The Holy Kumaras & Changing The World With Ryan Galli

The Holy Kumaras & Changing The World With Ryan Galli

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Podcast guest 976 is Ryan Galli, guide for humanity, a person of the holy Kumaras and psychic who’s had many spiritually …

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  1. Bhagavatam book set from ISKCON has history of universe and its beings, beautiful paintings in each book. Kumaras came from creator Lord Brahma, but they did not want to be involved in material universe, so they remained as children like and have incredible knowledge.

  2. It is truly unbelievable to me that this person would claim himself as a kumara(there are 7 Holy Kumaras); hopefully, as he grows spiritually, he will realize that he speaks from his ego. Also, if you're giving a psychic reading you just present what you get but you never tell someone what to do! That goes against Natural Law, can create negative karma for the psychic and like he even stated – would interfere with the person's own self realization process, again seems like an ego issue, just saying. Disappointing because some of the information he presented had some truth to it.

  3. Can someone please ask if those lives are all happening now, what the significance of that is. And consider every moment in that life is also replaying as well? what would be the point? my friend says it is happening, but i dont have to relive all those lives i had.. whio is experiencing them?

  4. A lot of what he’s saying I already knew but he has put it more in perspective for me, I have been able to heal a pain that I’ve had on the right side of my head I’ve had for months! Just by going into a deep meditation and finding the root cause and speaking to my guides. Thankyou for this

  5. I feel that this video was uploaded in divine timing for me, I had a number of "deja vu" moments throughout. I literally felt the lift/shift. Amazing work both, thank you so much for everything you do.

  6. and in the beginning… cannibalism. the gnawing chew marks on bone. all colors and races. women and children. Man is the Apex predator. it's time to dig deeper. theorizing atrocities does not make it so. the truth is out there. "and from the imbalance a great evil arose…"

  7. Ho hum, yet another new age description of something no one has any idea about. Nothing new here, but baffling fluffy talk. We are empathic creatures. We learn and grow if we pay attention to our spiritual energy that is both feminine and masculine. That’s it.