I Died And Was In A Beautiful World | Near Death Experience | NDE

I Died And Was In A Beautiful World | Near Death Experience | NDE

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  1. ATRIAL is not he same as ARTERIAL. "Atrial" is the adjective derived from atrium, which means 'entrance chamber'. "Arterial" is the adjective derived from artery, which is the name of the large muscular blood vesicles that supply blood.

  2. Why are people so impatient and rude?
    why not skip ahead or move on. There are plenty of NDE story tellers that paraphrase. I feel it takes away from the experience by doing so.
    All details are important.

  3. The best thing we can learn from listening NDEs is that we don’t need to die to improve ourselves and be the one God wants us in this earth. Superficiality ( earthly stuff) should not be highlighted as it already stressed from these stories that dont mean anything to God.

  4. Revelation 21:1-5 brings out a new heaven and earth! JEHOVAH is making all things new. No more dying,mourning. crying, and suffering therefore the former things have passed away.

    John 11:25-26 brings out Jesus Christ is the Resurrection Hope!(The ones who have faith and believe in Jehovah God and his son Jesus Christ with the fear will have eternal life which is everlasting, forever! Life without end will exist, and most certainly real)

  5. From "The Gospel ACCORDING TO John" , in chapter 3, verse 13, Quote; 13/. And no man hath ascended up to heaven, but he that came down from heaven, even the Son of man which is in heaven… End Quote…

    I was pronounced "DEAD On ARRIVAL" at a medical center in 1973… More than half an hour passed, then my heart started beating again… During that time, I "LIFE The Real Self", NOT the human entity, entered the WHITE LIGHT, and have remained in the WHITE LIGHT to this day… I have NOT left the WHITE LIGHT, nor returned as others have reported to ! "LIFE The Real Self" is "The LIGHT of MAN", and in NO Way represents, nor even remotely Looks anything like any species, including the human species…. Those who claim to have returned, have NOT recognize WHAT, The WHITE LIGHT is, and have put a human interpretation on the LIGHT, putting the human entity before "LIFE The Real Self", which is "The LIGHT of MAN", "The LIFE of GOD" !