Daniel Had A Near Death Experience in a Monastery and Encounters God – Daniel Berdichevsky 104

Daniel Had A Near Death Experience in a Monastery and Encounters God – Daniel Berdichevsky 104

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Podcast visitor 104 is Daniel Berdichevsky. At age 19 he experienced a profound near death experience that shifted his perception on every little thing. He experienced his NDE experience when he as in a Greek monastery and he statements to have encountered God.

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  1. Daniel – this was FASCINATING! So RICH! Thank you for your passion & insights. Jeff, truly – what a great host. Loved the musician example. You bring such great people to your channel. Shifting the world =)

  2. Hey Daniel, it's Bill from Lemon Grove. I like your concept of the blue dot and zero point. When I was in the hospital having surgery. After recovery in my room, I saw on the wall an image of plus 7 and a minus 7 and right in the middle was a zero and in my mind that zero represented God. I told the nurse and I wept, and she wept with me. It wasn't exactly an NDE, but it changed everything.
    Ultimately, I realized that God is beyond right and wrong, and religion is not relationship.

  3. You're a good interviewer. Maybe you do not want to ask this question, but I am always curious about people's thoughts regarding how their NDE compares to a dream state or otherwise. Thanks.

  4. Dear Daniel – as Jesus just tried to tell us more or less exactly the same as you told us with your own words in this wonderful interview, there was no need for you to meet him during your NDE – because you yourself experienced what he came for and what he tried to say. He did know this with all his soul and his heart – and you know it too. The rest of us can remember it, can get it just the same – any moment, any day. Depends on us…I believe, we are wellcome. Life would be easier with people like you to listen to and to talk to. And of course, the world is better of with Jeff, that's for sure. Thank you so very much, the both of you!