After Dying and Encountering Jesus & Angels In Heaven She Quit Her Life Of Drug Abuse

After Dying and Encountering Jesus & Angels In Heaven She Quit Her Life Of Drug Abuse

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Near Death Experience guest 568 is Janice Callahan who encountered Jesus and 3 angels in heaven during her NDE Experience in 2018.

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  1. Hi Jeff, Thank you for finding Janice to interview on your podcast. She was and is really a blessing to us all. One of the best of the hundreds of NDE's I've ever seen. So humble and right on the "money." Keep up the good work!

  2. Hardcore drug addict for years killed by weed 2nd hand and a sip of water what the hell is wrong with you girl? Lol Dam your really cute through. Very attractive, wow. I'm glad you made it Janice. I'm a former opiate addict. Injuries pills, Drs helped me crash an burn. I had a hard time with life in pain awful. But your not the only or worst drug addict here.

  3. Thank you so much for this lovely testimony . It’s so reassuring and helps me to go on trusting that everything is taken cared for . I beleive we have nothing to do but trust the holy spirit to lead me wherever path i have to walk on even if it means a challeging one

  4. Great interview. Jeff is the best interviewer, completely non-manipulative, he doesn't bring any of his opinions into the interview – it's all about the guest. Janice is absolutely authentic. She is a remarkable personality, her freedom and inner peace – it radiates from her. I liked that she talks about Jesus and her faith without self-censorship

  5. Many families have problems with addiction: a curse of 8 generations. I'm sure she has read about it in the word. Speaking of the word, i bet you that language she was speaking was Aramaic. I'm so glad she has freed herself from this curse. (Dis-ease). I can so relate to her experience. It's very similar to what happened to me.

  6. Yes marijuana usually is mild enough as long as your not allergic or mixing other drugs with it..I have had issues at times with swollowing due to a really dry throat and mouth from pot but one time I took an edible form of it and I literally had a trip like I was on LSD or something it was way too's a terrible feeling for sure..I'm so glad your here with us to tell us your story

  7. also Jeff, Thank you for having all these special people on your broadcast. After losing the person i loved for almost 13yrs befor his overdosed… I find so much comfort in your broadcast… helps w knowing he as well as others are by our side. Wonder if people you have in here, find sgns from their loved ones, friends erc too.

  8. My awakening was in 2018 also. I learned what role I played in…in peoples lives and what role they played in mine. I had narcissists all around me which I had to get rid of. This was a very hard process to see people who they really are. I see their agendas now but I try not to only see their bad motives and to try to see their whole person. Except for the narcissists. They are all evil and cannot be helped here by anything or anyone. Narcissist are the predators that the Bible speaks of. Just like in the animal kingdom. The cheetah will tear their prey throat out. They serve a purpose. Narcissist are predators