During His Near Death Experience He Wanted To Take A Break From His Earthy Life

During His Near Death Experience He Wanted To Take A Break From His Earthy Life

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Podcast guest 383 is Krishnanand who experienced 2 near-death experiences. Just one of his NDE experiences is from beginning. Krishnanand is an award profitable author and counselor, dependancy professional and documented health care wonder by UCLA Clinical Centre. overall and finish comfort and ease and Peace

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  1. It kind of sounds like because he was so spiritual and mystical as he says, that maybe God wanted to erase he beliefs and thoughts because what he was teaching people wasn’t correct. That’s just my thought.

  2. We have to accept where our brothers and sisters are on this path. However you are seeing this man is very much a reflection of where you are on this path. I see a unique, beaming, character who I believe fully intends on improving himself. We ALL have work to do. If he doesn't resonate with you, its an opportunity to grow yourself. Ask yourself why. What is it about this man's presence that ruffles your soul? How can you look past it so that it doesn't affect you? Admittedly, I'm struggling with these questions myself. Remember you can always release yourself if you don't want to reflect on it now by saying: I am feeling negativity at this moment towards this being, an energy that I do not desire. I cast this burden on the Source within and I go free. So that I may remain whole in perfect love, and ask for guidance at the divine moment that will allow me to release these energies forever. Word I am Word, for I and the Source are one, so That I am, That I am.

  3. This man is telling his story which is actually in line with many other ndes. Ndes are tailored to the individual, you experience what you need, etc.

    Reading through the comments, one notices a plethora of negative comments, but I suspect that those comments stem from the fact that he does not mention jesus, and talks about reincarnation, which is also connected to so many other ndes.

    Had this guy mentioned that he met with jesus, there would probably be very few negative comments.

    Instead of people being open minded enough to listen and attempt to take in his experience and possibly learn something, their fixation with jesus blocks any and all information from entering their minds.

    I never saw a big ego. What I saw was simply a man telling his story.

  4. He reminds me of another fellow I've seen way too much of: Well educated, full of himself, blah, blah, blah, who certainly could use a dose of humility. I think some people miss the point. It's love, not "look at me and how great am I."

  5. Please be aware that while we are putting focus and energy into our nuanced critique, we could be extracting what is offered. Often my learning comes in a form that is less palatable to my refined tastes and disguised behind the limits of my own bias.

    Did we listen to the words and hear the meaning or were we preoccupied with collecting data for our thesis, critiquing the flaws of, in this case, the human vessel of delivery?

    I also was witness to this soul's manifestation of ego in its human incarnation. I also looked beyond, listened to the end and appreciated what was being offered. In case it was missed, here is the transcript of the end of the podcast :

    "…we spend so much of our life of our energy of our time of our spirit of our soul of our passion pursuing pleasure

    don't bother

    pursue fulfillment

    pleasure is for your senses…things taste good…they feel good…they look good

    fulfillment goes to your spirit

    now…fulfillment's harder to attain

    pleasure is easy…go buy it go get it go go eat it go drink it whatever it may be

    fulfillment requires discipline, commitment, sacrifice, effort

    but when you achieve something of meaning it comes with a side dose of pleasure…it feels good too…but not just when you're doing it

    see pleasure gives you pleasure while you're experiencing it…the ice cream you're eating…afterwards you don't feel so good…before you're just in a state of desire

    fulfillment comes with a side of pleasure

    and it feels good before you're doing it…while you're desiring it planning it plotting it anticipating it

    it feels good while you're doing it…and it continues to feel good long after you've completed it

    so what i try to emphasize to people is to pursue fulfillment…not pleasure…"

    So thank you to the guest. I had to be aware of and keep my own judgements in check to listen with a clear mind and an open ear.

    Our bias' and judgements of other people as well as external events are jamming the radio transmissions of Love and Truth which are always broadcasting…continually playing through the static of our busy minds.

  6. Thank you so much Jeff for all you do!
    I agree with other comments here, I was a little confused by this man’s ego.
    I appreciate hearing his incredible story and still found lots of value in what he had to say.
    Love your channel so much Jeff. Thank you