God Told Her “Let's Have A Talk” During Her Near Death Experience – Moonwalker 402

God Told Her “Let's Have A Talk” During Her Near Death Experience – Moonwalker 402

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Podcast visitor 402 is Moonwalker. who experienced a near death experience in 2010 exactly where she dissolved into the universe, recognized and encountered the source of all development. She is the founder and internal healing guide at Moonwalker Lifestyle which supplies on the net particular transformation courses and support for you as you travel your route to your possess Real truth. She is a Certified Access Bars Facilitator, Neurolinguistics Lifestyle coach, Kambo Facilitator, and qualified in Spiral Somatics.

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  1. These things make sense if you don´t have a seriously debilitating physical illness. I don´t mean a missing limb, but I mean multisystemic illnesses that leave you bedbound and cognitively severely impaired, in severe pain chronically etc. No, in that case not "anybody can change their life if they choose to". But these truths are seen as negative/victim mentality etc

  2. People who do drugs are just absolutely ridiculous and have No place in relating their Drug induced experiences to God in any way. It's such a Cop-out. Hey do LSD, or do Angel Dust, or stick your head in the toilet and I'm Sure your going to have an experience! Fry your brains and Pretend it's a Godly experience. How Sad and sickening.

  3. Really loved this…my favorite part was “you are mine” so freakin cool. In this strange deep way…those words moved me to my core. Thank you Moon and Jeff. Sending love to you and all that read this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. 27:58 Top 2 things people regret when they’re dying. I keep coming back to this video. I’m laying in bed listening to this recording yet again and engulfed in gratitude that my sudden spiritual awakening has allowed me to live life in such a way that I will not have those 2 regrets.

    This also inspired me to go out into the world and support more people along their own path to awakening so they can live in the fullness of gratitude as well.