Child's Phobias May Be Linked to His Past Life – The Ghost Inside My Child (S1 Flashback) | LMN

Child's Phobias May Be Linked to His Past Life – The Ghost Inside My Child (S1 Flashback) | LMN

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A boy talks in information about falling to his death which led his mom to imagine he was killed in 9/11 in this flashback from Year 1.


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Join the journey of 5 households who have been touched by reincarnation. Two youngsters will experience a reunion with a person from their past life hoping for answers and closure. A single psychological adhere to-up to a reunion will illustrate the profound impact it experienced on two lives. And two all new tales, a 4-calendar year-outdated who has religious know-how his moms and dads won’t be able to clarify and a 13-12 months-previous whose past life memories as a Samurai warrior are important in his fight with Leukemia. Five amazing testimonies that will have you question all you know about reincarnation.

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  1. ✳️ yes I believe reincarnation why do u think some people are born in the life of Luxury / wealthy family’s / extraordinary talents like Beautiful voice and some others are born in a life of misery sick / handicap / extreme Poverty ? we pay for our mistakes and rewarded for our goodness right here on this Planet

  2. My child is terrified of dogs . I’m
    Talking terrified ! He refuses to walk near one . He never had any bad issues with dogs ( in this life ) but I really think something happened to him in the past life with dogs .

  3. Do you know what stinks? The fact that we keep coming back over and over again, and we can’t stop it. There’s something very powerful in the Universe that controls us all, and we don’t have the freedom to choose. Who on Earth hates us so much? WHO???

  4. A great story of a young boy, 9/11 and the reincarnation of a New York City firefighter who perished in one of the Twin Towers. The full story as told by the boy's mother on (and off) a popular Reincarnation Forum starting in 2007 up to the present day. Book title, Fire in the Soul: Reincarnation from Antietam to Ground Zero.