He Traveled To A Peruvian Church During His Near Death Experience – Tim Norton 352

He Traveled To A Peruvian Church During His Near Death Experience – Tim Norton 352

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Podcast guest 352 is Tim Norton. Throughout his near-death experience Tim went to distinctive places in the course of unique intervals of time. A person of the spots he traveled to for the duration of his NDE Experience was a Peruvian Basilica.

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  1. Whats up with the squeaky door every few minutes..very distracting its my ADD trigger…barking dogs in the distance the darn squeaking door. THIS INTERVIEWER DID NOT LISTEN HE SAID HE WAS TOLD THEY WERE HIS ANGELS…LISTEN….and next time have the courtesy to wait for grand central station to calm down.

  2. I got pancreatitis from a pain medication injection i was allergic and the next medication they injected into my iv i was also allergic to..thee most painful experience of my life next to childbirth…put it this way…i would rather have a baby.

  3. Listening to the writings of Emmanuel Swedenborg might explain the angels being in the heaven worlds. Swedenborg was a multiple genius scientist who was taken up to the heaven worlds by the angels so they could show him the truth of what heaven was like and what the realities are of life on earth. Fascinating experiences and insights! The Swedenborg Foundation has free pdf downloads of many of his books (translated into English from Swedish), and the channel "Off The Left Eye" discusses his work in depth in 995 videos (as of 1/12/22).

  4. Listening to your story I had a thought that all these characters are not meant to stand for real people , and that you were given clues to that . Like your mom being there 20 yrs before her birth and yet she was 20 yrs old in the “ dream”. You are perceptive and you noticed other clues, like the colors of the muses robe and the house were alike. I’m guessing it’s all telling you that you’re seeing things in a dimension where time and space don’t restrict spirit so everything is there at once as potential. Anyway, I’m also guessing that the gift shop you got promoted to at the monastery is a tip to tell you that meditation is the way to open the “ gift” we’re given as a human being , and that gift in your case is a transmission of knowledge. So to me, the black man with the blueprints for the new transmission is a messenger, not a real man to track down. He’s an aspect of you, since your mom was there too, out of time. He gave you the transmission of knowledge that will grow in you and you’re already following the blueprint by speaking about this. Funny thing, but you literally transmitted to me a piece of information I didn’t know I needed to find : you mention the ecology flag , and I realised that it was the second time this week I heard that mentioned, so I just looked it up ( I didn’t grow up in this country) and it’s exactly the symbol that I needed for a piece of artwork I am working on ! I never would have thought of it since I never heard of it , so I owe you for the inspiration. That’s how this works, I feel – you got opened up and connected to your soul and that’s outside of time and space. That’s where the blueprint lives. I’m just sharing my thoughts here, take what resonates with you, your soul always knows what rings true.

  5. Thank you to our host Jeff and guest Tim. What a brutal two weeks for guest and for his wife. A miracle recovery. Thank you for sharing your experience. The word is “ineffable” where words cannot describe.

  6. I really like this guest. He is very authentic. As he talks about the babies, which he is told are angels, it reminds me that cherub angels are depicted by artists as babies. Cherubim are here on earth with us, they minister to us, sometimes save us from accidents etc. Surely those 4 cherubs knew his wife was not going to allow him to die, so it seems evident that they were allowed to accompany him, until he was returned to his human body. His story is fascinating to me, more so than many others, for some reason. Thank you for having this guest of gentle depth. With Calliope being part of this gentleman`s experience, my best guess is that he may eventually be forced somehow to sit down and write his experience, as Calliope is depicted holding a writing tablet. When we are in more than one place at a time, it is called bilocation.

  7. If he lost his artistic writing ability then that's the light that was stolen away from him this were demons like colliope is the Greek Goddess in charge of poetry writing and speaking arts am sorry but to me mythologies are more about demons heaven is about Jesus I know he is a sweet guy but I think he didn't visit angels

  8. This poor man has been through so much (on many levels as it happens) and keeps on searching. It is powerful. I truly hope someone listens to this and it sparks a memory that will help him ground some of his experience. I wish him peace and love on his journey and a happy ending.

  9. About the oil contamination in your system, well years ago I think about 2013, I was waking on the California shores close to San Diego when I realized my shoes were sticky with oil patches on the soles. I rushed to the hotel front desk to tell them about the pollution on their shores…mentioning about the detrimental effects this would have on human as well as sea life all over the region. I was fighting against shale gas fracturing at the time up in Quebec, Canada. Is it even possible to become intelligent on this earth as a human species because I’m starting to lose faith in it. We have a long way to go to raise consciousness. Thank you for your testimony, we are in great need for it in these times

  10. Maybe Fukushima is finally showing its curse that Japan allowed to leak into the beautiful ocean since 2011 and the U.S. PTB tell us it’s an oil leak problem . But how did he come into contact with an oil leak by product?

  11. Not even implicate Tim's lying at all because I find his recount heartedly sincere but in the dates he must've had a confusion or bad assumption.
    I just indicate that it couldn't be in 14th century (year 1,300 – 1,400) because in that time the Incas inhabited Peru and and churches were built by spanish colonizers at least 135 years later (c16th). Nor could it be in 15th century (1,400-1,500) due to America was just discovered by Ch. Columbus in 1,492 and Peru as a territorial delimitation exists approx since 1,532.
    The first of hundreds of churches in Peru was built in Lima (Lima Cathedral) in 1,535- inaugurated 1,540 (16th century).

  12. I think he’s also experienced a very powerful past life memory ,on top of being in a different realm . Perhaps the Peruvian experience was a statue back then. Perhaps it’s not available as the image he’s looking for ,because if was something Peruvian he experienced in that past life experience,or maybe he hasn’t found it. Perhaps he’s had a past life in Peru and Greece area.
    What I would do is this.find a reputable therapist who does successful past life regressions only. You can find someone who does past life regressions . (Check out Carroll Beckwith/ Robert Snow ) ❤️. I believe he’s a police officer who just had to investigate himself and his experience and what he found was incredible! Robert Snow I believe. The past life regression will really help you with putting this into perspective. Sometimes we observe in other ways ,ie) sitting on someone’s shoulders/ re/ perspective.