She Had a Shared Death Experience With Her Child | Near Death Experience of Alba Monn

She Had a Shared Death Experience With Her Child | Near Death Experience of Alba Monn

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This is Portion 1 of my interview with Alba Monn about her near death experience, which was a shared-death experience with her youngster.


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  1. thank you so very much for sharing your story. It is amazing how things were so well orchestrated – and completely other-worldly. They say that life is always happening for the best. Your story, unlike anything I have heard – proves this. Life / Love is so rich – truly an incredible experience. All the best to you & your family, Alba. You have blessed us.

  2. Thank you Melissa for this interview and for this beautiful work of art that you created for it!! I am thankful and blessed to be able to share my story about my exceptional NDE with your audience!!!
    I also want to thank my brave and wonderful daughter on the other side, who was responsible for guiding me in a life-threatening situation. She was the reason why I finally saw the big picture and realized what is the most important message of all: finding freedom and bliss in forgiveness!!!
    To me, love and forgiveness are twins.
    Thanks for presenting my eBook and paperback book PROOF OF ETERNITY by Alba Monn! Everyone can come on my journey to the other side, into the hall of truth and to the door of life! And to the scales of life, I have been shown how our lives are judged on the other side. Forgiveness is key to a positive life result for everyone!!! I am thankful that this important message is spreading and reaching people worldwide. With the potential to change lots of lives for the better!!!
    Blessings to you and everyone!!!

  3. I think that it was a great blessing that I was allowed to see the truth at all!!!
    My sins were mostly my bad feelings for not being able to FORGIVE my husband having abandoned me and my daughter, causing her death.
    That's something most people wouldn't have been able to FORGIVE the same day it happened!!

  4. Most of those bunches of sins were piled up very shortly before the near-death-experience, after the life-threatening accident!! So it was right in this situation when all these negative feelings occurred, that the bunches of sins were shown in the NDE.
    Actually, it was shown right away.
    And forgiveness was introduced as the only way to escape from spiritual life danger!!!
    Even Jesus said in the book of Matthew, that God will forgive our sins ONLY if we forgive everyone else's sins that we were ever hurt with!!!

  5. This near-death-experience is very similar to the message of Stanley Kubrick's movie Eyes wide shut!
    It's about the battle between destructive forces, evil forces, and healing powers, positive forces!!
    In the movie, he shows how people are seduced to follow the path of power, money and sex to be taken over by destructive forces.
    He showed how this works, in the way the light is used in all scenes of this movie.
    It's decorative elements of the real global matrix, whenever there's this dreamlike glow in the scenes. That's a symbol for the way the powerful ones decorate our daily lives, just we decorate it for our children. It's obvious that the message is, the powerful ones treat us like children, they feed us beautiful lies and they keep the harsh truth for themselves!!!
    Whenever there's a fierce, bold light, it's in the scenes where the powerful ones meet. It's obvious that the message is, this is the true reality all of you can't see!!! Because we keep you obedient just like you keep your children happy with beautiful decorations that have nothing to do with the harsh reality!!!

  6. It's a battle of freedom from destructive forces, in this near-death-experience.
    Just like the movie Eyes wide shut by Stanley Kubrick show the other side of that topic.
    It's about destroying the trust in each other, it's about the effects on a sexual relationship, if there's that basic trust in being true to each other, is gone.
    What's the meaning of being true to someone?! It's obvious that the meaning is, for me, you are not just a body. A mere object for my own pleasure. You are thousand times more important than just your body!!!
    Love is impossible if you see each other as bodies alone.
    In the scene where Alice is irritated by the attempt to seduce her by stranger, she is not in the power struggle against a husband anymore. She feels free to leave the expectations of society behind and step out into the unknown, not knowing what this might mean for her daughter.
    She is seduced by destructive forces that lead to a path of losing everything she has, even the love of her husband and child.
    For mere pleasure?!
    Oh no, sex and money are the two most powerful ways to gain influence on someone else. To change someone's actions because of money, or the promise of money. Or to change someone's actions because of sex, or the promise of sex.
    What nobody seems to realize is that both Bill and Alice are walking down a path of destruction.
    A path of being seduced to do and say destructive things to each other. To go down a path of losing everything they believed in, at the beginning of the movie.
    Their marriage seemed safe, but they are seduced to go astray. It doesn't matter if it's only in their dreams. It's a inner reality that very much effects their very own respective private lives!!!
    It's a tale of betrayal, of destruction, of the effects on everyone when money and power and sex are involved to make someone do things and say things that are against their own moral convictions.
    That's the seduction of evil, that's the way both of them are possessed by the forces they never acknowledged in this movie. They never tried to save themselves from the evil influence of others.
    They are like children in a fairytale, they play along until it's too late!!! What Stanley Kubrick was showing us is the way people are made to follow the powerful ones.
    Until they can't resist those destructive, evil forces. Until they are victims of the destructive power behind all of the harsh reality of the powerful ones.
    Telling us that it's not us who possess our own bodies!!
    It's them. They can do what they want with our bodies. They can make us dress, shave, have beards and hairdos that they want us to choose.
    They can make us dye our own hair and eat or drink what they want, what they show us in advertisements.
    They can make us use each other just as bodies. As flesh alone. Just for sex and physical attraction. To be disposed of afterwards whenever we feel like it.
    That's the powerful message of this movie, that it works. It works with us, and it was shown to us how it works with Bill and Alice.
    They treat each other just as bodies in the last scene. They feel like there's only carnal desires left. They have finally reached the end of the rainbow. Where there's nothing else but bodies and your own gratification, nothing else anymore. No love, no trust, not even responsibilities anymore.
    Their child walks away, follows the two strange men that were following Bill and Alice.
    It's obvious that they are about to let their daughter be a future female member of such parties.
    The whole family is destroyed by destructive, evil forces.
    And Bill and Alice treat each other as bodies. Just like their own daughter will be treated in the future. Just as the other beautiful girls, as mere bodies, like sheep. Like the sheep to be slaughtered.
    That's the truth in this movie, and there was a huge fight with the company, and he refused to cut the movie. And a few days later, he was dead. What a coincidence. That's what happens to bodies, when they are no longer useful, like in the movie he was courageous enough to make. They cut the most dangerous scenes out and made it a success. It's about the money. And about the bodies. The bodies that are used to make some people richer. And to keep the sheep happy and full of trust. It's necessary to use beautiful decorations to hide the harsh truth. The truth is, we are the happy sheep. And like puppets on a string, we act like Bill and Alice if we have the chance. And we're not even aware that it's our own identity we give away, our own belief system, our own moral attitudes, our own credibility, until it's too late and the evil forces have ruled over us as they wish.

  7. My daughter fulfilled her destiny. My biggest wish is to also fulfill my own destiny. Part of it is sharing my story and my book, PROOF OF ETERNITY. There's also an afterlife contact with my daughter included in my book!
    I would love to reach everyone who needs to hear this story of the love between a mother and a child, the love between a father and a child, and forgiveness as an important key to getting a good life's result in ETERNITY.

  8. It's an important message to hear that all of us will have to stand before the JUDGEMENT of our life results. It's not possible to change anything for the better, then! It's only possible if you decide to FORGIVE and do it. That's powerful even in ETERNITY. We can only change our life results for the better through forgiving others.
    It's shining the light you offer to a toxic situation, towards others and yourself at the same time!!!

  9. The other side is hoping for a lot of people who had an NDE to raise awareness about the afterlife.
    But it's not always easy to come up with it, there's a lot of controversy over the NDE topics and it's not easy to risk criticism from the people you trust and love, that's why a lot of people don't talk about their NDE.
    It's a big problem that humanity doesn't have a clue what happens after death. But it's only true for the last one hundred years or so!!!
    Before that time, everyone on earth knew that there's an afterlife, there's eternity.
    The oldest things we find of our ancestors, some of those things are thirty thousand years old, are things that were put into graves of loved ones. That's a proof that even then, people believed in the afterlife. They knew that there's eternity, just like there's human life on earth!!!
    It's a scam to blind us.
    It's a scam to make us go astray. If we knew that there's eternity, that there's a life review and that we must stand before judgement and explain what we have done in our own life's time, we would take a lot of care of the most precious thing there is, our soul.
    And the harvest that our soul brings back to eternity.