Boy Remembers Life as a Teen Soldier – The Ghost Inside My Child (S1, E12) | Full Episode | LMN

Boy Remembers Life as a Teen Soldier – The Ghost Inside My Child (S1, E12) | Full Episode | LMN

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Two-12 months-previous Shane believes he died at war in his past life and a minor woman, Taylor, reveals possible memories of becoming killed as a grown person in the 1700s in Period 1, Episode 12, “Unfinished Note and Assault on a Boat.”


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Be part of the journey of five people who have been touched by reincarnation. Two kids will experience a reunion with an individual from their past life hoping for answers and closure. A single psychological stick to-up to a reunion will illustrate the profound effect it had on two life. And two all new tales, a 4-calendar year-old who has religious awareness his moms and dads can’t demonstrate and a 13-12 months-aged whose past life recollections as a Samurai warrior are vital in his fight with Leukemia. Five awesome testimonies that will have you dilemma all you know about reincarnation.

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  1. When I was four years old, I drew a bird in a cage on the wall. My foster mom told me not to draw on the wall, but she was obviously impressed by my artwork and told me so. Maybe she was just trying to be nice. But, from my recollection it was an impressive drawing, especially for a four-year-old. I also always had a thought that kept coming to mind. I kept thinking to myself, "how could I only be four years old"? I felt much older. I felt I was an artist of birds. I felt like I had just appeared in a four-year-old's body somehow. I recall the actual day I had that last thought. I said to myself that It was best to just not think about that anymore because it was bothersome, and so I didn't.

  2. 5:15 – Sorry, but you obviously have not been around many little boys… They all want to pretend shoot, or play with toy guns. I have never had a gun, nor had I got my son a toy gun, but he would grab things and pretend they were guns. He is a boy!!! Both of my nephews did the same. It is very normal for boys to want to play with guns/toy guns… Sorry lady, that is your own conscience. Not his…

  3. The Jewish faith believes in reincarnation; but, the Christian faith does not. However, the Bible does give an account of John the Baptist. When John the Baptist's followers asked him if he was Elijah, the prophet. John the Baptist said, "No;"but, Jesus said "Yes, he has the spirit of Elijah in him"!

  4. my gosh I truly hope these are not all hoaxes and good actors, I really want to believe this is true. Some of the first seasons were so convincing, but sometimes I can tell when they are being fed lines.

  5. Looking at pics of Taylor, i see she has inflammatory issues. Her anxiety and inability to sleep can be exacerbated by an allergic reaction to refined chemical filled foods. Put her on a whole foods plant based diet, cut out the dairy products and note all the improvements that come.

  6. It's called a demon. People you must seek a person filled with anointing of the Holy Spirit to cast that demon out of your child. The Bible does not teach that dead people come to live in kids bodies.

  7. These parents that help their children heal is so unbelievably selfless and I absolutely love it. Regardless of people believe I think it is so important to validate your children me feelings no matter how crazy people may perceive the situation. These episodes draw me closer to my children and are opening my mind and heart to make sure to hear them.

  8. I don't believe in reincarnation the way its normally presented; that a newly created soul/human baby, with their own newly created DNA from two parents, is the same soul/human of someone who died with THEIR own unique DNA from their parents from the past. However….somehow the memories of a deceased person can cross over to a person born in the present but NOT be the SAME person reincarnated into a new body. I hope that makes sense. Plus the torture all these children suffer from almost seems evil: nightmares/night terrors, confusion, doubts and anxiety. ALL children suffer from debilitating nightmares. It's almost as if they are possessed by a deceased person until they expose the decedent's story and gets closure for them. I find that cruel.

  9. Of course they remember everything the demons know everything what’s happening on the past they put does thought on does child mind and looks real yo them like they are there remember the Bible says the enemy is around us 24 hours they know everything they want us to believe but There is No Reencarnation your soul is only one and belong to God and we will gonna have another life but this will be for eternity in heaven thinking believing in reencarnation is WRONG don’t listen to does spirit that are lying to you pray in the name of Jesus they will be delivered.

  10. I have a past life story but suffice it to say, the reason I know about it is complicated and too long to write here. I can say that I’m absolutely a believer. I’m 62 and currently making a plan for my next existence.