Accidental Discovery of New Spirit Communication Method

Accidental Discovery of New Spirit Communication Method

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Afterlife Television set: A doctor at the Division of Veterans Affairs in Chicago accidentally discovers a new technique of communicating with spirits when experimenting with a trauma treatment acknowledged as EMDR. His tale is fascinating and has resulted in a verified treatment for treating deep grief similar to traumatic death, in his circumstance that of soldiers who ended up frequently healed in a solitary treatment method.

This tale encouraged me to build my personal hypnotic induction, which I was screening on family users and friends prior to the pandemic with outstanding outcomes. Whilst, sadly, the Covid circumstance set a pause on my operate, my personal exam success were being incredible and anyone I induced connected with loved ones or angelic beings on the other side. I’ll explain to that story in a independent episode, but it all began with this job interview that encouraged me to experiment on my have.

This is an job interview taken from the vault. There’s a minor track record sounds that is either prompted by Skype or my guest’s air conditioner or lover. Nevertheless, the content material of this interview is so incredible and entertaining, I chose to replay the episode in spite of this compact annoyance.

I’d really like to listen to your reaction to my guest’s breakthrough tale. Or if you’ve listened to this interview just before, permit me know what you uncover on your next hear.

As I tell my dogs every single night right before bed…
You Are Liked, Bob Olson ~ and

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  1. Whomever is reading this remember to spread as much LOVE AS POSSIBLE, don't litter, help out the homeless and take care of nature please it's really important we gotta take care of eachother and mother earth. thank you and have a blessed life ❤

  2. I found it astonishing I’ve never ever heard of this. I would love to try it. I’ve had many close relatives die, and most young or relatively young. I have vivid dreams….sometimes nightly or weekly, and always monthly , with my deceased family members. I love seeing them in my sleep, but would love to try Induced After Death Communication.

  3. This is pretty interesting that it's similar to sleep with REM. I have had a few visits from passed family and it's always been while I was sleeping. The interesting thing is that the visitations were clearly different from my dreams. In fact a couple of times, they interrupted a dream and these experiences were very lucid. The most profound one, my late ex husband showed up and "took" me to a different location where my dad and his girlfriend showed up to see me. Recently my grandma came to say "hi." The most prolific was my ex husband, who kept popping into dreams and wanting my attention. He was showing up so often, that I finally had to tell him to cool it because, he was being a little too invasive. He has been pretty quiet ever since. This was pretty much like his living personality.

  4. Wow, this great information. Thanks for this interview! I'm a licensed mental health counselor and have heard of EMDR but have not heard of this new approach. I am so interested in learning more to use with clients. Thanks!

  5. Very interesting and fascinating interview. Great to see that some psychologists are open-minded enough to use unconventional methods. As far as I'm concerned, if it works, how can one argue against it. Thank you Bob Olson.

  6. My father died of a stroke when he was 56. I had just turned 21. One morning shortly after his death I was having a dream that I was talking to my father and he was saying that he was going to help me and I was saying that it wasn't necessary. Suddenly, from my dream my eyes opened and I saw a shadow figure standing over me in a very well lit room. But as soon as I saw the shadow figure, it turned and went through a very solid wall with only the outside of the building on the other side – no windows. I believe that the shadow figure was my father. I have never seen anything like that, before or since, so this was a unique experience in my life. At the time I was going through an agnostic phase in my life where I had no strong religious, spiritual or philosophical beliefs and I was attending an engineering college where everything is more based on observation and measurement and nothing is taken on faith or verbal evidence.

  7. Beautiful video Bob, as usually, what a helpfull and great job you do.
    When you were talking about forgiveness..
    I discovered these last weeks, a long and slow process, why it was so hard to forgive completely and stop judging certain things and obviously the people doing or saying those things. It came day by day ( and 53 years!), the realisation that we have to accept first whatever and whoever did or said, which I find to be the most important part, the hardest and sometimes the only that counts. And only then we are able to look forward, take the next step, otherwise we are stuck. And it's absolutely and crucial important that we consider everything regarding that person, not hiding anything under the carpet or creating a false image for whatever reason, because we would forgive a false image, it doesn't do any good to none of the two, it perpetuates the "sins" and we get stuck in the wheel, we live the earth carrying all this unuseful and harmful stuff.
    Once we accepted, we can begin to forgive, we know everyone does the best can and know under their own circumstances, we all make mistakes to learn from them. We accept and forgive our ancestors and then we are able to forgive ourselves, is vital to forgive and love ourselves to release our souls from those behind us, make them and ourselves free. And then a miracle happens… those who come after us are liberated too, free, released, they will no longer carry our wounds.
    Isn't this a miracle?
    Thanks for the video, thanks to you great guest, I am thrilled when doctors are changing the world!❤️

  8. An amazing and informative video. Thanks Bob!
    I have such respect for you and your contribution to the understanding of life after death.
    Dr. Botkin, you give so much to those of us that are working in the field. Are you doing any workshops in the Northeast or online? I’d so love to learn the technique from you!

  9. I can understand bringing traumatic experiences to the forefront of the memory, even though painful. If you lock them away, there could be side affects that are rooted in those experiences such as anger, alcoholism, drug abuse, violent behaviour etc.

  10. In 2015 I did EMDR and Tapas through with a VA nurse who is also a private therapist. The results were life changing and it all happened within minutes. There was so much about myself that changed. It was like a new freedom, like one I had never known in my adult life. Issues with trust, anxiety, depression, because of childhood trauma were suddenly gone. But even more so, many of the tics that I wrote off as "that's just the way I am" were gone. Things that were hold overs from childhood trauma, all were gone. Since then, a new, more confident me has emerged. Cutting the bindings to the past can be liberating on many levels. Gone are the knee jerk responses to memories.

  11. I had EMDR done 23 years ago. (After a car accident which my first husband was killed. My PTSD wasn’t diagnosed until my second husband was in a car crash right after our son was born). It truly works. It took me out of the middle of the trauma and let me view my trauma as a mind movie. (Or memory or drama). Instead of re-experiencing it when it was triggered. Rapid eye movement desensitization has helped me to be at peace. I really do wish that I could have experienced the after death communication.

  12. A long time ago,my Great Grand Uncle told me when my parents & I were departing his home,"I need to tell you,don't forget this now,that in times of upset,you roll your eyes. Just roll them either way,does not matter. One or two times,open eyes & see how you feel. It will amaze you. Do not forget this!" I did forget about it until a few years ago. I could not believe what a difference I felt! Now I hear this,& remember the effects from "rolling" the eyes to the going back & forth. I am speechless! Happy,so happy this technique has been expounded on & used with so many who needed a breakthrough!

  13. Thank you for highlighting this process. I've been looking for a less traumatic way at dealing with trauma with clients. Tried many processes with some great results but this would be great to learn. Can't wait to find a practitioner to teach me.