God Gave Her A Message During Her Near Death Experience – Susie Sawyer 350

God Gave Her A Message During Her Near Death Experience – Susie Sawyer 350

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Podcast visitor 350 is Susie Sawyer. Her near-death experience was a class correction for her. Throughout her NDE experience she was in the arms of God.

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  1. My narcissist ghosting out on me was a course correction! I learned about trauma bonds, generation curses, evil is real, accepting myself, set boundaries, trust in God, that my father is a narcissist weirdo, my mom was codependent etc. I wouldn’t recommend getting near a bad one!

  2. Maybe we all have different jobs. Like she’s a wisdom keeper and we are all light workers. I am a exhorter. It says it in Bible. I gently or not gently lol push people when they get stuck in a rut and they are meant to move on and do other things.