How I found out I was an Energy Healer – Part 2

How I found out I was an Energy Healer – Part 2

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Some appealing updates on my journey into being an electricity healer, and how to ebook an power healing with me.

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To e book a healing Session with me.

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DISCLAIMER: Alan Chapman (aka Shaman Oaks) is not a health care doctor nor does he portray himself as 1. He does not diagnose your body, feelings, or prescribe drugs. His products and services do not change the companies of other experts, such as health care doctors, counselors, psychotherapists, chiropractors, etcetera…

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  1. Everyone charges for their work as they should. If the healers keep prices where people can afford it is the most important thing. All of us can’t afford hundreds of dollars for sessions, but are in need if healing and help. Bless you keep it real ❤️

  2. Your giving too much without recharging… I just ordered a bottle of MAGI ORMUS GOLD by sacred supplements.. u prob should too… I get uncontrollable yawns( or sneezes) too, never knew other ppl did to! I have a giants size collection of energy stuff to share if u are still seeking!

  3. I was receiving your first energy healing (April 2022, 5 mins) and i yawned; whenever I follow energy work like meditations, healing, Chakra work, even yoga, etc. I yawn alot like releasing something and I've wondered about "yawning" (I wasn't bored or sleepy).

  4. I have always had the ability to self meditate to bring calmness I had health issues and kept them in check, self healing. On Easter I had episode I went in and out of consciousness for 3 hours, blood pressure lowering, hospital 3 days, many test, no known causes no brain tumor, stroke, no heart attack. I need your healing to bring back my self healing I lost it. I can’t concentrate to bring back my inner peace. I need your inner peace to help me. Please I am lost. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for your video. I have completed reiki and been told in a reading that I’m a natural healer, but I’ve really struggled to put myself out there and believe in myself. Your video has certainly gave me food for thought x

  6. I done energy healing on my husband's leg, he was always in pain, it used to heal him but for a day only, so I had to do it daily I also do it to myself when I have IBS, and I can feel the pain move so I follow it with my hands untill it the pain disappears

  7. I've had many healings I call miracles, I prayed everyday believing I am healed and God loves me. Anytime a negative thought comes immediately go to God and say I have faith, every little doubt you have to control. One that was instantaneous was a tumor in my lung growing at a fast rate found with x-ray after a house fire, about 6 months later I woke up an hour earlier in the morning & it felt like warm rain or energy was flowing thru every atom of me, it felt so good. At the time I didn't know what was happening,it lasted an hour and after I noticed I couldn't feel the feeling I had in my back. I was healed! Prayer & belief in God is how I heal, I've had miracles serious life or death situations for family also. Healings, miracles are very very real. I believe it is the source of our creator❤️ p.s. I do believe we can have healings for other's ( Incase that was misunderstood)

  8. Wow. So I don't really know ow what exactly is going on with me, but it's interesting the yawning business. Sometimes during chant or meditation I'll get these crazy chain yawns for no reason it's so weired. I twitch too 😉

    Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. I know this is 3 years later and not sure if you had your question answered. In EFT and FasterEFT when the client starts to release their emotions, it is called having a abreaction(yawning, burping, farting, hiccups, crying, laughing etc). Maybe it is the same thing?