What It’s Like In The Spirit World After We Die

What It’s Like In The Spirit World After We Die

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What It is Like In The Spirit World Soon after We Die

Episode 7 of Period 8 on Afterlife Television: I’m enthusiastic about this episode, because we explore what it’s like for spirits promptly after their physical death. I converse about the levels of reintegration back again into the spiritual dimension from the physical. For instance, I make clear what spirits take in, don, and where they stay.

But a lot more importantly, I converse about the transitionary section and why the spiritual realities of time and room never allow for for it in the way we normally think about it. But there is loads of evidence of the everyday living evaluate stage, so I describe how all this genuinely will work looking at spirits are beings of light, which will make great perception to you soon after the exhibit.

Later on in the demonstrate, I enjoy a clip from an job interview I did with Anita Moorjani. Anita had a near-death experience and a genuinely mind-blowing recovery considering she was dying from conclude-stage most cancers. This clip adds a lot of perception into what it is like as a spirit in the spirit entire world, which is why I’ve additional it. The lessons we obtain from this small clip include how our loved ones in spirit sense our thoughts, how they are equipped to consider of us and be conscious of our lives right away, and even how they have the skill to alter the upcoming (genuinely interesting).

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  1. Interestingly I was at a NYC Expo years ago looking for a psychic to give me a reading. I was looking around as I was at a booth of a women doing Feng Shui. The women who was doing Feng Shui was reading for someone. She told me not to leave. I stayed to find out what she wanted. Ironically why she was doing a reading she told me my Mom was poking her in the back and was very persistent. I had to laugh because that was my Mom. Strong energy. The women who I had no idea was psychic held my two hands and started shaking. She then went on to tell me my Mother was sorry because she was not there for me. She thought I was the strong one. I truly needed help when younger but afraid to ask. She apologized for never telling me I was pretty. She would always said how my youngest sister was but was very hard criticizing me all the time. That did truly hurt. We came from a large family but my Mom could be cruel at times and almost neglectful about your feelings. The psychic women went on to tell me about recent surgery even about how I did not care how doctors did the surgery. This was an amazing experience.

  2. My father was a Sea Captain. I had a dream, after he transitioned, & in the dream he showed my mother & me that he was taking care of plants. Later, I read in one of Sylvia Browne's books that there is a realm in Spirit where people do Horticulture & Husbandry.

  3. Many readings I have witnessed convey that the transitioning spirit remembers after physical death that it has experienced the process countless times and realizes (or remembers) that it is returning to what is true “home.” Given that I wonder why an orientation period would be involved… unless it is a re-orientation after a physical life which was the object of total focus for the soul

  4. I think the woman you interviewed just confirmed something I've long thought was true–that even before death, the spirit can have an awareness beyond just the body/mind awareness. I was with my father during his last 36 hours. It was the most amazing spiritual experience of my life. My father was not a religious or spiritual man, nor was he a warm, demonstrative father, but during those last hours, he did and said things that made me believe he was already transitioning. He hugged me twice, something he had not done in 40+ years and which I had longed for. He thanked me for my "loyalty", which I took to mean my acceptance of his second wife when my siblings rejected her. He told me, "Don't be sad. We'll meet again." And lastly, just before my brother called 911 to take him to the hospital where he would soon die, he undressed and took off his wedding ring, watch, and a pendant he always wore and placed them on the dresser. In other words, he divested himself of all his "worldly goods" in preparation for departure. In the hospital, I held his hand and talked to him, even though he was "non-responsive". I finally had to leave his side to get a drink of water and I thought, "He's going to leave while I'm gone." When I got back to his room, my sister-in-law was very upset–for me–that I'd missed his passing. I just smiled because I'd known he hadn't wanted to leave while I was with him. It seems to me that everything my dad did those last 36 hours expressed that unconditional love from the other side.

  5. Just discovered your channel, and the fact it was this particular video that I came across is a rather telling coincidence. Here you mention how in the afterlife, one can create one’s reality as one wants it to be. This is constantly on my mind. I have repeatedly wished out loud over the years how I want to be reunited with and surrounded by my departed loved ones when I reach the afterlife myself, how I want that to occur in the same home and environment in which we lived when I was 12, and how I basically want it to be an improved version of this life, combining all of the best aspects of this life. THAT to me is “heaven.” Material possessions don’t factor into any of that, either. It’s all about the love and togetherness of family.