3 BIG Energy Healing Discoveries – Experience for Yourself

3 BIG Energy Healing Discoveries – Experience for Yourself

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I’ve been accomplishing a whole lot of experiments with energy healing and have found some actually amazing matters! If anybody has strategies for extra experiments allow me know.

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  1. Thought I would share my results with you to help with the study.

    First test: Mild.

    Second test (same video twice): stronger.

    Third test (two different healing videos): just as strong as the second time.

    Fourth test (black bar over your body): Mild but stronger than first test.

    Fifth test (black box over your face): nothing, toward the end I felt a faint feeling, wouldn't have even noticed if I weren't paying attention to it.

    Sixth test (black bar over your eyes): I could feel it mildly going in and out.

    Seventh test (video of just your forehead): for some reason, I could not feel a thing no matter how much I focused. I think it was because of how much testing that was going on?

    I tried the seventh test again and I did feel it stronger. I guess the first time I was overthinking it?

    Eighth test (black box over your forehead): I could feel it just as strong as the seventh test.

    Ninth test (video in red light): I could feel it.

    Tenth test (video in green light): I could feel it but not as strong as the red light

    Eleventh test (video in blue light): I didn't feel it at first but then it came on just as strong as the green light.

    Twelfth test (red and blue light): started off mild and grew stronger.

    Thirteenth test (green and blue light): nothing, then grew to very mild.

    Fourteenth test (red and green light): nothing, then grew to very mild.

    Fifteenth test (all three colors): nothing.

    Sixteenth test (all white): very very mild, almost not noticeable.

    I went back and tried tests fourteen through the sixteenth and felt it strong. I think because I was typing out my results in between each test took me out of relaxation resulting in me not feeling it as much toward the end. Also, I rubbed that area to get rid of the feeling in between each test so that I wasn't still feeling it from a previous test when going into a new test, if that makes sense.

    Background: I've always been able to feel the third eye area of my forehead when thinking about it. I realized this as a child when friends would put their finger close to that area without touching my forehead, my eyes would be closed, and I could feel it, so could they. I can also feel my pineal gland the same way by focusing on it, and you can even feel a line of energy from the pineal gland through to the center of your forehead. Learned this when I started doing Dr. Joe Dispenza's meditations.

  2. u got the spark of genius, Kim clement knew and saw what i dream and manifest everynight.. Recovery is here. May the budding and blooming begin.. What does the jordan river and its properties have to do w holy alkalinity? What is holy alkalinity? Why did the jordan river turn red as soon as we legalized this new abortion law? come on guys i need you to believe. We can not deny what is right in front of us no more.

  3. I felt it strongly with the red light. And the green light. And the blue light. As you combined them the feeling increased. White was the strongest. What can be transmitted is INFORMATION. I am an intuitive homeopath and what I have discovered is that healing is information. White light has some kind of information in it, I'm assuming. Is Love white light? I was guessing it would have been coming through the heart though.

  4. No difference under all the different circumstances from the video. It comes from within, what you believe you create. The difference is your ability to concentrate and maintain mindfulness. The more I can do both, the stronger it is.

  5. There’s an Air Force PDF out there about how garlic prevents the hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. They referred to it as a “poison for higher life forms” if I remember right. There were stipulations placed on pilots of some type (might have been test pilots) where they weren’t allowed to eat anything that might have garlic in it for a couple weeks before an assignment. Pretty sure I’m remembering that correctly.

  6. In the sufi tradition we are recommended to avoid eating garlic or onions because the angels do not like the smell. It's nice to see its the same in other spirtual paths. Also when doing dhikr which is one the most powerful forms of mediation in our tradition, you can feel the energy through the body particularity between the eyebrow and forehead.

  7. Garlic is like caffeine. It gives you LOTS of energy. Found this out by drinking a garlic concoction for the flu and couldn’t sleep if I drank it in the evening. Of course, it’s great for something like flu when you’re really weak. The boost of energy is fantastic.

  8. It's really interesting, each of the colours felt like they had a different energetic 'flavour' to me, with green being the most comfortable and serene, and blue being almost melancholic but in a sweet(?) way. Though the only time I felt like the energy was fully 'muted' was during the full body blackout, but even then it felt like there was energy either side of my forehead. I'd be interested in tests comparing the head/third eye space with the heart space, and tests where energy is actively projected from different areas! Thanks for sharing, this was fascinating!

  9. This is fantastic! 2014, I had my first (and only at this point) Kirilian/ aura photo while visiting Sedona. My friend invited me because I was going through a very difficult separation. When they gave me the photo, they said I had a huge and beautiful aura, very [dense] without any holes. It was mostly a vivid green (kind of yellow-green much more on the greener end) with some yellow around. Was happy about that especially with what I was going through. Later in 2015 moving to SoCal, I noticed I’m seeing a lot of vibrant purple (not dark purple, but a radiant brighter purple) all around, first noticing it while driving at night on the freeway. I’d notice the aura diffusing around the white stripes of paint on the road, and then all the white light all of a sudden was purple, then I’d notice it swirling all around when looking at buildings, walls along the freeway, up in the sky, like the most beautiful auric field of diffused light, but really rich and vibrant at the same time. I tune into it any time of day now, as it’s always there, but notice it at times, and choose to see it at other times whenever I decide to be able to see it, as I’m not always seeing it throughout the day. I thought I was seeing in the atmosphere what others couldn’t see, that was all around us, something outside of me, like some ability opening to be able to perceive something like dogs hear pitches we don’t, but maybe this is something I’m projecting. I still don’t know either way, but it’s interesting to contemplate both perspectives. I love having and hearing mindblowing discoveries like this. Beautiful revelation!

  10. This reminds me of the “water memory “ experiments conducted by Doctor of Alternative Medicine, Masaru Emoto, of Japan. His frozen water crystals express in varied ways depending on location or emotions or even intention. It’s fascinating stuff. I spent two weeks at a biological healing center in Kansas (for Lymes Disease) and they used light in their healing protocols. Their assertion (backed by reams of clinical success) is that our very cells are communicating with light. These guys are uber kinesiologists and know how to prompt your body to proscribe to itself what it needs for optimum healing. The remedies they use are biological (herbal) homeopathic and orthomolecular. All energy based, it was a turning point on my healing path. I’m excited to explore the light further with you. Thank you!

  11. I live in a small town in Ohio and at the moment I am listening to the video and walking around gathering trash from classrooms I am a custodian I have my phone in my back pocket and I cannot see what you’re doing but I am of course listening I stop what I’m doing I close my eyes and I see four orange lines that meet in the middle then I noticed the pain in my back was gone. I have an overwhelming joy and I want to cry at the same time.

  12. I did it first one I felt energy 2nd one felt energy nothing on 3 or 4th
    Red felt energy green nothing blue felt energy , red and blue together felt energy but still energy with red and green and energy with all colours then same with white light weird I'm quite sensitive maybe why I felt energy a lot