Cass Forkin's NDE

Cass Forkin's NDE

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Childhood NDE: Cass Forkin of the Twilight Wish Basis remembers the awful bicycle incident when she was 9-decades-outdated that brought her close to death. She tells of her encounter with a tranquil, loving Light that improved her eternally. Her web site is
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  1. Thank you so much for that. I've not had an NDE but woke up about 10 years ago knowing that we are here to LOVE and forgive unconditionally and to help all other life whenever possible. I hope that humans will continue to learn and we can all reach beyond war and hate.

  2. Loved watching your interview and hearing you talk about your experience. In fact it brought back many of the memories of my experience in 1971.
    Once you started sharing, It was just beautiful, and as always the emotions of a person's core NDE story like your's
    poured out. Thank you for sharing your experience. I look forwards to learning what happened to you after the accident.

  3. These experiences are unforgettable unlike our normal nighttime dreams that fade quickly away. To me, that is proof that something extra ordinary has happened. My experience was not as dramatic, but my life gradually changed, and brought me to an understanding of the importance of unconstitutional love for all living creatures.