Afterlife Insights to Eliminate Fear of Death, Gain Inner Peace

Afterlife Insights to Eliminate Fear of Death, Gain Inner Peace

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Afterlife Tv set: This episode from the vault reveals exactly how the afterlife discoveries I produced led me to no for a longer time panic death and even attain an internal peace. This is a thing you, also, can achieve if you haven’t by now. It was not some thing I was in search of, or even envisioned, from my investigation of daily life after death. Nonetheless it was definitely the most profound and daily life-changing final result. Really do not pass up what I say about the sacredness of afterlife experiences, mainly because this also came as a joyful shock to me, and one particular which I hope you will know in your life.

I’ve been on the other facet of the microphone hundreds of instances in my lifetime, which means remaining interviewed relatively than getting the interviewer. And I can truthfully say that this job interview was among the leading 3 of my profession as an author, credit history going to Richard Dugan, the award-successful host of Tell Me Your Tale. He just has a way of asking provocative inquiries that direct to insightful solutions. Take pleasure in the exhibit. Images, as usually, delivered by my expert and spouse, Melissa.

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  1. What a fantastic interview!!! I have been fascinated with this subject since I was a young child. I fell out of a moving car, my Mom told me I scared them to death because I told them I talked to God. I have no memory of that at all. But I DO have an intense curiousity in all things about the afterlife! Thank you again Bob for feeding my brain such valuable information!!

  2. Read Bob’s book when it came out and have given it and recommended it to friends and family. Was glad he mentioned Dr. Michael Newton’s work. Love his books as well, starting with Journey of Souls and it’s sequel Destiny of Souls. I have had several sacred experiences as Bob mentions that proved to me that we continue to exist, for example my grandfather, long past, showed up in a reading. He proved to me that it was him by telling me that his name was not what I had always thought it was. My dad turned a little pale when I confirmed the new information with him. Thanks for the great book and all the interviews Bob. You’ve had a big impact on my life.

  3. Another FANTABOULOUS interview with YOU telling your story !
    Beyond the incredible information , the photos that you use are great ! I especially liked the photo of the cow standing in the desert !
    Wild and wooly ! It will take a good horseman and horse plus a few cowdogs to bring that one home ! : : )))
    Much gratitude to you and your interviewer .

  4. Hey Bob! I can't seem to find the full interview on your site via the directory or on Mr Dugan's site either? Would you mind posting a direct link? No worries and thanks as always for what you do!

  5. Hi Bob
    I've had 2 NDEs. In the first one I didn't want to return until a being of light told me that if I didn't return here then I would have to do it all again. I could not remember my life at all at that point. I remember thinking that since I didn't want to return that my life must be awful here so perhaps it would be better to return and get it completed. Didn't want to do it all over again. Thank God I returned, I would in no way want to repeat it. The being of light brought me back here.