The Afterlife of Dogs, Cats, Horses & Other Furry Friends

The Afterlife of Dogs, Cats, Horses & Other Furry Friends

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The Afterlife of Pet dogs, Cats, Horses & Other Furry Good friends – Job interview with animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon

Danielle MacKinnon: “Every pet lover wishes to know if animals go to heaven just like human beings. Is it the same for dogs, cats and horses? What about snakes or spiders (they can be animals also)? Animal communicator Danielle MacKinnon answered the dozens of concerns individuals inquire each and every day when their beloved pets go on. We even speak about the complicated subject matter of euthanasia. If you’re a pet lover like me, this interview will present ease and comfort and larger awareness general. And it will support lots of viewers recognize exactly why specified animals come into our lives — the critical part they enjoy as mentors and guides to enable us improve into improved persons (and execute what we arrived into this everyday living to do). Indeed, animals can do all that and far more, and Danielle MacKinnon will help to enlighten us as to the gifts that animals are for human beings and how the romance carries on even following their passing.

“This was not just ‘one’ of my very first interviews but THE very first Afterlife Television set interview I ever did. A excellent episode and lots of fun, I extremely recommend observing it for the initial time or seeing it all over again if you initially saw it in 2011.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife Television

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Soul Deal Expert, Intuitive and Coach Danielle MacKinnon, working with Soul Contracts as a basis, delivers a fresh new point of view on functioning deeply with pets, relationships, producing intuition, and spiritual development. In this way, Danielle assists you fully grasp the nature of the associations in your everyday living. Learn why a human being, animal, occasion or challenge is component of your lifetime and what you can do to profit the most from it. Danielle’s messages are delivered with adore and compassion and her coaching sessions often integrate her own quirky fashion.

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  1. My Shaefer dog passed and I was so sad I laid down on my bed and slept, out of depression. She had been my constant companion. As I slept I felt her jump up on the bed and I held her front leg as she muzzed my face with her long chin whiskers. It felt so real and was such a comfort to me.

  2. I hope my tucker who is a jack russell pases naturally. He is 10 now. I adopted him from shelter when he was 5 right after my brother died unexpectedly. He is like a therapy dog for me. Hes mine he sleeps with me lays on my chest. And i walk him an feed him and take him for rides. Love him so

  3. My cat died from FIP. Didn't even know what that was. On his last day, he was dying, so I rushed him to the vet not knowing what was wrong with him. They ended up hospitalizing him. I went home to find his paperwork that the vet needed when I got the call that he went into cardiac arrest and brought him back but didn't have much time left and I needed to go back right away. I rushed to be by his side before he passed but I was too late. I never got to say goodbye. So I keep thinking, was it a good idea to have taken him to the vet in his last moments and how I should have been there because he died alone or not being around someone he trusted or in his home. It's the worst feeling to bear. He passed away 4 days prior to finding this video, which was so random. The video found me, in a sense. and this is helping my grieving process and understanding what he experienced. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much, great questions! A month ago my male swan died I took care of for 5 years, it was so lovely to see his personality looked so much like me. I went that morning to see where he was and I found him more death than alive, I took his head inside of my hands (never touched him before) otherwise he would have drown and waited for the animal ambulance, he was so at ease. He must have been waiting for me to come and be with him in his last hour. When the man from the animal ambulance came he got up once again it must have been his last strenght to get out of his body and I needed to let him go.
    The female swan I still took care of for a few days, but was taken without me knowing to a shelter, I knew she grieved and I did not may visite her there, the woman of the shelter did not want it. (I guess she still needs to learn a lot from the animals she takes there..) But this hurt very bad. Now after this video and the answers I got I feel so much better. Of course I miss them, because I don't see them anymore, but I already making contact with the male swan. Today he did not want to talk, I guess I needed to watch this video. Love it.
    Again thank you Bob and Danielle so much this helps a lot. I will watch your other video's too.

  5. Oh wow. my furry girl just passed last week and her name is Belle and we called her "Bella" freaka. Makes me think she wanted me to see this video and help me to heal. No such thing as coincidences.

  6. I just helped my 14 yr old Aussie cross over Dec 12 th and the pain is unbearable right now. I made my babygirl a promise as she passed in my arms that I will never replace her ,I will never get another dog and now I know I made a promise that I may not keep. The pain is so real but I have never been without a dog in my life . A lot of my pain right now is knowing I may have to break my promise that I made to my babygirl. I wish I could get some kind of sign from her to know she will be ok with me if I do get another dog. I did have a dream a couple of days after she passed where she came to me but in the dream I was with her but at some point she went missing and I struggled to find her and woke up before I could find her and bring her back home. I took this as she was upset with me and I am having a really hard time getting past the dream and what it meant .

  7. Excellent interview, and such vast knowledge of what goes on in crossing over and those lessons. (I'm still trying to figure out my lesson with my Bella, who's passing devastated me.) I love especially the joy Danielle shows in talking about it. A lot of animal communicators don't get into this topic so much outside of writing a book, essentially recounting the stories/experiences of their clients. This helped me finally release the residual guilt of not doing enough! What a relief this is!

  8. Great interview. Still in the middle of it and not sure if you will touch on the subject of whether we will meet them when we cross over. As for signs, lately, I seem to be finding the ♥️ sign in so many places! Put some oil in a frying pan..the oil spread and left the ♥️right in the middle of the pan. Under a carport after it had rained it was relatively wet but s few patches were dry. One dry patch was exactly the shape of a ♥️. Even my kitty used the kitty litter and when she left the wet part had exactly the shape of a ♥️…I have the photos. Someone is sending me messages, at least that’s how I take it….any thoughts? I have had many many pets cross over through the years….thank you again for this interview!

  9. I recently read a post from a Vet tech IMPLORING pet owners not to leave their pets when they are being put to sleep, they said it's heartbreaking, often the animal is frightened and bewildered to be with strangers in their final moments and often look around for their loved ones. As hard as that might be for me to witness, I couldn't bear my dog to be frightened in her last moments.

  10. This video is pretty old, but I am so glad I found it..I just put down my nearly 15 y/o dachshund 4/10/19. Watching videos like this is what is helping me get through. I feel like I am grieving alone since I was the close one to him. Being open to believing in the after life has been very helpful. I had a dream with him last night..sooner than I did after my dad passed away. Bursted into tears this morning, again. I started talking to him Thursday night & laying where he used to; trying pick up on his scent before I clean the floor . Anything to help me especially since I have to return to work on Monday and be a counselor to others.

  11. Thank you both so much. I lost my dog yogibear 12 years ago, i missed him crossing over, he was at the vet and they called and told me he was dying and i always felt guilt by not being there with him!
    God bless you both, amazing healers of broken hearts

  12. I have over 95 Dogs now in my 14 years of rescue that has crossed over, I am so spirit connected with them, I see them all the time in the clouds looking down at me always smiling just for a few seconds. 2 years ago I had a girl dog coco 2 cross over, she crossed over smiling and even after she died here on earth she smiles. A few days later she showed up as a Image on my doggy door flap along with 3 other dogs that had crosses, I took a Photo of the dog flap. it was her and Blackie and another dog,, You can see it and think it was like a photo of her. Shes OK letting me know all of them are OK,, I talk to all of them all the time in my mind ,they answer me and always say they are OK and happy. I am so blessed to be able to do this., I pray that when my job here on earth is done that Father above lets me be one of his animal keepers. God is Wonderful.