Life After Death – Scientific Approaches | An In-depth-interview with Kim Penberthy

Life After Death – Scientific Approaches | An In-depth-interview with Kim Penberthy

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Kim Penberthy is a professor of psychiatry and neurobehavioral sciences. She was born and elevated in West Virginia exactly where she developed a powerful tie to the pure earth. As a scientist, she is concerned in scientific tests of consciousness phenomena such as just after-death contacts. She is co-creator of the e book “Living Mindfully Throughout the Lifespan”.

This in-depth-interview is about her scientific function, her e-book but also about really own spiritual experiences.

00:00:32 Introduction of Kim Penberthy
00:03:24 What sort of after death communications do people experience?
00:06:37 What’s your basic watch on near-death experiences?
00:10:42 Near-death experiences in the context of paranormal, transcendental, mystical experiences
00:13:07 When the brain goes, when we die, consciousness is long gone?
00:14:57 Is it attainable to crank out some amazing states of consciousness?
00:17:48 The results of making use of psychedelics in psychotherapy in the US
00:25:36 Reports about replication of incredible experiences throughout meditation
00:30:02 How does mindfulness contemplative practices help diseased folks?
00:34:12 How do people obtain you?
00:36:13 Why do you consider death and dying is this kind of a taboo topic in general?
00:41:12 Have you uncovered strategies to enable persons in the very last a few months of their lifetime?
00:45:42 How do you get the ideal stability between qualitative and quantitative approaches?
00:48:13 Can you define the analyze that you are associated with pertaining to following-death conversation?
00:52:50 Wherever does your enthusiasm appear from?
00:56:12 Experiences in Kim’s household
00:59:54 The experience at the seashore
01:04:59 What are your ideas for the potential?

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  1. In India, the after death communication between humans and the departed is made through the ritual known as Shraddha and in which Jal Tarpan – offering of water(liquid) and Pind Daan – offerings of rice balls(food), after such ceremonies usually the Manes or discarnate ancestors would come in the dream of the performer of the ritual whether s/he was satisfied with the prayers and the ritual. Indian scripture Garud Puran describes this ceremony in detail.
    Why Spirit of the Dead Person Needs Offering of Food And water.


    According to Garuda Purana – Like the human fetus in the womb of the mother needs nourishment for its proper growth so, in the same way, the Spirit of the recently dead person will only take full and complete shape if only its living family members offer nourishment in the form of food and water. Initially, it takes on the form of a Pinda (A Ball), when the family member offers him a rice ball made from cooked rice, from then onward each day when this Rice Ball is offered then from Head to Toe the whole Astral/Subtle Body is formed. When this whole body comes into existence on Astral Plane then only, when further rice balls, when offered then the Spirit begins to eat ( since they have a body made of three subtle elements ie. fire, air and the akasha – space, so these Spirits only take in the essence of the offered through the sense of smell)

    In literature and in the movies, the Spirits are shown with deformed bodies and scary faces, that is because these beings never received any nourishment from their living family members.

    The same thing we also see during the Halloween festival when children dress up in scary costumes, this thing is particularly indicative of how the dead spirits are living or existing on other planes without any happiness.

    In Tibet they have a very Tantric method of feeding the Spirits of the Dead – this is called Sky Burial. In this Crushed body parts are mixed with BARLEY flour and then given the shape of a ball and these balls are offered to vultures who hover around. It is believed that the spirit of the dead person/ancestors takes on the form of the vulture to partake the offering.

    In India, the worship of the Ancestors takes place only after the Summer Solstice – when the Sun moves towards the South. According to the scriptures, the Abode of Lord Yama (Lord of Death) is in the direction of the South. Where his palace is on Astral Plane.
    The whole of Garuda Puran is available at this website,–

    –.Garun Puran can be recited to a person who is terminally ill and will be facing the transition from the physical world to the Astral world, at any time soon. It can be also be read after the person has passed away.It can be also recited during the period of Halloween and All Saints Day, When ancestors come to visit their descendants and on such occasions, if Garuda Puran is read and recited then Ancestors are very much pleased and bring blessings to their descendants. These ancient practices are very useful because by reading such scriptures Ancestors of the previous 49 generations can attain redemption and salvation. If Ancestors are not in a good position or still exist as ghosts and spirits or have taken birth in the animal realm, then they are in miserable conditions, and such recitations bring great Merit – Punya to such beings. Any ancestors who died, of accidents, of alcoholism and in any other condition where before death, they were in great mental and psychic anguish . Then their situation after death is not positive at all, such being attains great help if such text like Garuda Puran is recited for them. Though one can all spiritual text bring benefit to ancestors if recited, but it is like technology also in the spiritual field, each text has its own benefit in a particular way, so for dead forefathers -manes, Garuda Puran brings faster and immediate benefit. During the recitation, one can include the recently dead people from one neighbourhood, those who died in a plane crash and who died in a terrorist attack

  2. All that studies about After Dead Contact i cant agree! My Mum died and i absoultely experienced nothing of that what is presented in that study what people reported.

    Its all Illusion of our sad Brain. People are very easy in seeing things which arent there! And also to feel and hear things. Its nothing real.

    Death is Death, believe me!! There is absolutely nothing after!

  3. A few years ago, I put so much hope in the NDEs because was so impressed by them. But I'm so sad to learn that it is produced when people take saychidelic drugs to the brain. It makes me feel hopeless about it. But I know that once I died, I will not be there anymore to notice it because of forever unconscious eternity blackness and forever sleep.

    Also I didn't understand at all the story about the lifeguard and carrying her mother. What was going on? Did anyone understand and can explain to me? She hallucinated it? Or was her mother real?

  4. Such a sincerely, lovely and intelligent woman. Past fear. The ignorance of purely materialistic views. True science – an endless search for truth.

    "Now Voyager set thou forth to seek and find…" (Walt Whitman)

  5. This professors explanation and conclusion of the phenomena when a sudden expansion of awareness occur, was the best I have seen or heard so far. I think she is an excellent human being, who is not feeling ashamed, as so many other so-called scientist seem to be when this subject is touched. I have read and seen, probably, as many as 300-500 interviews with people who have had an NDE, and read many, many books about those experiences, that often are described as more real than the reality we are observing daily in our daily or ordinary life. Some use the term ultra real.
    One of the best books on this subject is Dr. Eben Alexander III:s book "Proof of Heaven", in which he among other things is giving an interesting view on the topic of the quantum theory. But one of the more interesting things he described, was how difficult it is to translate the telepathic communication (which is very common that NDE:ers refer to), to a spoken language, and how to explain what you have experienced 'on the other side'. In his case he was not clinically dead, but in a comatose stage, but he still had a near-death-experience. He compared to if you as a monkey had the opportunity to one day together with human beings experience how it actually is to be a human being with the same clarity of mind and awareness as a human being, and then come back to his art friends to try to explain what he has experienced, while the other monkeys look at him as he is some kind of nut, keeping eating their bananas (it was a long time since I read the book, so I might have paraphrased a little!). Anyway, according to me, in this case, if you transfer this story to an allegory with a person who for one day will have the opportunity to experience something that is seen as abnormal, namely an NDE, an out-of-body experience, et cetera, then, in thus case, the NDE-person is the monkey who got to experience a heighten awareness, ridiculed by his fellow beings, the scientists, as telling stories out of his imagination, or a crazy liar. This is not something I am making up, but the actual situation (anyway not so long ago), which refer to when I saw a discussion between some scientists (Nobel laureates, among others) and Rupert Sheldrake, who was seen as the crazy one because he said that telepathic communication between animals and humans is real, etc. It is remarkable, since we today know so much more about the the universe in a more expanded way, where 'we' have gone from a reality, less than 4-500 years ago when people thought that the planet earth was the center of the universe, to the reverse picture, that the the planet earth is jus an insignificant dust particle in a universe consisting of approximately 200 billion galaxies containing approximately 200 billion solar systems each. And NOW there are even speculations of that this universe might be just one among infinitely, uncountable other universes. And as it is also said, which is worth of saying, the seen (observable by telescope) universe, is only a manifestation of 4 percent of the total mass, which we know almost nothing about. So, how can we be so ignorant, arrogant et cetera, to not want to listen to people who have had an experience, more real than the one we, usually have while awake, during our ordinary daily activities? I suggest that all of us take this 'subject' more seriously and try to pick up and learn as much as possible, which I think will gain the whole world (and compare with old Indian knowledge from thousands of years before the birth of Jesus!) Try to find more information of the universe, other dimensions, etc., in the Upanishads, or the Vedic literature (you can learn more by listening to people like Sadguru, Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, to mention a few!.

  6. I know there are a lot of people hurting …The continuation of Life is REAL indeed. We have Hope on this earth, for the Light and Love of Jesus and our loved ones who do await us after crossing over as well…nothing to fear.

  7. I had an experience with a friend appearing before me about 2 days after her suicide. Nothing in the world can convince me that it did not happen. One can't prove it. I told her husband, and he found great comfort in what I told him, and he shared it with the rest of the family. I received a message from her, and that was that she was completely OK.

  8. I believe there is life after death ( NDE) experience the Bible talks about it . To be absent from the body is to to be prescient with the Lord .. but to seek a medium or a physic is a abomination to God, the Old Testament talks about those who seek and practice this kind of readings .. read your Bible if your looking for answers before turning this kind of logic.

  9. My sister-in-law died and a short time I saw her in a dream. She wanted her family to know that she was ok. She had peace and was in a good place. I only dreamed of her once. I have noticed that the dead when they come to you may not talk yet you can get the message that they are relaying. My uncle also came to me after he passed.His message was that we are eternal and it’s all about love.

  10. I had an spontaneous "mystical" experience in nature when I was 33 years old. If anyone is interested in knowing all details on how it happened, what whats happening in my Life in the days before etc…feel free to contact me. Sadly when it happened I didnt know what it was or what it meant, I was not spiritually aware yet at the time but I never forgot what I felt and now many years later I know how blessed I was although I still haven´t figured out why I experienced it or what for.

  11. From my experiences the lady's claim wouldn't be true. And this is why? In the 80s I took psychedelic drugs, Acid or known as Trip. Took LSD, and so on. In the 90s I didn't take these then did Transcendental Meditation, 2011 I had an NDE. 2016 I did mindfulness Meditation and Transcendental Meditation. Also did hypnotherapy. I also had general anesthetic. And can assure you from my experiences, that a near death experience is not the same as any of these.

  12. I think science is useless because if we accept anecdotal evidence of nd experiencers, it is obvious that life after death should be ambiguous. Because there is always a "this is not your time" aspect. It seems it should always be ambiguous. Because, if life is a lesson or a test, then any certain scientific knowledge of life after death would make people try "faking their lives" to pass the "life test". The test may be passed only with genuine reactions to the events we face.

  13. Nice interview and I appreciate her honesty. I agree with her about the possibility of achieving a similar state closer to NDE in various ways . I have similar experiences during meditation a couple of times..