During Her Near Death Experience She Experienced Unconditional Love For The First Time In Her Life!

During Her Near Death Experience She Experienced Unconditional Love For The First Time In Her Life!

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At age 26 Amanda had a NDE owing to extended use of liquor, medicines and unresolved trauma. This near death experience modified her daily life permanently as she professional so strongly who she actually was past the torment of the mind and body. Also during her NDE experience it was the first time at any time that she experience the feeling of unconditional love. Amanda Blank is 31 decades young, she is a tiny bit of anything all rolled into a single, a vegan chef, a nun, lover of light and darkish, human and non human.

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  1. I find that is really lovely from your part to give voice to so many different experiences and backgrounds. This allow people to become more accepting of people with different life paths.

  2. Very interesting interview, as usual. It's always enlightening to listen to different kinds of points of view and as you said Jeff, there're some amazing realizations for us to think about.

  3. Demons took advantage of your emotional state and managed to possess you completely. That made it easy to give you this hallucination! Until you put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, your demons will feed off your energy until you die and are judged unsaved and thrown into the Lake of Fire along with them. Please, you seem like a sweet girl! You belong with God, not Satan!

  4. This is 100% real. As an empath i could easily tell how sensitive she is and how much she has gone through. Her energy is both emotional and courageous. She has been transformed by something very different to have such a strange and yet harmonious infusion.

  5. (i left your live stream- i just dont like trumpers.. Im sorry… but I understand you cannot be political . (the sniper guy) he said lets go brandon- which is code for trump and hate for for biden…

  6. When I was little and I got hit by a car and awoke with such love and joy and forgiveness but no memory of a nde..and many traumatic things happened over the years…I resonate with almost everything she says. Even how I deal with things..