His Deceased Mother Spoke To Him During His Near Death Experience – Ron Cox 467

His Deceased Mother Spoke To Him During His Near Death Experience – Ron Cox 467

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Podcast visitor 467 is Ron Cox. Ron had a near-death experience owing to a heart assault. Through his nde experience he encountered his mom.

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  1. I didn't see it, but I felt my husband when he left. The room filled with him and with overwhelming joy and love. It felt too big for the room. I know he was happy and finally free. .
    The weird thing is I didn't have an NDE, (maybe an almost shared death experience) but I felt everything Rob did after his NDE. Maybe even when you have any sort of "connection" it simply changes you. It's hard. And although I hate why I went through it, I'm grateful for the changes in me.
    Just a thought Ron, I don't think souls are "earthbound", I think they're just allowed to be anywhere they want to be at any moment.

  2. WOW! Not many NDE's, older than 30 YO. Ron really expresses the essence of the near death experience. The coming out of the body. The black void, the love, a family member, the time difference/irrelevance, and spirits all around us that we never we're aware of before. The shock of coming back… Love that Ron is not afraid of talking about NDE's/his experience. It really changes you. Maybe that's why some folks don't want to except or express why they do believe in NDE's? Their afraid of losing what they have, (Friends, family, attention, acceptance…) What really gets me Jeff, folks is why so many don't/can't believe in life after death. 2022 and their is literally 100's of millions of these experiences world wide. Believe in life after death. Don't believe in life after death. The numbers point, that EVERYONE will have an after life experience. It really helps me and others remove any fear of…almost everything. Even pain, that we know is only going to be temporarily. Thanks Ron and Jeff. Love these videos of people dyeing…and living again!

  3. The black void, reminds me ,” when I walk through the shadow of death, I will fear NO evil.” God knows when we did and the unknown, He would not let us fear, because He is a good FATHER. Thank you for sharing

  4. I love this NDE, it is also refreshing hearing one that didn't happen too long ago, it is kind of more authentic so to speak as you can see the person is still more in the process of integrating. Also, Ron is a really really handsome man and I am sorry to hear his family didn't support who he loves. Love is all that matters.

  5. In our Earth, Rob's heart worth his bodyweight in gold, the purest, outside of our planet way more. Zillions than that!!!
    We need more human beings like Rob and your guests. The way to achieve it out of an NDE is to start through serious, deep and constant meditation.

  6. Can't help but like the guy – RON ! Lots of "feel good stuff". But, is it too much to ask for demonstrable evidence of what's being purported? The key question on the table is: does self and consciousness survive death? All the rest is fluff. To date, I've seen absolutely no evidence that the things that make you, you survive intact, with your essence retaining it's form and function. Show me the money!

  7. Thank you so much for this interview! My mom is on hospice and has fear of death. I will have her watch this interview to prepare her for her transition and give her comfort ♥️ Bless you both !