Bob Coppes – Please, don’t turn near-death experiences into a new religion

Bob Coppes – Please, don’t turn near-death experiences into a new religion

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Please, don’t turn near-death experiences into a new religion — Bob Coppes, 2016 IANDS Conference

There are many different NDEs. Not one is equal to another. Yet, there are a limited number of wonderful common themes in NDEs that can be of great help to heal NDErs and non-NDErs. These common themes when adopted by a sufficient number of people (a critical mass) can even heal the world. However, some people who study NDEs (including those who have had an NDE themselves) tend to create their own theory of how the visible and invisible world is constructed. And in doing so they sometimes go much further than the limited number of common NDE themes justify. This carries the danger of creating a new sort of religion, which will significantly reduce the value that NDEs could have for everyone and the world.

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  1. Consider this, I have 2 eyes that see singular in stereo, a spider has many lens on their eyes. Would it be impossible for a Heavenly creature (person/spirit) to have many eyes but only able to view it's purpose and plan thru one set of individual eyes at a time several times over throughout this epic we call history,
    Hence the incarnate

  2. Thanks Bob, many NDErs have in fact gone on to do or add to what they interpreted as their "return mission work" which always carries a religious overtone be it fundamental Christianity, mediumship, past lives regression, energy healing and other "spiritual practices"
    Hope that it's all done in favor and real Love from the ND Experience

  3. Religion is bunk. It is ego based and divides people. I don’t know much about other religious texts but do not believe in the Bible. Their are beautiful passages in it, but it has contradictory passages and encourages self hatred, division, self flaggelation ( figurative). The Bible was written 300 years after Jesus’ death by a patriarchy that wanted to stay in power.
    Religion is divisive, ego driven, We are special, we know the truth, they don’t ect. It gives God human traits like anger, jealousy, ect.
    I believe in an all loving all powerful God that we all have a spark of, that we all belong to, wether we believe it that or not. I believe we are forgiven before we ask, and we will eventually turn to God when we learn enough and are tired of suffering. Jesus never wanted to create a religion or be worshiped but was an example of a spiritually advanced human being that we can all advance to, eventually.
    When people see certain things in their NDEs, it’s based on their own beliefs or interpretations, in my opinion. Just like on earth, people interpret experiences completely differently.

  4. This is a bunch of misunderstandings what a religion is and what it could be. It is a plead that I will disregard as destructive, extremistic and a bunch of inference errors based on false dichotomies. The existing religions will profit from being influenced by a NDE religion that tries to conclude the generality of the NDE:s, even if it is just a vague overview. And how will the Heaven on Earth be able to evolve if the religions don't adapt to the general NDE message, and instead continue to aggressively claim their exclusivity (then I mean the Abrahamite religions) in eternity? The whole video is one grand contradiction based on the idea that there is no way to express the gist of the NDE:s in ordinary language, just since many experiences of the NDE:ers are beyond words — which is a false contradiction.

  5. Jesus is Lord God Almighty clothed in unfallen humanity and He is the author of eternal life to all who trust Him alone for salvation.

    The only reason anyone will ever be in Heaven is solely by the shed blood, death, burial, and resurrection, of Jesus Christ alone.

    Anything added or subtracted from this is another gospel.

    Our good works, repenting of sins, and obedience, are solely for rewards in Heaven or a lack thereof and have absolutely nothing to do with salvation at all.

  6. Mr. Coppes strikes me as being an intelligent person of a gentle nature and with an enquiring mind. He has a wonderful manner and way of explaining things but seems to ask questions that reveal that perhaps he hasn't read much of the individual scientific investigations performed by the likes of Doctors Steiner, Weiss, Stevenson, Newton, or Moody. I think he would find some answers then that would convincingly validate both NDEs and reincarnation, even though they are two different events they are verses of the one poem. I would love to attend one of Mr. Coppes's discussion groups just to listen to him and learn from the debates he would generate. He asks all the right questions with an open mind and doesn't seem to be judgemental. I couldn't agree with him more about not making NDEs into a religion although I could name a couple of religions that might gain a more compassionate heart if they included NDEs and reincarnation into their teachings.

  7. NDEs like New Age seem to have an agenda , which is to turn us away from religion , that sends up a red flag for me , God is not the only being that can access our consciousness . I have had ‘experiences ‘ I thought were of God , now I question that, as the bible says the heart can be deceived, we need to use our heads as we travel this so called exspansion of consciousness.

  8. Love this lecture. So many NDE's are different and then there are those who go too far interpretating their NDE they fall into New Age philosophy. Doing that turns NDEs into a religion. It starts losing it's message and it also causes me to fear the afterlife. Makes me fear my afterlife of being an eternity of some bizarre LSD trip. I just want reassurance that everything is going to be fine after death of this body. I want to be with my lost family members again not some wild theory that I'm absorbed by the source and loss of identity woo woo some new agers have been claiming.

  9. I don't mean to upset anyone but from my own research I find that the reason people see different things like the five jesuses for example is because it is a hallucination! Your mind shows you what you already believe in your heart of hearts!

  10. If you knew you can't draw his face and it's forbidden to Muslims, then why did you do it A-hole? What about Moses? Or the Jews don't get to have NDE? Are they too expensive?

    On a serious note, you have to remember: it's called Near death experience, not death experience. No one knows what happens when someone passes into the other side of the "light" except they die and never come back to tell the tale.

    God is loving but also just, is it possible that monsters like Stalin, Hitler, Bush, Sharon, Pol Pot, Mao, etc. be allowed into the "light"?

    I think NDEs are a 'second chance', real judgement starts beyond the "light", for those who never return.

  11. Probably my least favorite nde speaker. As far as his reincarnation and soul group opinions, he is basically discounting other people's story and then saying " I'm only trying to share another opinion". Well how about we don't discredit anybody. They had the exact experience that they needed to. Maybe focus on your own truth and respect other peoples truth. They were there, not you!