 14:6. John 3:16.

    “Dear Lord Jesus Come into my heart
    Forgive me of my sins
    Wash me and cleanse me
    Jesus thank you that you died for me
    I believe your risen from the dead
    And I believe your coming back for me
    Fill me with the Holy Spirit
    Give me a passion for the things of God
    And a hunger to for lost souls in these end times
    I am saved
    I’m on my way to heaven

    Like this comment if you said the prayer out loud so more souls can be saved, and I encourage you to run after God with EVERYTHINGGGG you have!

  10. I loved this nde and i could relate to her life before she had her experience. Thank you for sharing. I live with chronic sickness where i have severe nausea and violent spells of vomiting. I hate living in my body. The only thing that push me through each day is the love I have for my husband and two young kids. My son has autism and i cant leave him and my daughter, well she needs a mom. So thank you for sharing because your message touched me.