You Won't Believe What God Looked Like | Near Death Experience | NDE

You Won't Believe What God Looked Like | Near Death Experience | NDE

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Chief Petty Officer Tony Woody shares his Near Death Experience (NDE), and his spiritually transformative experience a pair nights later on when he encountered God in his bedroom. Tony Woody was raised a Christian and this is his Christian testimony of his Near-Death Experience / NDE.

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Whole Unedited Interview

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  1. My friend, no one on earth can answer why you got to see God and why you got to live And God doesn't kick anybody out of heaven although churches kick people out all the time and your military friend was just trying to help you. So here are the answers. God let you see that so that you can come back and tell others what you saw so that they wouldn't know that God resurrects people from the dead still today. You should praise God you should live for God you should love God I hope you do that. When you said though that you went to the St Germain foundation and learned about becoming an ascended master I have to tell you friend from past experience that this is a way to take you away from God. There are no offended masters except for Jesus Christ this is a new age belief , and new age believes have nothing to do with the living God of the Bible.
    And I'm saying it's an all honesty and experience.
    I was resurrected back to life after being electrocuted at 17 years old and I explored many paths in life including new age and it is one of the best brightest and most beautiful ways to lead you away from the teachings of God.
    Take care and I hope you're doing well I'm glad you're telling your story but stay away from New age teachings and St Germain.

  2. Red flag he just put up two okay signs with his hands which symbolizes the 33 Masons and 666 that could have been an accident that he did because he's in the world still even though the Lord's got his back we all make mistakes I still make mistakes doing things I know not I'm telling you this at a love try not to talk with your hands no more and stop watching tel – lie – vision

  3. In the end times the Bible says who will declare him it's all of us that's why we are here a great story I cried my eyes out I have not had anything happen to me like that the Bible says Jesus says blessed are those who believe and have never seen be safe

  4. I also seen that blackness and a bight light at the end. I didn’t understand cause I always thought you would see green grass and flowers or something Beautiful and that blackness just scared me. I kept walking to the light and couldn’t get to it so that scared me again like why wasn’t i able to go to the light. I still have trouble with it all I wanted was to get to the light

  5. I love this mans experience Ive heard so many in my own family in dreams that warn us, brothers knowing sisters in law dying before any one knew, just love from Jesus, Holy Spirit, god teaching us the bible in one year on and on God is pure love and its very desirable by my family

  6. This is fairly similar to my experience, it was not during an NDE though, but during one of my meditation sessions. To be in and with the light changed me profoundly. I also dealt with the feelings of wanting to go back after the experience, and the sadness from the separation, but I've just concluded I'm going there when it's time anyway, and I should just focus on giving my love to my daughter, wife and other family and friends.