God Answered Her Questions During Her Near Death Experience – Stacey Piedrahita 394

God Answered Her Questions During Her Near Death Experience – Stacey Piedrahita 394

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Podcast visitor 394 is Stacey Piedrahita who encountered God in the course of her Near-Death Experience. Stacey is an RN, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Practitioner. Stacey is the writer of the e-book Intuitive Speaking Her Real truth.

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  1. I feel like I've got to say this, even if it's merely to present another point of view. I am truely happy that Stacey had such a transformational near death experience as this does seem predominantly to be the nature of this phenomena for those lucky enough to have one and I think it is very noble of her to devote her life to uplifting humanity now. However, I think someone who claims that positivity is the only 'way' to uplift and heal, not allowing for the many shades of human experience that may fall into the category of what has been coined in the new age community as 'victim mentality', is a form of judgement and subtly shames those who are not in a so-called 'high vibrational' state, like there's something wrong with you if you're sad or angry or depressed! If life is really all about love then the first step in helping others in my opinion, is to validate people where they are and help them come to terms with and recognise their beauty just as they are, in all their 'hot mess' to use Stacey's term.

  2. Stacy you are right on. I had exactly the same kind of plants you had placing me 14 yrs later i became deathly ill. I'm still not okay but I had them removed. God bless you and let's spread the word breast implants are dangerous and if it doesn't take your life it will take so much from your life. What a beautiful experience with God. I pray everyday he has forgiven me for being so vain.

  3. So dang many nde-ers end up selling their sacred experience. Suddenly full time ‘healers’ (with zero training or any accountability despite hefty fees) or lecturers or amateur authors shilling books in every interview. One can share light and love and messages from the beyond just in the course of daily life and regular jobs, living as good people and helping others in selfless calm ways as a spiritually aware person. Probably that’s more likely to change the world than turning into a slightly unhinged egoistic messianic figure like this lady, just IMO. Glad you buy it all if you can and it makes your life better. As an nde-er I’m selective and she strikes me as a ricocheting ego bomb I just want to get away from.

  4. One small observation here.
    Stacey was constantly flirting with her hair all along the interview although she is absolutely well groomed with a good hair style.
    This seems to be a confirmation about her own admission of being overly sensitive about being perfect in her younger years; specially about how she looked or presented herself in her overall personality.

  5. I enjoy listening to your stories I had a waking experience that was similar to an nde many years ago. I relate to her story because I am very ill nobody can help me I feel close to death many times and many times I just want to die I feel so sick I keep trying to get better and try to follow God's plan for my life but it seems like all roads lead back to isolation loss, sickness, deterioration, loneliness and uncertainty, I don't know what is happening I wish someone had the answers because I know I don't