He Had NO STRESS During His Near Death Experience

He Had NO STRESS During His Near Death Experience

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Podcast visitor #190 is LaMar Dixon. LaMar had a near death experience traveling even though a tunnel by the cosmos. In the course of his NDE experience he had no anxiety. He also experienced what could attainable be identified as a shared near death experience with his twin brother.

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  1. Great interview. Wish Jeff had asked LaMar if he has clairvoyance or other after effects – that many nde'rs have. "Coming back" with this love for humanity is the real deal. Beautiful message. I vote yes on interviewing the brother if possible. Definitely interesting that they both experienced the frequency thing – being so connected…but had different reactions to it.

  2. Thanks a lot LaMar and Jeff. I would recommend watching interviews with William Buhlman here on YouTube. He’s been having Obes since 2072. He’s written 3 books about it and how to do it. He teaches people how to do it at the Monroe Institute. I’d love to see him on the JeffMara podcast. What he shares can really open up your mind to our potential. Check him out!

  3. I have laid down to sleep several times in my life where I have felt like my body vibrates and then my bed seems like it vibrates…but I'm not alarmed or scared and I fall to sleep. One time when it happened I fell asleep and then it seemed as if my body levitated but I was totally at peace ..not scared or alarmed at all..I always fall into a deep sleep afterwards…its like I'm in a light sleep when it happens or just falling asleep. The only OBE I've ever had was like a dream where in the dream I'm walking around my house and I walk upstairs and then I started to sink through the upstair floor..I woke up and afterwards found out an earthquake happened at the time of the dream or obe

  4. Great interview. I so wish I could grasp the concept of these colours that the experiences say they didn't know existed. I just can't imagine how colours that you don't know of could exist. In my mind there are no other colours. However I am sure they do in that realm. It also comforts me that many of the experiences say it feels like they are home. Thank you for sharing your amazing experience.

  5. There have been recent reports of people receiving calls from the "logged-out" person's mobile phone; this has happened at least twice on Facebook messenger.
    In at least one of these cases, the location of the origin phone (and the fact that it was off) was known.
    [ And for the curious: there was no answer for the few that were brave enough to answer ]